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HBCAC p resented a  series of Petals For Prevention Educational Paint Nights . to the "movers and shakers" at the Senior Center. Hats off to Holli Dunayer and  Julia Frangione for putting together a great evening filled with environmental health information, canvasses, and creativity.


Edge Electronics
hosts of our upcoming annual GOLF OUTING
July 19th, 2016

Coldwell Banker : The Accardi Team
hosts of our annual BOWLING EVENT
October 15th, 2016

HBCAC was a proud beneficiary of the Stimson Middle School Penny Wars!
Huntington Rotary

Town of Huntington Senior Center

Bohlsen Restaurant Group

Berleth & Sons Plumbing

Nassau County Women's Bar Association

  The following is a thank you from a new friend who reached out for advice and took the time to write us a note!

When I was scared you picked up the phone.  Thank you for being there at a time I didn't know what to do or say.  You helped me to be POSITIVE and I changed from being a passive patient to an active advocate. I got my doctor to call back (the same day) with my complete mammo results.
Then I did what you suggested and asked to be called if there was a cancellation,  my appointment changed to the next day instead of waiting a nervous week for a sonogram.
What a relief: NON CANCEROUS LUMP!!! 

I would thank you from the bottom of my heart but for you my heart has no bottom!

Spring Has Sprung!
NIEHS - Celebrating 50 YEARS!

 We are a proud Partner of the NIEHS, working with outstanding researchers and staying up to date with current science! With  50 Years of progress, the NIEHS celebrates as the world's premier environmental health research organization. Research, translation and communication remain a high priority.  The image below is from the annual Partners meeting at NIH, where leaders and members get together to discuss environmental health at the end of each year following monthly conferences on key topics. 

Guardians of the Future -
making sure we are in good hands!
Students & Scientists Environmental Research Scholarship Program

This winter we launched our Health & Communication internship with the help of these amazing men of the Huntington Union Free School District and South Huntington Union Free School District. Together we we
re able to get kids into our office and kick-start a new part of the Students & Scie n tists Environmental Research Program. This branch of the env ironmental health  focuses on COMMUNICATING the science; a pa rt of the research world that's significance is often underestimated. If we
 can't communicate the researc h to better everyone - what is the point?!  We w ant to teach our youth and help to  develop the communication abilities of our FUTURE researchers. 

HBCAC is proud to once again sponsor high school students this summer to work with renowned researchers in an effort to lend a hand in the discoveries about the effects of environmental triggers on our health. The students are presented with unique opportunities to expand their knowledge and make positive changes in the world as a young adult.

Our students actively engage in the community:
at the Women's Health Fair with S.C. Legislator Spencer!  

Educating Girl Scouts!                                In the office and online!

Guardians of the Future in full bloom
From Foundation to Publication
We ha ve wa tched two phenomenal HBCAC Students & Scientists interns start their journey and now get published!
We are so proud of our boys! Siraat Zafar from Walt Whitman High School and Victor Tellez  from Huntington High School have officially had their work published in a peer reviewed journal,  ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering, from work they did through our Students & Scientists Environmental Research Scholarship Program back in 2012.
            Their words on the experience and where they are today: "Our expanded role in HBCAC took place at Stony Brook University. Here we worked under Dr. Balaji Sitharaman and graduate student Sayan Mullick Chowdhury. We made an effort to work on a project that ran parallel to the interests of our group. Our manuscript entitled "A grapheme nanoribbon based platform for highly efficacious nuclear gene delivery" dealt with the understanding of breast cancer through experimentation using genetic transfection.
          Today we are excelling in college. I, Siraat, am a sophomore in the seven year B.S./D.O. medical program at the New York Institute of Technology. I, Victor, am a computer science major at Stony Brook University. Karen first made us, complete strangers, partners almost four years ago and form that moment on an unbreakable bond was formed. Nowadays we are working on personal projects including a few inventions and an app development. We hope to be with HBCAC for the forseeable future."

Hospital For A Day
HBCAC had the pleasure to be a part of the Silas Wood Sixth Grade Center's Hospital For A Day, where numerous professionals took time out of their day to demonstrate important life and career information to young students. HBCAC took the time to introduce the concept of environmental triggers through a video, demonstration, and interactive Q&A. You can see the video we used for the presentation HERE!
Young At Heart
What better way to get our information into the heart and soul of our community than through those of our seniors? Who always gives the best advice - why grandma and grandpa of course!
HBCAC was proud to be invited once again to present at the Town of Huntington Senior Center, this time with our new FISHful Thinking information. It was a fun-filled presentation in the classic HBCAC style - interactive and engaging. Our seniors showed us how much they already know, and participated in the discussion to bring back even more pertinent information to their families! We cannot thank our friends at the Senior Center enough for inviting us back every year to share our new information to empower people to change their lives!

Just Keep Swimming
One Fish, Two Fish, What's In Your Fish?
  We are excited to be actively in the community, spreading the important research compiled in our Fishful Thinking brochure! It is a pamphlet translating scientific research on toxins in fish into a guide to healthy eating. It focus' on recommendations based on safe mercury levels in a variety of popular Long Island seafood. 
Quick and easy to read, this reference guide will help everyone to make good decisions, especially individuals in critical developmental stages, or "windows of susceptibility-" children, pregnant women, and women of childbearing age. THERE WILL SOON BE AN ONLINE VERSION AVAILABLE AT!

Lend A Helping Hand
...continues to help those fighting Breast Cancer
HBCAC continues to offer a program of services for Huntington town residents diagnosed with breast cancer. Services we offer through this program include:
  • Food and medical transportation assistance
  • Support group resources & professional resource guides
  • Emergency BC medication & surgical dressings
  • Lymphedema compression garments
  • Housecleaning services, stress-reduction (massage, yoga, etc)
 So if you - or any Huntington resident you know - could use a "helping hand", be sure to contact us today. 
Call us at: 631-547-1518 or email: .

We have helped a numerous amount of Long Island women and their families to cope with the challenges that breast cancer brings. One of the first problems people face is an uncertain test from a doctor. Our office has done a wonderful job helping people to handle the situation and become proactive.