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The Museum of Us
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Celebrating the Babies of 1921
The Museum of Us is about our local people. Our History Center genealogy files include information about many people born in 1921. Many of them grew up and moved away, but many others stayed in the community or moved here from another place. We are taking this opportunity to commemorate some of these people whose lives began a century ago.

It's The History Center's role to remember our community members and to help you remember them, too.
The babies of 1921 were born just after World War One. Most of them started their education in the one-room rural schools of the county and went on to the consolidated Junior and Senior high schools in Mansfield. They experienced the Great Depression of the 1930s, but most of them I have interviewed took it in their stride. They said they were no worse off than those around them. Poor was the norm, and their families had gardens and could feed them.

Graduating from high school, they were almost immediately involved in World War Two. Joseph "Bing" Strange, born in 1921, died in Germany while serving in the military. He left a wife and three daughters. Richard D. Smith of Covington died in Belgium. Most of them, however, survived the war and returned to live out their lives.
Virginia Benson (1921-2020) was born in Sullivan Township and started her education in the State Road School. She graduated from Mansfield High School in 1939. She married Cecil Reynolds and had two daughters. She lived in Rutland Township until after her husband's death. Local resident, Shawn Forrest, is a grandson.
Eleanor Cleveland (1921-2020) graduated from Mansfield High School in 1939. She married Ed Trask and had three children. She served as Justice of the peace and Judge for many years, and after retirement she and her sister Margaret established Grammas' Kitchen. She was Mansfield's Citizen of the Year and Tioga County's Woman of the Year.
Margaret Jane Welch (1921-2014)
Born in Sullivan Township, Margaret graduated from Mansfield High School in 1940. She married Don Bentley and lived in Mainesburg where she was Sullivan Township tax collector for many years. She was also active in the Mansfield Food Pantry and was always ready to volunteer when anyone needed help. Her daughter, Donna Bentley Davey, is a long time volunteer at the History Center.
Mary Lee Peterson (1921-2014) with her mother, Mary Eleanor Judge Peterson.
Mary Lee graduated from Mansfield High School in 1939 and Syracuse University in 1943. In 1948, she married Bob Messenger who ran the T. W. Judge Company founded by Mary Lee's grandfather, T. W. Judge. She was on the board of the North Penn Health Center and was involved in other community entities. She was president of the Pennsylvania Arts Council. She and her husband were Mansfield's Citizens of the Year in 2003.
Clifford Bixby was born in Richmond Township in 1921 and graduated from Mansfield High School in 1939. He and his fellow five-year-olds would walk the railroad tracks to and from Canoe Camp to Mansfield for elementary school. He married fellow athlete, Mary Cleveland. Cliff had a hole-in-one twice at Corey Creek Golf Club, but he only got a certificate once. He has donated it to our museum. He lives on Fourth Street in Mansfield.
Odeena Jensen was born in 1921 in Palmer, Alaska. When her husband, Lt. Col. John Gray Strange, retired from the military, they returned to the Gray Homestead in Sullivan Township where John and generations of his ancestors had grown up. Dee has travelled all over the world. She lives at Country Terrace in Wellsboro getting ready to celebrate her hundredth birthday.
Leslie M. Tice (1921-2003)
Leslie's education started in the Elk Run School in Sullivan Township and continued in Mansfield High School. In World War Two, he was an Army tech sergeant working on radar in Hawaii. He married Marcella Miller in 1943. When television was new in the early 1950s, he and his staff were busy installing antenna systems for the Elmira community. He later built a cable tv system in Bradford County that is now part of Blue Ridge. His hobby was astronomy, and he built both telescopes and three versions of observatories.
John Antonio (1921-2017)
Born in Elkland, John graduated from Elkland High School in 1938. John served in the Army Air Corps in World War Two and also was a broadcaster for the Hollywood Air Force Radio Station. He and his wife, Effie Heysham, bought the Twain Theater in 1958 and took an active part in Mansfield's community. John was a borough council member and a member of the Appalachian Thruway Association. He was also Uncle Johnny for the Saturday matinees.
Show Your Face!!!
We are able to present a display such as this because so many families have been willing to share their family photos with us, making them part of the community archives and a permanent part of Mansfield's history. When we select individuals to commemorate, we are more likely to select if we have a photo to go along with the text. If you have photos of our local families, businesses or events, we hope you will share them with us so that your family members can be represented by face in the Museum of Us.
A History Center Hero
Special thanks to Joe Tice of Joe Tice Excavating for repairing both our sewer pipe problem last winter AND putting in new water pipes for us this month as a donated service. If you see Joe, tell him he's a History Center Hero.
2020 Deaths for Mansfield High School Alumni (That we know of) By Class Year (also some 2019 we heard about too late for last year's list)
1936 Owen Cook
1939 Eleanor Cleveland (Trask), Virginia Benson (Reynolds)
1940 Gordon R. Palmer,
Dr. William F. Taylor (2019)
1944 Ansel Webster
1946 Gordon Ripley
1947 Rita Vance (Bolt)
1953 Ann Taylor
1954 Jeanette Rynearson
Gordon Harvey
1959 Carol Lee Tears
1961 John Estep,
Jerald Smith
1962 Laura Wilcox (Terry)
1963 Joan Barden (Smith)
Nancy Sumner (Doud)
1964 Ruby Morgan (Blow)
Fred Toothaker
Clarice Smith (Shirk)
Linda Farrer (Doud)
1967 Larry Dart
Dawn Neal (Shellenberger)
1969 Brent Bixby (2019)
1970 Charles Neal
1971 Bruce Cox
1976 Pamela Leipold
1979 Michael Slater
1981 Judy Lynn Lefelhoc
1997 David Kriner
Hometown Treasures
It's All On Your Head
Businesses, individuals, and events leave behind items and mementos that remind us of their existence and which record our town's history. We will include items from our collection in each issue of the newsletter.

