December 2017 Palo Alto Yoga Updates from John Rettger
Happy New Year! 
2017 Closing Reflections 
& New Classes
Dear Community,

I hope your year is closing out beautifully! Here is what you can find in this 2017 fare thee well email:

1. End of the year reflections
2.  New classes  - Mon & Wed: 6:15pm Vinyasa & 8:15 pm Restorative at YogaSource Palo Alto

3. Contemplations on Mindful Living: the Head and the Gut, Who you gonna trust?

4. John's Original Poetry Corner

May all beings walk in beauty, may all beings be free from suffering...


2017: Closing Reflection
As this year is closing, a teaching I read by Father Gregory Boyle comes to mind. He writes about a red string tied around his wrist; it was a gift from the Dalai Lama. The rope has a knot in it at its center. Over the course of the day, the knot moves off center to the side of his wrist, and he continually has to bring it back. He writes that "the knot represents the God who I long to be at the center of my life. It helps me remain restful in that center- unable to think of myself except in terms of God. It returns me to the stillness there." 

This teaching brightened my heart because it reminded me of how I tend to fall asleep in my waking life and forget that I am never "alone." I always have the Divine Source at my heart's center. I remember I have many spirit helpers and guides watching over me. I know they delight about every part of me unconditionally. I am all spirit particles in their angelic eyes, and all I have to do is close my eyes and breathe to feel their embrace.

Fr. Boyle's teaching was a warm winter morning reminder that yoga is my path into this restful center of spirit. The place where separateness and isolation disappears and true Oneness revealed. As I close out 2017 and step into 2018, keeping the Divine at center, is the teaching I will carry in my heart and feel in my bones.

I also want to close out this year by thanking you for being a part of our yoga community. I feel tremendous and abundant gratitude for the many times we have all met on the mat, the millions of breaths we had together and all the joys and strength of the Vinyasa and the lovely, restful stillness of the Restoratives. I can't wait to see more of you in the New Year!

May you have a wonderful, New Year holiday and celebration! Please read on below to find out about my new classes, recent articles, and poetry.

Many blessings,
New Year and New Vinyasa & Restorative Classes!

Mon & Wed Nights 
6:15p Vinyasa (90 mins) 
8:15p Restorative (75 mins)
Classes start Jan 8  at YogaSource Palo Alto

Many of you have been asking for more classes, and finally they are here! YogaSource Palo Alto has expanded their studio space and class offerings and have graciously asked me to return. YogaSource is where my teaching career began nearly 8 years ago. 

We will be turning the volume up in Vinyasa and dropping into some sweet Restorative stillness now on Mondays & Wednesdays.

The Vinyasa classes will be led with the same spirit and intensity you have come to expect in my classes. The Restoratives will be as delicious and delicate as ever!

Basically, we are going to have fun, build strength, relax, hang out with new friends, let go and let be together. Who says you can't have a yoga party on school nights? I will see you all there! 


YogaSource Palo Alto | 158 Hamilton Ave. | Palo Alto, CA |
A bit of the teachings
Trust Your Head or Your Gut?
Wisdom teachings by John on

When you have to make a tough call, logic may tell you to go one way, and instincts the other. Here, I offer a psychological and spiritual perspective on how to reconcile these differences to find resolve.
Original Poetry by John
Texas Sunlight

Texas Sunlight
by John

Beneath the end of February
Texas sunlight
Wind wrestling through leaves of trees and sound of laughter all around

I realize this moment is true

Dust kicking up
I'm running all around  stone and sandy hills
styrofoam swords sliding boards and up and down this short seesaw

Afternoon is for play
My heart is all in

Later at night
A friend speaks of love
Its the everyday magic
He says
     From which all shamans draw

This moment jolts
Rattling in my bones
Ancient powers unite
Spirit and Psyche combine
the sky a bolt of lightning

Settling into my breath
I know the work is always here
this holy moment
My body trembling shaking and awe
Somehow so beautiful mysterious

This love

Is how
We all heal

John Rettger Yoga | Palo Alto | NORCAL |