Looking back to 2008, when we moved to Guatemala, we knew we couldn't ignore the vast need and we recognized there was little help for those living in conditions of extreme poverty. Wanting and needing to help became our plan.  We founded People for Guatemala in 2010.

     In those first couple of years, there were many challenges and frustrations (well, some days that is still true).  We took one day at a time, practiced patience, learned from our mistakes, celebrated each success, and prayed.

     We've been blessed with good health, competent and caring employees, and compassionate friends and donors who have supported our mission.  Our will is still as strong as it was in 2008.

     There is much more work to do. Hundreds of families still do not have access to running water or sanitation. Over 50% of the adults are illiterate. There is a serious need for health services.  Two out of three children go hungry and suffer some degree of malnutrition. Sick people go undiagnosed and die from treatable diseases.  

     Poverty causes these problems. To address this, we specialize in education, health care, and sustainable development. To achieve a greater impact, we limit our geographical work area to San Martin, Jilotepeque, where over 50,000 people live in extreme poverty.  

     Thank you for your confidence in us and trusting in our work. 
     Thank you for caring about peope you don't know.  

     Thank you for your generous contributions.

Kind regards,

                   Please help us save lives and change lives                                                                                 - donate here                        

  Over the past 7 years 

32,300 men, women, and children have been treated 
in our health clinics 

4,000 families have Chapina stoves

67 schools have new classrooms, school kitchens or new roofs

3,240 familes have running water in 30 villages

409 families have new houses, concrete floors
 or composting latrines

56 teachers received training and 1,000 students benefit
 from innovative educational materials

2,500 students are learning computers skills at their schools
354 scholarships were awarded to junior high, 
high school and college students

Together we are 
Saving Lives & Changing Lives Everyday .



Services in our medical clinics include

Internal medicine

Pre and post natal care




Disease management education

Diabetic and hypertension clinics

Family planning education

Nutrition education

Micronutrients for children and adults

Psychology care  

Fully stocked pharmacy on site

These kids will have electricity at their school.

Moms and kids have access to health care, nutrition education, and vitamins.

Floramida and her children have running water at their house.

Olga and her classmates have computers at their school.

Women in rural villages are learning to sew and earning an income.

Students receive dental care at their school.

Elda cooks for her family without toxic smoke.

These students have the opportunity to study beyond 6th grade.


We build productive and meaningful relationships by 
listening to the communities and teaching the indigenous
 people how to work together, identify problems and ensure
 they are actively involved in the solutions.

People for Guatemala, Inc.
400 5th Avenue, S.   Suite 304
Naples, FL  34102

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 110221
Naples, FL  34108

Phone in the U.S.
941 244 8692

Phone in Guatemala
502 4909 0841