Horizons just wrapped up its fifth joyous, action-packed summer of learning, friendship, and adventure at SFFS! For the first time, this summer Horizons at SFFS served children at five grade levels: rising first through fourth graders. These children bounded through the gates of San Francisco Friends School each morning of our six-week summer program eager to see their friends and start learning. We are grateful to everyone who makes Horizons at SFFS possible with their participation and generous support!
Horizons at SFFS In the News!!
This Summer, Horizons at SFFS' had a special visitor. Katrina Schwartz is an education reporter from KQED's MindShift program, and she spent several days interviewing staff, students, and parents and spending time in Horizons' classrooms and at the pool. Read her thoughtful and compelling article and hear her radio feature about Horizons and the importance of equitable summer learning opportunities!
Science experiments
Project-Based Learning in Action

For six weeks this summer, our students received hands-on, project-based academic instruction in English and Spanish from experienced teachers for an average of 2.7 hours each day, distinguishing Horizons at SFFS as a program with a clear academic focus. A science fair, multimedia presentation about plants, and a poetry and art salon were just a few examples of Horizons' project-based learning in action.
Swimming lessons
Learning to Swim

All Horizons students take two to three swim lessons each week. It was exciting to see our kindergarten students begin to swim freestyle by the end of the summer, and to see our oldest students begin diving. Multiple teachers noticed that swimming helped shy students gain self-confidence and fostered a growth mindset in all of the program’s youth.

“Students jump into the pool and they’re building such skills - confidence,
growth mindset, pride - and those very much lend themselves to what we do
in the classroom. Swimming really shows students that at first it’s difficult but
with more practice and focus anything is possible.” -2018 teacher
Rock climbing
Expanding Our Horizons

Horizons students enjoyed weekly field trips to local institutions such as the Exploratorium, Academy of Sciences, Roxie Theater, and Precita Eyes. Younger students visited the San Francisco Zoo, and older ones saw School of Rock at the Orpheum Theatre. Our oldest students also got to do an adventure trip - third graders went rock climbing at Mission Cliffs, and fourth graders kayaked on the bay with Environmental Traveling Companions. Like our swimming program, these trips allowed students to experience the self confidence-boosting thrill of mastering a new challenge.
Horizons volunteers
Thank You, Volunteers!

We are so grateful to our 18 high school volunteers, 17 of whom are SFFS alums. These young people were beloved by Horizons' students and deeply appreciated by parents and the entire staff for the indispensable instructional support, individualized attention, hard work, and kindness they shared with all of us this summer. They are true Horizons superheroes!

"I believe that the single most important factor that sets Horizons apart from similar programs is the sense of community formed here. Every day, I see students demonstrate empathy, humor, and genuine connection to others that would impress me coming from adults, much less elementary schoolers. Horizons is a truly special place." -2018 volunteer
Theater performance
Learning Outside the Box

Horizons students explored many arts disciplines in their electives classes this summer. Tamales, decoupage boxes, LED-lit sculptures, superhero portraits, modern dances, and poems about our neighborhood were only a few of the products that emerged from these special mini courses. Fourth graders even performed an original 30-minute play!
Don't Separate Families

How can a child live without their parents?
How can parents live happily without their kids?
Keep children close
very close.
Don't let them take your children away.
It's wrong to separate a little baby from their parents.
It's right to fight to get families together and to live happy and free.

- Poem and artwork by Yaretzy, 4th Grade
Happy Trails and Much Love to Horizons Teacher Kayla Shaw

Kayla has taught 1st and 2nd grade with Horizons for the past three summers, and will be leaving San Francisco this fall to teach somewhere new. We will miss Kayla's kindness, commitment, and fun team-building games, and we wish her the very best in Washington state!
Thank you all for being a part of our community.
We can't wait for our upcoming trip to Slide Ranch and other fun activities for Horizons families throughout the school year!