Graduation Newsletter

Thank you for taking a moment to celebrate with us! This week we congratulate the fine young men and women graduating from Holy Cross. Despite unprecedented interruptions to their school year, these hardworking students adapted to change, finished their studies and can now hold their heads up high as graduates of Holy Cross Anglican School.

Despite being free of COVID-19, Belize still operates under social distancing guidelines, as it's highly probably that clusters of cases will re-emerge. This meant radically changing our usual large graduation gathering to a series of much smaller and simpler gatherings to distribute certificates. Still, it was a special time of acknowledging success and seeing families celebrate their children.
Standard 6 Graduation
On Thursday, June 25, we held four small ceremonies for our Standard IV graduates.

Principal Olivia Tasher expressed her pride and thanks, and encouraged them all to continue their hard work. She passed on the words of Malcom X, “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”

As part of the ceremony, the Valedictorian, Jasmine Ramos, passed the Torch of Excellence to the top student of next year's graduating class.

You can view more photos here, or watch our facebook video.
Preschool Graduation
On Wednesday, June 24, we held two small ceremonies in our open air palapa to distribute certificates to our preschool students.

Each student proudly received their certificate, and were also given a personalized gift as a reminder of their achievement.

Vice Principal Liz James congratulated the students on their first milestone and looked forward to welcoming them back in the new school year.

You can see more photos here, or view the graduation video here.
Two Graduation stories worth retelling
Every graduating student is a success story in itself, but this year two stories in particular stood out.
If you ever visited the sewing center, chances are you met Mirla, a hard working mother of two living in San Mateo. Twelve years ago, not long after we opened our doors, her daughter Mediam started in Infant I. This year, Mediam graduated from high school, and her younger brother graduated from Standard 6. Congratulations!
Another family celebrating two graduations was Enrique's. Their youngest graduated from our preschool class, while an older daughter graduated from Standard 6.

Enrique has been helping Mr. Freddy with all our summer building projects. All four of his daughters have attended Holy Cross.
Looking ahead to the new school year.
Although Belize is free of any community spread of COVID-19, we are realistically aware that this is a situation that will not last, as it is likely that new cases will emerge as our country re-opens. Indeed, we currently have 8 active cases, identified during routine quarantine of repatriated Belizeans and illegal immigrants. As such, schools must have plans in place to incorporate social distancing and handwashing. We're still working on our school plan, so it's too early to give details, but it's safe to say that the first day of school will look very different. Speaking of the first day, we'll be re-opening on August 10, approximately a month early, to make up for lost time this school year.

With the loss of much of the economic activity on the island, it is likely that many families will struggle to meet the cost of tuition, uniforms, shoes and school supplies. Usually, summer volunteer teams would help bring these items, but that was impossible this year. As such, the Holy Cross Education Foundation made an appeal to help support these families with a donation of any amount to the Holy Cross Education Foundation. Shoes, bookbag and uniform cost approximately $75 US in total. If you are able, please consider donating to help a family in need.
Belize's International Airport will re-open on August 15.
This week, the Government of Belize announced that the next step in the phased reopening of Belize's tourism economy will be resuming flights to the international airport on August 15. There will be many restrictions - short term visitors will only be able to stay in all inclusive resorts, and those owning property will have to quarantine for two weeks before being allowed to stay longer term.
Keep an eye on the San Pedro Sun or the Government of Belize Press Office for updates.
Final thanks
In closing, our thanks go out to all of you who have supported us over the years. Your donations of time, materials and dollars have built a wonderful school that is equipped to adapt to whatever the future may through at us.

We thank you for your ongoing support and interest in our school. Please, keep us in your prayers.

In thanks,

The staff of Holy Cross Anglican School in San Pedro, Belize.
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