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November 6, 2015

"As my hero Archbishop O'Hara would say, 'The Church that neglects the countryside, their future is in doubt.' Why? Because that's where the vitality of the faith is. That's where vocations come from. That's where our future evangelizers who bring their faith to the cities and the suburbs come from."
- Timothy Cardinal Dolan,  As the Countryside Goes, So Goes the Church

Women Religious Live the Faith in the Countryside
It's National Vocations Awareness Week, and CRL is doing our part by drawing attention to the incredible contributions of women religious in rural America.  We're happy to feature a number of communities--from farming Franciscans to sustainable Cistercians--in an article for our upcoming Fall magazine.

The entire magazine itself is dedicated to rural women, looking at the invaluable and irreplaceable roles they play in agriculture, parish life, and the family. CRL magazine subscribers will get their copy of "Rural Women: The Feminine Genius in the Countryside" in late November.  If you want to order this magazine issue or become a subscriber, please visit our website or contact Beth Hyser at 651.962.5955/

Cardinal Turkson, Officials Joined In Dialogue With UN

Last week in Rome, several high-ranking Vatican officials joined in dialogue with the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization to look ahead to the upcoming Paris COP21 conference on climate change. Highlighting Pope Francis' recent encyclical, Cardinal Peter Turkson and the Vatican officials urged the global community to put food security and agriculture at the center of the debates on climate change.

The Vatican's emboldened language is a good start to what's being called Climate Action Month. T hroughout November, the Global Catholic Climate Movement will pray and mobilize as never before to put into practice the Pope's Laudato Si message Visit the GCCM website for more resources on how to take action this month. 

Register for January Event

CRL staff will join hundreds of other Catholics dedicated to applying the Church's social teaching to contemporary American challenges at the annual Catholic Social Ministry Gathering in January 2016. The theme of this year's gathering is Called to Live Mercy in Our Common Home. As we do every year, CRL will host a luncheon and presentation. Register today!
Three Day Conference Set For Nov. 12-14
CRL executive director Jim Ennis will be participating in a three-day conference on Laudato Si and the American Catholic Church next weekend. The conference, which is hosted by the Catholic Climate Covenant in partnership with the USCCB and the Catholic University of America, aims to develop effective strategy and a set of tactics for broadening the Church's message on care for creation. 

The Thursday night keynote panel, which will take place on the CUA campus, is free and open to the public, but organizers ask that attendees RSVP. Visit the website today to reserve your spot.

No-Cost Webinar Available on Nov. 17
According to some studies, an estimated 70% of farms and farmland will transition ownership in the next 20 years and fewer than 50% of farmers have estate plans; less that 70% have named successors; and less than 11% have farm business transition plans in place. The consequences of a failure to plan can be severe.
Fortunately, Ag Transition Partners is hosting a series of no-cost webinars to aid farmers in ensuring their operation changes hands smoothly. One webinar is already available for download, and the next one will be available on Nov. 17. Click here to learn more about this helpful resource.
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