Celebrating Community Every Sunday

The Oxnard College Community Marketplace places a great deal of emphasis on the "community" in its name. Each Sunday, an estimated 2,000 members of the local community visit the Oxnard College campus to purchase household items, buy produce, and enjoy a meal. The Marketplace not only provides an invaluable service, it provides a venue for families and friends to visit and share meaningful time together.

It's a similar situation with the 100+ vendors who, without fail, prop their tents to spend a day with friends, while making sales. "Many of the vendors have been with us for 10 years, with several being part of the OC family since the beginning of the Marketplace" says, Pete Parker, Executive Director.

"The majority of funds generated through monthly vendor fees is allocated to Oxnard College students through scholarships and basic needs support every year. This invaluable partnership has resulted in millions of dollars for student support, says Parker." 

Vendor Appreciation Day is November 19th

OC Foundation staff and board members, along with students and campus leaders will honor OC Community Marketplace vendors on Sunday, November 19th. This celebration will include live entertainment and a number of activities planned for the day.

As a bonus, Swap Meet Justice will host its monthly citizenship and social justice fair. Legal resources, clinics, community advocacy, health care resources, vaccinations, and more will be available to all visitors at no cost.

The entire community is invited and welcome to attend our special appreciation day on Sunday, November 19th. 

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2024/2025 OCF Scholarship Grant Applications Open

The 2024/2-25 scholarship grant applications have opened for students seeking to enroll or continue their education at Oxnard College or transfer to a four-year university in Fall 2024.

The OC Foundation will continue our "OC Foundation Fridays" with application workshops hosted on Fridays. Join us for in-person or Zoom sessions to learn more about the application process and tips for ensuring your essays stand out. All workshops are listed on our website and Linktree: https://linktr.ee/oxnardcollegefoundation. In-person sessions will be in the Library Learning Resources Center or in the OC Foundation office.

Learn more at www.oxnardcollegefoundation.org/scholarships/.

Student Testimonial

"My major is Natural Sciences and I will be graduating from the Oxnard College Dental Hygiene Program. My goal is to practice as a Registered Dental Hygienist in the Ventura County area to help serve the Spanish-speaking community.

Scholarship grant support allows me to persist in the financially demanding OC Dental Hygiene Program. I have been able to purchase the essentials required to treat patients in the OC Dental Clinic with the funding I have received from the OC Foundation, and for that, I am eternally grateful."

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Condor alumni soar to incredible heights

With the passing of each day, we learn something new about Oxnard College alumni. The stories we present to students inspire them to persevere in their classes, open their eyes to new possibilities, and encourage them to pursue challenges with optimism.

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Connecting Athletic and STEM Alumni

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The OC Foundation Board of Directors introduce Kaye Placio

Kaye is currently a Biomedical Engineering major student and the Associated Student Government President (ASG) at Oxnard College. She will be transferring in Fall 2024 to earn her bachelor's degree and continue her studies by applying for medical school. She leads the ASG board to amplify student voice and to maintain a quality student experience here at Oxnard College. Kaye chose Oxnard College because of the warm and close-knit campus community it has. She truly believes that Oxnard College is indeed the 'College with a Heart'.


As the ASG President, she serves on the Oxnard College Foundation Board to ensure the student perspective is represented and part of the decision-making process. She hopes to help the Foundation with its goal of supporting campus initiatives, student scholarships and programs, and other needs to foster Oxnard College's success in advancing academic excellence while continuing its student-centered approach.

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Key Events

Community Marketplace - each Sunday

Community Marketplace Appreciation Day - November 19

Upcoming OC Foundation board meetings:

OC Foundation Board Retreat - November 30

OC Foundation Scholarship Committee - December 4

OC Foundation Finance Committee - December 4

OC Foundation Executive Committee - December 11

OC Foundation Full Board Meeting - December 18

Details for these events can be found at: www.oxnardcollegefoundation.org/ocevents

The mission of the Oxnard College Foundation is to provide support to campus development, student scholarships, educational programs, and other college needs in order to promote the progressive and continuing advancement of Oxnard College, to further educational excellence and enable the college to serve as an exemplary multi-cultural community resource.

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