Happy Mother's Day!
This Sunday, May 10, is Mother's Day! On this day we acknowledge, remember, thank, and show love to all forms of mothers and caretakers in our lives - including Mother Earth.
Honor your Mother with
the Gift of Trees

Still haven't found the perfect gift for Mother's Day this year? Give the gift of a greener future! Making a tree gift in honor of a loved one helps fund the growth of a vibrant urban forest where people and nature thrive. Canopy will send a personalized e-card to your honoree when you make a Tree Gift online.
Palo Verde Tree Walk
In lieu of an in-person Tree Walk, we invite you to go on your own self-guided walk through Palo Alto’s Palo Verde neighborhood. The Tree Walk map and a downloadable PDF guide are available on Canopy's website .

Before you head out on your walk, make sure to watch video descriptions of select trees narrated by Ellyn Shea on the Palo Verde Tree Walk webpage.
From the Blog
Tree Spotlight: Flooded Gum

The flooded gum tree, Eucalyptus grandis, is both economically and environmentally significant. The tree has a variety of uses in the lumber and paper industries, and is also very impactful within ecosystems where it grows.

What's new in the Urban Forest?
What Mother Trees can Teach us for Mother's Day

"These massive ancients recognize kin, supply resources, share wisdom, sound alarms, support networks of hundreds of trees, foster deep connections and alliances, and pass their legacies down to future generations." Meaghan Weeden |   Read more.

3rd Annual California Urban Forests Council Haiku Contest

The California Urban Forests Council is holding its annual haiku contest, and the deadline is May 31. Have you been feeling inspired by nature lately? Write your own haiku and enter the contest! Learn more.
Thank you, Nurses and Teachers!
This week is Nurse Appreciation Week and Teacher Appreciation Week! Nurses and teachers dedicate their lives to others, and in the midst of the pandemic they have been amongst the many workers thrust to the frontlines.

We are grateful to nurses who are courageously putting the health and safety of their community before their own, and to teachers who continue to educate and enrich the lives of students of all ages.

Health care workers are in need of personal protective equipment (PPE). If you have anything to spare, there are many local organizations and health care facilities accepting PPE donations. Learn more.
March Tree Gifts & Grantors
Susan Feist
in memory of Françoise Lasne, mother of Catherine Martineau

Judy Sadoff
in honor of Marty Deggeller

Cindy Blain and the California ReLeaf Team
In memory of Catherine Martineau's mother

Many Thanks to Bosch Community Fund in support of Canopy's youth environmental education and Silicon Valley Community Foundation for their COVID-19 emergency response grant. 
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Canopy's mission is to grow the urban forest in Midpeninsula communities for the benefit of all. Our vision is a day when every resident of the Midpeninsula can step outside to walk, play, and thrive under the shade of healthy trees.