issue: 95
February 2018
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In this issue:

Love, Lemons and Looking Good with Limoneira Citrus

February  is the month of love and Valentine's Day is right around the corner. To ensure that you look your best for your Valentine, we have many great tips for you. When we launched our Unleash the Power of Lemons campaign, several years ago, we identified five uses for this very versatile fruit (it's great in recipes, it's very nutritious, has unlimited lifestyle uses, is a wonderful natural cleaner and.... So relevant in February, lemons have a number of beauty applications.

Before we share some of these great ideas with you, there's an important Trade Fair that takes place in February and Limoneira will be attending. 

logisticaLimoneira Represented at Fruit Logistica Berlin

Beginning on February 7th, Berlin will be the center of all things citrus. This cosmopolitan and historic city will host Fruit Logistica, an important global trade fair. More than 3, 000 exhibitors and over 76,000 visitors from 130 countries attend Fruit Logistica each year to network and build their businesses.  

This fair covers every single sector of the fresh produce business and provides a complete picture of the latest innovations, products and services at every link in the international supply chain. 

John Carter Interview in Berlin at The World of Fresh Ideas
Drawing on a global network of fresh produce insights and contacts, Fruitnet Media International's top journalists are bringing together international experts to explore what's new and happening in the world of fresh produce today. John Carter, Limoneira's Director of Global sales will have a question and answer session with Mike Knowles, Managing Editor of and Editor of Eurofruit. Mike is also a contributor to Asiafruit, Americafruit and the Fresh Produce Journal. 
John will discuss two exciting and innovative concepts, The Produce Department is Nature's Pharmacy and Limoneira's Pair-It-Up promotion which is geared to increasing lemon/complementary item consumption at grocery retail.

Mike Knowles
          John Carter
Is renewable energy good for your business?

Many companies in the fresh produce industry are considering whether investing in renewable energy is a good business decision. The fact is that there are an array of options available to consider. The most well-known are the ones that relate to power generation, such as solar and wind power. However, there are now numerous ways producers can limit their environmental footprint and transition their operations to a more sustainable model.

Limoneira and their Renewable Energy Programs

As a major producer of lemons and avocados in California, Limoneira has made significant investments in renewable energy. Generating power is one of them, with the company opting for solar power as their choice of clean energy generation. "Limoneira now has 6 solar installations across our operations, generating a total of 4.2M kW of power annually," said John Chamberlain, of Limoneira.

The company said that using this solar energy, they can remove 86,150 tons of CO2 they would produce over a 25 year period. It's also a significant cost saver for them too. "The projects reduce our electrical costs by around 70%," Chamberlain added. "We are now looking to add additional capacity to a total of 7.0M kW of energy, which will enable us to be 50% off the grid and further reduce our dependency on utility rates."

It's not just solar power that Limoneira have invested in when it comes to renewable energy. They also have installed large batteries that store solar power when it is available in larger quantities, to be used at times of minimal solar generation. Limoneira also has a 10-acre facility where they receive 200 tons a day of organic green waste from surrounding towns and regions, which is processed down and used as a mulch in their orchards to curb erosion, improve water efficiency, reduce weeds and moderate soil temperatures.

Managing water with drones?

One of the more innovative uses of technology Limoneira applies to lower their environmental impact is in the area of water management. There are several ways in which they aim to minimize water usage. "Limoneira uses drones to manage water use in our orchards," Chamberlain said. "The drones fly over the trees and by looking at the footage, we can assess tree health, including when and where to prune as well as look for dry patches. It saves a lot on labor costs by reducing the need for time-consuming field checks by foot. By utilizing the drones, we can also use an appropriate amount of water and identify the best applications of irrigation."

The company has installed a new wastewater system. The system is made up of 6 ponds, each using a combination of gravity filtration, UV light and clean, native plants to filter the wastewater and recycle it. "The use of clean, native plants is a unique concept that was developed to filter the water," Chamberlain continued. "The ponds are still new and eventually we will use the recycled water for irrigation in our orchards."

