July 2020
Celebrating A Year of Grantmaking 
Although most people celebrate New Year's in the winter, SCCF enjoyed the sunny skies that accompanied the end of our fiscal year on June 30, 2020. 

This past year, SCCF granted $1.14 million to the community from July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020. Some donors have specific organizations or causes they love to support, and approximately 75% of our grants are awarded with a donor’s defined intent in mind. However, some donors have a general love for the community and want the flexibility of supporting a variety of organizations as the needs in Steuben County change over time. They choose to support SCCF’s unrestricted grantmaking, meaning 25% of our grants are made possible by donors who trust us to assess the current needs in our community and find ways to make a difference. SCCF uses a committee of local volunteers to represent perspectives from throughout Steuben County, reviewing grant applications and making recommendations to the SCCF board of directors for this unrestricted grantmaking. SCCF's unrestricted grantmaking fund is known as the Spirit of Community Fund.  

In the past year, SCCF granted $173,989 from the Spirit of Community Fund to 31 organizations that meet a variety of needs in the community.

As of the end of June, the Steuben County Disaster Response Fund has awarded $84,190 to 10 nonprofits in Steuben County who have been affected by COVID-19. These grants were awarded through a funding partnership with the Steuben County United Way. A more detailed update on the Disaster Response Fund will be provided in August 2020.

Pictured are attendees at the "Creative Women of the World" workshop held by the City of Angola, which received grant support from SCCF in 2019.
Celebrating our 2020 Scholarship Recipients
Each year in June, SCCF hosts a reception with scholarship recipients and many of the donors who have established funds at our community foundation. Although we were not able to meet in person this year, SCCF wanted to celebrate these individuals and recognize their generosity and hard work! Please enjoy this video compilation of our 2020 scholarship recipients.
Graduating FIST Members
This year, two members of Forever Improving Steuben County Together, the youth philanthropy branch of Steuben County Community Foundation, are graduating from high school. Sydney, one of the graduating seniors, shared that FIST wasn’t “just a bunch of teenagers helping out in the community,” but it shows “how the youth could come together for the greater good of our community and future generations.” Isabell Deem and Sydney Kokinis share a passion for philanthropy and their community. Recently, each of them took time to reflect on their experiences with FIST.

Sydney Kokinis, Senior from Fremont
Isabell Deem, Senior from Angola
Congratulations to both of our seniors from the class of 2020! We are so proud of the things you have done for your community. Thank you for all you do.
Welcome back, Brittany!
SCCF welcomes the return of our summer intern from last year, Brittany Miller.

Brittany Miller, an alumna of Angola High School and FIST, will spend this summer as the Marketing and Youth Programs Intern. Brittany served for five years in FIST, and later joined a philanthropic leadership board at the Dekko Foundation. Brittany is currently studying psychology and French at Manchester University. After returning from a shortened semester in Strasbourg, France, where she interned at a local nonprofit organization, Brittany is excited to return to helping in her own community this summer.
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Save the date

Applications for the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship will be available on the SCCF website on August 10th, 2020. All application materials must be completed and returned to the SCCF office by September 8th, 2020 at 4:30pm.
Thank you to our donors!
The Community Foundation would like to thank the individuals, families, and organizations who generously made donations in May and June 2020. Your support is appreciated!
Donations can be made:
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Or brought into the office Monday through Friday 8:30 - 4:30
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Steuben County Nonprofits
SCCF publishes a monthly Nonprofit Newsletter with information about grants, fundraising, and upcoming trainings. Also, check out our nonprofit directory for a listing of 501(c)(3) charitable organizations serving Steuben County.
2020 Donor Established Funds Book
Click Here   to learn about the donor established funds administered by SCCF. Updated May 2020.

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Philanthropy Quote of the Month:
"The results of philanthropy are always beyond calculation."
 -Miriam Beard

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