Celebrating a Decade of Hope & your last chance to give in 2017
Dear JustHope Friends:
This year marked  a Decade of Hope  -- JustHope's  10th birthday!  We are so grateful to you for helping us make this dream a reality.

In 2018 and the next ten years, we aim to sustain hope, continuing the life-changing work we have begun in Chacraseca and La Flor, Nicaragua. 

"Sustainability is one of JustHope's four core values and a word that in 2017 became everyday vocabulary for JustHope staff and partner communities. In a context where life is lived on a daily basis, adapting long-term thinking can be uncomfortable and unknown, but the communities JustHope serves have embraced that unknown in ways we've never seen before. 

Community leaders, staff members, and partners have all stepped up to the plate and challenged the conversation about what sustainability means for JustHope, for programs, for partnerships, and for each community. And the dialogue has been inspiring!  Over the past ten years, sustainability has been critical to JustHope's work and, now more than ever, JustHope's Nicaraguan partners are taking ownership of forging their sustainable communities." 

--  Kara Luebbering,  Director of International Programs 
Don't Forget! StoryTwo 
Sunday, Dec 31  is the  last day  that your donations will be tax deductible for  2017. 

We are $1,000 away from our End-of-Year fundraising goal! On Friday, Dec 29th a generous donor will be matching donations up to $1,000

Make a 2017 charitable donation to JustHope on Friday to double your gift!

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