Chamberlain added that they have installed additional technology to monitor water usage in the fields, further optimizing water use. "We use water probes to measure the soil moisture in various locations," he said. "Therefore we are able to further pinpoint where our irrigation is most effective and where its use can be moderated."

Love, Lemons, and Looking Good with Limoneira Citrus - DIY Skincare and Beauty Tips from Megan Roosevelt and Guest Vlogger Ami Desai

February is the month of love - and a clean, DIY beauty routine is a wonderful and easy way to extend that loving spirit into the world of self-care. Lemons are an endlessly versatile fruit and can be as helpful in a skincare routine as they can in the kitchen. At their core, lemons are a wonderful source of Vitamin C, which helps to promote collagen production and skin renewal. Additionally, alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) are a key component of exfoliation and can help to brighten the skin and lessen acne scarring, leaving the user with healthy, glowing skin.

To that end, Limoneira spokesperson Megan Roosevelt, alongside guest vlogger and #OWNshow host Ami Desai, will be bringing her favorite DIY beauty methods to the Limoneira YouTube channel all month long.

For a helpful demonstration, you can watch Megan and Ami create the recipes below here on the Limoneira YouTube channel. Don't forget to subscribe - videos with more wonderful recipes, tips and tricks not detailed in this release will be added to the channel each Friday throughout the month.

Limoneira has also partnered with additional global chefs and mixologists, nutritionists, and beauty lifestyle and green cleaning experts to share their knowledge with the customers of our grocery and food service partners around the world. Their biographies can be found on Limoneira's website.

Take a look at some of this month's DIY beauty tips below.

Honey Lemon Sugar Scrub
  • One Limoneira lemon
  • Honey
  • Sugar
Directions: Cut lemon in half and sprinkle sugar on top of one half of the lemon. Add honey for moisture. Rub a lemon half over face and leave for 5-10 minutes, then rinse. It's easy as that!

Lemon Toner 

Every good skincare routine has multiple components. Megan Roosevelt has the perfect DIY toner - without the harmful chemicals and mystery ingredients one might find in a store.

* ½ cup Limoneira lemon juice (Eureka or Lisbon)
* 1 cup filtered water
* ¼ cup Witch Hazel

Simply add all ingredients to a jar or bottle with a well-fitting lid. Shake well and use.

Each month, Megan will be featuring another wonderful facet of citrus living. Subscribe to Limoneira's Youtube Channel for more information on the many ways this endlessly versatile fruit can improve life inside the home and beyond.

About Ami Desai

As a first-generation immigrant born in the U.S., Ami has always felt there is a need for more South Asian representation in the media world. Her passion took her to UC Berkeley, where she majored in communications. She started her career with E! Network and before moving east for Graduate school. Ami received her Masters from Boston University in Broadcast Journalism. 

In 2006, she worked at CNN headquarters in Atlanta where she helped create the Middle East "Crisis Desk" connecting stranded US citizens with their families. Ami moved back to California and joined Inside Edition as a Producer. After a successful stint behind the camera, Ami served as a Host for Lux Lifestyles, a luxury travel show on Wealth TV, and most recently the premier host for #OWNshow, a digital exclusive web-show on

Simultaneously while creating a name for herself on-air, Ami built her own beauty business serving brides, models, and Hollywood talent. Her work has been seen in Seventeen Magazine and major red carpet events including the Golden Globes. Currently, Ami has brought her worlds of passion together and serves as an on-air beauty and lifestyle expert. She is also building her personal brand as a modern mom influencer that brings together her experience as a host, makeup artist and mom to help inform other women like her on how to juggle it all.

Ami gets her energy and passion from connecting with people - whether that be through creating engaging content on her various social media platforms or offering her everyday tips on approachable beauty. Follow her on Instagram and  YouTube

How Citric Acid Helps Skin

Citric acid is an alpha hydroxy acid used in personal care products to adjust the acidity or promote skin peeling and re-growth in the case of anti-aging products. Citric acid is naturally found in citric fruits and juices, providing the characteristic acidic taste.

