Rachel Zenzinger for Colorado Senate District 19
Rachel Zenzinger
Colorado Senate Candidate
July 22, 2016
Close to the 100-day mark;
celebrate with 'doors,' etc.

The end of this month marks the point at which we are 100 days from the Nov. 8 election, traditionally the time for candidates to ramp up, and the time for volunteers and supporters to devote all their energy and resources to a successful campaign conclusion.

The exact date is July 30, and we will celebrate with the 100 Days Challenge, asking everyone that weekend to knock on 100 doors, make 100 phone calls, donate $100, or any combination of the three. In other words, for example, you might want to knock on 30 doors, make 30 phone calls, and donate $40.

We will provide in the next newsletter a complete list of all those who reached their "100" milestone.

The time is now!

To sign up for canvassing, click here. To make a donation, click here. Any questions, click here.
Sierra Club endorsement
I have received endorsement from the Sierra Club for my clear commitment to the preservation of Colorado's air, water and land on behalf of our families and our futures. I am especially grateful for this endorsement, because I believe my record of public service has always reflected a priority on environmental issues.   
More on the environment
I have previously mentioned that I have received the endorsement from Conservation Colorado, and on that topic, it is worth noting that my opponent has received the OPPOSITE of an endorsement. Conservation Colorado recently came out with a strongly worded condemnation, noting that she failed to represent citizens' conservation values during her recent time in the State Senate. Her score of 9 percent (that's not a typo!) was second worst among all her colleagues. 

This is not acceptable. 

If the environment is important to you, I encourage you to cast your vote for me in November. And if you feel as strongly as I do about conservation efforts and sustainability, please show your support by contributing to the campaign.
More unethical behavior
Some of you might have received a flier from my opponent, and you might have been surprised to see Arvada City Councilman Mark McGoff's photo on it. But nobody was more surprised than Mark, who says nobody from my opponent's campaign staff had the courtesy to seek his approval, and he definitely wouldn't have given it if they had. 

Nothing is ever as it seems in any of the campaign material that is appearing in mailboxes on her behalf. If this kind of thing bothers you, and you would like to see a new face in that office, please click here and help us build the funds we need for a successful campaign. 
Rachel Zenzinger
Rachel Zenzinger
Allport event Aug. 5
The first big fundraising event after we pass the 100-day milestone will be at the home of Jennifer and Tim Allport. Thanks to them for their huge support! We'll have information that day about how things look for the final three months. Mark your calendar for Aug. 5, 6-8 p.m. Click here to RSVP.
Yard signs available
Right after we put up yard signs, we received a flurry of calls and emails from people who saw those signs and wanted ones of their own. We have been trying to fill all those orders. If you want a yard sign, or if you have a confirmed location, please contact us and we will get it over to you within a couple of days.
Plea for volunteers
We need walkers to go door-to-door to spread the message about this election, so contact us if you're interested. If you have never knocked on doors before, don't worry - we provide plenty of training! We also need people willing to write postcards, make phone calls, staff events, and perform other volunteer duties. Thanks in advance for any help you can give - either on a one-time basis, or more regularly!
Westy Fest Aug. 13
We will be talking to dozens if not hundreds of voters at Westy Fest Aug. 13, we would love to have some help. Sign up now and name your shift, between 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., and/or help with set-up.

Every important political campaign these days requires significant funding, and this one is no exception. We need to find a way to pay for brochures, direct mail pieces, advertisements and other tools to help make voters aware of their choices. Please consider making any level of contribution to the "Rachel Zenzinger for Colorado" campaign, and help me get elected in 2016.


Information for Donors

DonorInfoUnder Colorado campaign finance law, contributions to candidates from individuals, sole proprietorships, LLPs, LLCs, and state PACs are limited to $400 per election cycle. Contributions from Small Donor Committees are limited to $4,500 per election cycle. Contributions from corporations, labor unions, foreign governments, and non-U.S. citizens are prohibited. Campaign finance law also requires us to provide information about all contributors' occupations, and their employers. Please be specific when you supply that information, which must accompany all donations. If you are retired or unemployed, please so indicate. Please note that political campaign contributions are not tax-deductible. Thank you!


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