We've Celebrated our 5,000th Birthday


June 21, 2016

Birthday Dreams is so excited to announce we recently celebrated our 5000th birthday at YWCA - Passage Point in Maple Valley. Not only did we celebrate our milestone birthday, we celebrated 5 other children with June birthdays too. 

YWCA - Passage Point is a family shelter that can support 46 homeless families and provides essential housing support while teaching life skills to families who are working to be self-supporting. Birthday Dreams had it's first party at Passage Point in April 2012.

Wednesday, June 21st was a great day for a party. At this party we celebrated 6 June birthday children, and it included our 5000th birthday celebration. The party consisted of cupcakes, ice cream, a bouncy house, face paining, fun games, goodie bags for the guests, gifts for the birthday children and more. The video below shows how much fun we have at our on-site shelter parties. The Birthday Dreams Board members and their families volunteered to support this summertime celebration. Our parties are always fun and provide a celebration for all the special birthday children, their friends and close family. Without the services Birthday Dreams provides, many of these children would have their birthday be just another day.

Birthday Dreams 5000th child was celebrated at 
 YWCA Passage Point in Maple Valley, WA.
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At Birthday Dreams it is our mission to provide birthday parties to children who often have never had a regular birthday party. Or due to current circumstances, would not be able to celebrate this year. We work with local area shelters to provide everything needed for a memorable birthday (personalized cake, balloons, themed decorations, guest goodie bags and gifts from the child's wish list) to the parent to be able to give the gift of a party, Birthday-in-a-Box, to their child. There are also several shelters where we host monthly on-site parties for all the kids with a birthday that month and their friends. These are larger parties that include all of the party essentials and often have other party favorites like face painters, bouncy houses, clowns or magicians (talent provided by our professional volunteers).

Birthday Dreams is dependent on donations and our volunteers. We couldn't do what we do without the generosity of others. Thank you to all of the support from our community, giving donors and our hard working volunteers who helped make 5000 birthdays possible. More birthdays and smiles are being provided every day!  

We are looking forward to celebrating our next 5000 children.
About Birthday Dreams
Birthday Dreams is a non-profit organization, founded in 2009, dedicated to bringing joy to homeless children through the gift of a birthday party. We partner with more than sixty homeless shelters from Tacoma to Everett to provide cake, presents and birthday cheer to homeless children throughout Western Washington. Many of the families we assist are singularly focused on simply surviving another day.
Consequently, a child's birthday party is too costly of a luxury.  Many of the children we serve have never even celebrated a birthday. These children carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Birthday Dreams ensures that these children get one worry-free day to be the center of attention, and experience a simple moment of pure excitement and joy.

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