Citric acid is a wonderful product for treating several skin problems like mild acne, pigmentation, clogged pores, sun tanning, wrinkles, and dark spots. Lemons, oranges, and certain berries contain citric acid in large quantities. Citric acid can be applied to the skin in the form of peels, toners, scrubs or masks.

Megan and Ami have shared a few great lemon tips, here are a few more:

Unclog the Clogged Pores

Mix one packet of unflavoured gelatine, 2 tbsp citric acid powder, ½ cup orange juice, and ½ cup water in a saucepan. Heat it on a medium flame. Continue to stir until citric acid powder and gelatine get completely dissolved. Put this mixture in a bowl. Place it in the refrigerator for 22-25 minutes. Smear it on the dry skin. Wait for half an hour. Gently peel it off. It will cleanse skin deeply.

Good for Acne-Prone Skin

Mix ¼ cup water, 2 tbsp citric acid powder, and ¼ cup low-fat milk. Stir it till the mixture gets blended well. Apply it on the dry skin. Allow the mask to dry. Rinse with the warm water. It will remove the dead cells, making skin flawless.

A Natural Remedy for Sun Tanned Skin

Citric acid is very beneficial in curing the sun tanned skin. Take a medium sized lemon. Squeeze. Add 3-4 tsp of water in the juice. Apply it on the damaged skin. It will heal it soon.

Helpful in Curing Wrinkles

Citric acid is an antioxidant that reduces the process of aging. Rub lemon peel (it is a rich source of citric acid) on the affected skin.

globalLimoneira Global Beauty Opinion Leaders

Shizuka Bernstein - New York City

Lauded as a skin care guru by New York Magazine, master aesthetician Shizuka Bernstein has been bringing beauty and tranquility to Manhattan for over ten years. Shizuka has been featured as a beauty expert in Marie Claire, Shape, the New York Daily News and on Fox News, CNN, CBS, and many other outlets. At Shizuka's New York day spa, award-winning treatments and products are combined with a relaxing "Zen" atmosphere, a warm and personal attention, and a Japanese flair.

Elizabeth Canler - Miami
At Elizabeth Canler's Miami Skin Boutique and Spa, guests feel rejuvenated and pampered in luxe surroundings overlooking the Miami skyline. Elizabeth's technique and style are unrivaled in Magic City. Her global travels have provided her with a database of the latest and best in the world of beauty. With her own show on the Beach Channel and as a guest host on QVC London and Germany, Elizabeth is sought for her suggestions for beautiful, glowing skin. She and her team provide personalized attention in a state-of-the-art facility complete with his/hers steam and sauna rooms, a meditation relaxation room, and an outside yoga deck and infinity pool facing the beautiful Miami skyline. The perfect way to spend a relaxing day.

Melodee Morita - Tokyo

Melodee Morita is a Japanese American ballet dancer, YouTube Artist, and FCI (Fujisankei Communications International) Reporter. She offers her thousands of followers a wide variety of tips on beauty and healthy lifestyle and suggests delicious recipes. Her 2014 Best Skin Tighteners offered an unbiased review of top performers for the year. She's fun and informative and very popular and offers great content in both English and Japanese. 

She offers a wide variety of beauty and skin care tips on her YouTube Channel
Billy Yamaguchi - Ventura and San Diego

Celebrity stylist Billy Yamaguchi and his team of designers balance and harmonize their clients' hair, makeup, and personal style by applying the ancient principles of Feng Shui. Yamaguchi was the first to integrate Feng Shui into modern beauty techniques. Billy explains that "Feng Shui Beauty" is about reading people's energy. Finding out who they are on the inside and connecting it to the outside. "Our goal is to help everyone express their personal power and inner beauty."

Liza Pielsticker - San Francisco

Trained by top plastic surgeons in Washington D.C. and San Francisco, Liza has extensive training in medical aesthetics and recognizes the importance of quality skin care to defy aging and create a younger appearance. Liza is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of standards, as well as educating patients on the latest techniques and products in skin rejuvenation and scar prevention and therapy. 

