4th of July fireworks explode over the waters of the Ohio River in downtown Louisville. These pictures were shared with us by our friend Paul Schuhmann.
Securing the Right to Clean Water for Our Posterity – God’s Thirsty Children

In the document signed on this day, there is a phrase we all know: that we are endowed by our Creator “with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Our nation’s independence springs from the ideals expressed in the Declaration. We continue to struggle, to this very day, to ensure those rights are shared by every person in our country.
And if we agree there is a right to Life, then that right extends to the things that make life possible. For that, nothing is more basic than the right to clean water. That right forms the basis of our mission: clean water for God’s thirsty children.
You are well aware of the lack of clean water in many parts of the developing world. Sadly, as we have shown recently, the challenge exists even here, within our own borders – in the Navajo Nation in the southwest, and in other neglected areas of the US.
It is God, not governments, who gives us our rights. It is our responsibility, each of us, to ensure that those rights are secured for those less fortunate than ourselves.
On this 4th of July, we celebrate all of you in our Community for Mission for doing your part to make this ideal a reality for so many around the world. To quote another famous phrase, this one from our Constitution, we work together to “secure these Blessings to ourselves and our Posterity.”
Thank you for including all of God’s thirsty children as part of your Posterity.
Thank You For Keeping The Clean Water Flowing
When we get to the 4th of July, it really feels like Summer is here: hot weather, cold iced tea, picnics and barbecues, walks with friends while the sun sets in the cool of the late evening.

For the next several weeks, many of us will be on the road – maybe for the first time in a while. As fear of the virus subsides and more people are vaccinated, we will be able, finally, to spend time with family and friends. We may even get in a hug or two…

But even though we may take a break here and there, the work of bringing clean water to God’s thirsty children continues nonstop. In the parts of the world where our Water With Blessings teams are training and equipping Water Women, people don’t have the luxury of clean water, let alone the opportunity to take a vacation.

So as you enjoy your Summer, please take a spare moment to keep us in prayer. And help us spread the Good News of Water With Blessings..
And For Our Louisville-Area Friends:
We’re less than two weeks away from celebrating Middletown Market’s Christmas in July. Water With Blessings’ Advocates will be on hand, so while you’re browsing and buying, please stop by to say hello.
While were on the subject...

It may only be early July, but that’s just the right time to begin thinking about our own Cradles of Christ and Silent Night Auction which will take place this year December 10-12.

We are beginning to collect items for the Silent Auction. The following items did particularly well last year:

  • Themed baskets
  • Get-away vacations (is there a property you could offer for a week?)
  • Experiences
  • iRobot/Roomba Robot Vacuum
  • KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer

If you have items to donate, please let us know. And if you think someone else may be interested, please pass this message along.

Items can be mailed or dropped off at the Water With Blessings office:
1902 Campus Place, Suite 11
Louisville, KY 40299

It may be hot now, but Christmas will be here before we know it.
Please consider passing this newsletter on to your family and friends. Who knows -- they may want to join our Community for Mission and help bring clean water to God's thirsty children.
Joyce McCubbin (left) and her daughter,
Water With Blessings Chief Community Officer Debbie Robson
Why I Support Water With Blessings

Joyce McCubbin
Louisville, Kentucky

Joyce McCubbin says that now that she is older, she has a different perspective on receiving gifts.

“People my age are cleaning out ‘stuff,’” she said. “I open a closet and say to myself: ‘What’s in here? Do I need this?’ When it comes to birthday gifts, we don’t need as much as we get older. I would rather benefit someone else.”

So when her birthday rolled around recently, she asked her children and grandchildren to make a gift to Water With Blessings for her instead.

“I saw someone mention it in a newsletter and thought it was a good idea,” Joyce said. “It’s especially a good way for the grandchildren to see things that we can do to help others. And you receive a beautiful card with a child taking a drink of clean water.”

Joyce has known our Executive Director Sr. Larraine Lauter from the time that Sister was on the staff at the Church of the Epiphany. Joyce is a long-time Water With Blessings supporter, and her daughter, Debbie Robson, is on the Water With Blessings staff. And now that Joyce has more time to spare, she increased her involvement as a WWB volunteer.

“I have always been amazed that Sr. Larraine left that position at Epiphany, not knowing what was in the future,” Joyce said. “But what she is doing now is so important. In this day and time, how can this be going on, how can we have so many people without clean water to drink?

“And I find it amazing that one bucket and one filter can provide clean water for that many families, that a little funding can provide an avenue for their children to have healthy drinking water. It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to help.”
Coffee Chat Is Taking A Break While We Celebrate The 4th of July

We had to cancel Friday’s Coffee Chat at the last minute. And this week, like God’s beautiful children in the picture, we are celebrating the 4th by taking a little bit of a breather.

But Coffee Chat will be back next week with great guests, good news, lots of laughs, and more mayhem.

Please plan on joining us on Friday, July 16, for the next Coffee Chat.
End Your Week On A (Sugar) High Note:
Join Us Friday Mornings For CinnaBourbon Hugs & Coffee

Warm gooey cinnamon rolls made by Captain’s Cabin in Louisville will be available for pick up every Friday from 8 to 10am at the Water With Blessings office (1902 Campus Place, Suite 11) beginning this Friday, July 9.
Made with real butter, aged bourbon, delicious cinnamon (and a few secret ingredients), these cinnamon rolls will become a favorite in your home or office.
Order ahead by clicking the button nearby to make sure you get to take home your favorite flavor: original, pecan, or bacon.
And yes, they can be frozen, but they probably won’t make it to the freezer!

CinnaBourbon Hugs are delicious, and the sweetest way to support WWB.
We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?
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