This month we'll show some of the hats in our collection that represent businesses, people or events in our town. Every hat tells a story about Mansfield and its people.
Chester P. Bailey wore this hat to the Fabulous 1890s Weekend every year. This is now in our collection. It is collapsible for easy storage. It came from the Louisville Hat Company. Chester was one of the founders of the 1890s festival in 1992.
Chester P. Bailey 1912-2015
John Barr never missed an 1890s Weekend, and he collected a pin from every year which he added to his hat. He has donated the hat to the museum. He actually purchased it from an 1890s booth in one of the early years, and added a pin to it every year for 25 years. He marched in the parade. This is from the final parade in 2016.
Mort Shepard operated the men's clothing store that later became Garrison's. This felt derby has his label on the inside. It was donated by Jim Davies who wore it to the 1890s Weekend events.
E. Arthur Dewey, "Gene," graduated from Mansfield High School in 1951. He also graduated from West Point in 1956. This straw hat is a memento from his West Point fifty-year-reunion in 2006 when he was commemorated as an outstanding West Point graduate.
Mansfield State Teachers College initiation beanie belonged to Gary Skelding.
This Mansfield State College initiation beanie belonged to Marilyn Putnam who was a freshman in 1961 when the school had just changed its name.
Nellie Rockwell
Nellie D. Rockwell (1863-1945), originally from Sullivan Township, was a Mansfield milliner for fifty years. She made and decorated the hats that made our local women proud to be seen. This tiny metal medallion from 1907 was a label that she would sew into her hats. It was found and donated by Dennis Miller.

In 2011, WVIA made a video of Mansfield as part of their "Our Town" series. This hat is a memento of that event.
In the 1990s there was a plan to tear down North Hall on the Mansfield University campus. There was extensive opposition in the community. This hat was part of a campaign to prevent that and turn the building into the beautiful library it is today. This belonged to Dr. Richard Wilson, donated by his daughter, Sally.
Linda Lee Clark (Lawton) graduated from Mansfield High School in 945 and went on to Bellvue School of Nursing. This nurse's cap signifies her school.
Joan Nash (O'Dell) graduated from Mansfield High Schol in 1947. She earned her nurse's cap from Arnot-Ogden School of Nursing in Elmira.
Upcoming Events
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We're Getting Closer to our Goal
On the back of the museum is a small addition of four rooms that has been used as an apartment as far back as the 1870s, possibly originally intended as housing for the church's minister, but that's a guess.

Construction is underway for our library/archives area. Matt Neal Construction is doing the work. We have new windows and structural strengthening, so that our heavy bookcases and filing cabinets will be safely supported.

Having the library and archives in this building will cut in half the costs of operating two buildings, and it will make it more efficient to work. It will be a more unified experience for our visitors and researchers.

Although we are still short of the full requirement, we can get a good start on this major improvement to our facility. Actual work is progressing.

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