Nina Curtis - Los Angeles

Nina Curtis, founder and president of the Nile Institute, "A Source Vitál", located in West Hollywood, California, and of Curtis Communications. Nina is known as the "Esthetician's Esthetician" and has a twenty-five plus year history in the professional personal care and wellness industry, where she is respected as an innovative skin care specialist, educator, lecturer and businesswoman. She has trained in the United States, France, Germany, Australia and England and received her Bachelor's degree of Science in Management and her MBA from Pepperdine University, and is also a graduate of the Lynwood Business Institute. Recognized as a thought leader, Ms. Curtis writes articles focusing on business, trends, wellness and skin and body care techniques. 

The Nile Institute is dedicated to offering exceptional wellness services, the finest in quality personal care products and information that is relevant for its clients to make responsible choices about their individual health, wellness, beauty and personal care needs. Nina Curtis has received five "Teacher of the Year" awards from the Fashion Institute of Merchandising and Design, located in Los Angeles, California, which inducted her into their Hall of Fame. In 2002, Ms. Curtis received the coveted Distinguished Alumna Award from Pepperdine University for her outstanding accomplishments in serving humankind through the humane pursuits of business, for participating in building a stronger university, and for her personal character as an example to all of the university's students, alumni and faculty.

Norma Garza - Houston

Norma Garza, the founder of Norma's Touch Skin Specialty Spa, has been helping Houstonians achieve glowing, fresh skin for years. Like it or not, we live in a society that assesses people based on appearance. It's no wonder that people go to great lengths to make a good impression. Vibrant and radiant skin is an important component in beginning the day with a rejuvenated spirit and positive outlook. By combining nature and science, the staff at Norma's Touch Skin Specialty Spa provide a comprehensive array of treatments including microdermabrasion, herbal and chemical peels, anti-aging, non-invasive skincare, and treatments for men, women, and teens. She has a loyal following with her many devoted customers.

Shana Irish - Chicago

Chicago-based Shana Irish is the talented owner of the Skin Spa, a full-service skin care studio in the heart of Lincoln Park. Her many years as an esthetician and wide-ranging career in all facets of the beauty and spa industry ensure that her clients receive the best in healthy skin care. The Skin Spa's approach is to combine natural healing treatments with the latest technological advances to offer the best in anti-aging facials, acne treatments, microdermabrasion, and more. The Skin Spa strives for a higher standard of skin care while respecting the planet.

Tom Woodhouse - New York City

Thomas Woodhouse is an Expert Skin Care Practitioner with an impressive portfolio of success delivering quality therapeutic services along with presentations that demonstrate the value of skincare product lines and treatments. He has been recognized by consumers, celebrities, and media as one of New York's most sought-after Estheticians. Thomas has been featured as "Best Facialist" in Allure's "Best of the Best" issue and has appeared on Good Morning America and in regular features in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Details, and Time Out New York.

Tracy Neely - Atlanta

Atlanta-based Tracy Neely is a Certified Nutritionist, Certified Holistic Health Coach, a Certified Natural Health Professional, a Licensed Esthetician and is studying to become a Naturopathic Doctor. As a Health and Beauty Expert, Tracy has a unique approach to wellness that blends her background in Holistic Nutrition with her expertise as a Skin Care Therapist. Whether it's clearing up her clients' skin, removing toxins from their bodies, or improving their digestion, Tracy believes that the foods we eat have a profound effect on our health and that transforming how we think about food enables us to experience optimal health. Tracy works with women in the United States and abroad and conducts consultations in person, over the phone, and via Skype., email:

russiaBeauty Around the World

Our preoccupation with beauty is an international obsession, but how beauty is defined across the globe couldn't be more different.  In an effort to break down barriers, Slice™, a product of Corus Entertainment, a leading media and content company took a look at what being "beautiful" means at home--and beyond our borders.

Familiar territory: The Western view on beauty
In the West, popular consensus--and a quick flip through Vogue-demonstrates that the majority still values the aesthetic of a tall, slender-but-busty woman with delicate features. To top off this already-intimidating list--a small waist paired atop a perky derriere.

Unrealistic to the majority of "real women" as it may seem, these are some of the most sought-after traits for women in Western culture. Fortunately, there is more time and attention being paid for a healthier and more realistic approach to beauty. 

The French do it au naturel

In France, jolie laide is the motto--loosely translated to describe unconventional beauty. Here, those distinct and quirky physical traits are exactly what French women find most appealing. A natural beauty that stands apart from the rest--a refreshing take on what it is to be "pretty."

Sticking to the shade in Korea

One of the most coveted traits in Korea is their much sought-after porcelain skin. Long admired by women across the globe, the market for Korean face masks and skin care products has surged drastically in recent years in a bid for women of the West to combat aging and achieve that perfect complexion.
For the women of Korea, maintaining that perfect pale complexion is no small feat, the origins of which trace back in history to a time where tanned skin implied a lower social status.

India's perception of beauty shifts as the East looks West

Present-day standards of beauty in India have taken a turn towards Western ideals, now putting pressure on women to lighten their skin and slim down in a bid to hold court with the women of the West. One of the most enviable traits of the modern-day Indian beauty is their thick, lustrous hair. One of the most commonly used tricks of the trade Indian women use to maintain their trademark locks is none other than coconut oil. Massaged into the scalp, the oil will provide a deep conditioning treatment and condition hair back to health.

New Zealand women make the ultimate commitment for their beauty rituals

For the Maori people of New Zealand, nothing says beauty like a tattoo on one's face. Traditionally done with a chisel (ouch!) tattoo machines now add permanent adornments to the faces of these women--swirly-shaped tattoos called Ta-moko. To find oneself at the top of the heap, think big--the most beautiful women are thought to be those with their chins and lips fully tattooed.

More to love in Mauritania
Contrary to Western pressures, many African countries such as Mauritania and Nigeria view overweight women as the most sought-after, while the slimmer few are considered undesirable and encouraged to gain weight.  One thing the Mauritanians are definitely right about --there is something undeniably appealing about curves.

No rest for the Russians

Russian women may have coined the phrase "more is more." Contrary to the French, Russian women see more value in putting added effort (and funds) into their appearance. Born in Russia, supermodel Irina Shayk has this to say about beauty back home: " my country, women spend a lot of time on beauty rituals and take very good care of themselves". Natural beauty is carefully cherished and is brought to perfection by make-up, clothes and the unique combination of little things that are called "personal charm".

A dangerous quest for beauty in Thailand
The pursuit of perfection in Thailand is no laughing matter, and many women have paid the ultimate price in their quest for beauty. The ideal Thai woman is in almost comical contrast to the natural traits so many local women are born with. Value here is placed on pale skin, a narrow frame and pronounced eyes and nose. One valuable--and safely attainable--beauty regimen to take away from Thailand is their emphasis on protecting their skin from the sun. While their motivations may have more to do with maintaining a lighter complexion than sparing themselves from harmful rays, there's no denying the benefits to always seeking out skin care products that boast SPF all year.

And so just to ensure that we're even minded, Google identifies men as a trend to watch in the beauty industry

Google compiled data to curate a beauty trends report and identified four trends as rising among search term popularity and they are the major global internet firm's predictions for what's likely to define the market in coming years. These four trends consisted of devices (body brushes, etc.), DIY (this trend is built around the influence of the naturals trend and foods growing impact on beauty generally (think lemons!), bathing (homemade soaps, homemade shower gel, etc.) and male grooming. Although lower in volume at this point than the other top themes, Google notes that the men's skin care trend is demonstrated sustained growth in the three markets studied (the U.S., Japan and France).

surpriseSurprising  Statistics about the Beauty Industry

Below are some interesting statistics from StyleCasters about the hair, makeup and skin care industries that may take you by surprise.

The amount of time spent on getting ready varies based on which day of the week it is. The average morning routine for a Monday is about 76 minutes, but by Friday it drops down to just 19 minutes.
79 percent of mascara tubes were plagued with staph bacteria and 86 percent of women in the study admitted to using mascara past its prime.

Out of 33 brands tested, about 60 percent of lipsticks were found to contain lead. Note, however, that such a minuscule amount of lead makes it into your mouth that it's nothing to worry about.
Contrary to popular belief that hair loss only affects men, approximately 40 percent of women in America suffer from the condition.

One in three women admits that they refuse to leave the house without makeup on.

Nails grow, on average, 3.5 millimeters per month. Growth rates can vary with time of year, activity level, heredity and age. Also, women's nails grow more slowly than men's, and they grow faster in the summer than in the winter.

Onychophagia, or nail-biting, is more common in young adults ages 18-22. Very few adults bite their nails and by 30 years old, most nip the habit in the bud.

Only four percent of women around the world consider themselves beautiful. This has doubled from just two percent ten years ago. Also, 80 percent of women agree that every woman has something about her that is beautiful but do not see their own beauty.
Depending on the weight of one's hair, damage levels can vary. When wet, color treated hair can increase in weight by up to 200 percent, whereas virgin hair increases in weight by only 12-18 percent.

Source: Stylecaster

Ambassador Catherine Pappas

Catherine Cappiello Pappas,
based in New York is a recipe developer and founder of Living the Gourmet. With the help and encouragement of her son and daughter, Catherine decided to start a blog in October of 2008, with the purpose of passing down her recipes to her children. Since then, LTG has grown into a popular food site with an active and growing community of like-minded food enthusiasts. She love's Limoneira lemons and says "A few weeks ago, our favorite lemon company sent us a beautiful box of crisp California citrus fruits. For a food blogger, this was like celebrating Christmas early. Nothing quite compares to the sweet lingering scent of freshly picked lemons, and now I understand why these little gems embody sunshine.

Add some sunshine to your winter days with these soft, buttery Lemon Snowball Cookies!

Some may argue these are Mexican Wedding Cookies, Greek Butter Cookies, or Russian Teacakes...wherever you are from or whatever you wish to call them, one thing is for certain- these cookies are melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Every bite bursts with fresh lemon, hints of almond and the velvety sweetness of the confectioner's sugar.
Since it is "tis the season" of cookies, I wanted to share one of my favorites with you but remember this recipe is perfect for all year round! This recipe makes a perfect dozen and the best part is this is a one bowl recipe- no muss, no fuss. You can find Catherine's delicious recipe here.

Please Consider and Event Sponsorship
February 3rd, 2018

With record-breaking damage, the Thomas Fire has swept through Ventura County with devastation. Dubbed the Largest Wildfire in California's State History with a wide reach of 281,893 acres, the Thomas Fire has burnt over 1,000 structures, leaving hundreds without homes in our local area.
Local community members and organizations are coming together to produce the Thomas Fire Benefit Festival to be held on February 3rd at Plaza Park in Downtown Ventura. The Goal of this benefit is to raise funds to assist fire victims and help Ventura County move past this historic travesty. 100% of the proceeds from the Thomas Fire Benefit Festival will benefit those who were affected by this natural disaster and will go to The Ventura County Community Foundation, World Central Kitchen, and the Downtown Ventura Organization's Wildfire Victim Fund. The Thomas Fire Benefit Festival will be a celebration of the strength and beauty that binds Ventura County.
World Class Entertainment and Culinary Experiences will make this a memorable event. If you own a business or know someone who does, please consider an event sponsorship. Your company will be featured prominently as a supporter of our community.

Kevin Costner and Modern West

Olivia Newton John
Colbie Caillat
Super Duper Kyle

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy


Chef Jose Andres

Vincenzo Giammanco
Chef Jason Collis
Chef Amy Tyrell

Chef Nancy Pederson

Chef Kelly Briglio

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