Celebrating the Journey
Church at Home Edition
September 2020
Worship Services
Our regular Worship Services
are cancelled to keep you safe at this time
But ...
Update from the Return to Church Task Force

The Council will meet later this month. At that time,
consideration will be given
for a mid-October reopening.

Once final decisions are made,
the Congregation will receive
phone calls and letters of notification
giving all the details for our reopening.
Only small groups of 10 or fewer are allowed to gather in Fellowship Hall.
Groups of 50 or more are allowed to meet in the Sanctuary or Chapel.
You Must Wear a Mask.
Social Distancing Rules Apply!
Groups desiring to meet must give notice 2 weeks in advance to secure location.
Church at Home! (link)
We continue to provide for you
at our "Church at Home" web page
where you will find links to:
  • Adult Bible Studies
  • Devotions (prayer and scripture weekly)
  • R.E.L.A.T.E. our new format for Bible Study!
  • Our Sunday Worship Service (YouTube)
Watch for our Passing of the Peace
  • Christian Ed page for the kiddos!
  • Laugh at Home, for some comic relief from the children and youth of CCA
When we're in church, we call this "Sharing Our Christian Love" .... but since we can't literally share, we are virtually "Passing the Peace" at this time!
Passing the Peace
Let's keep sharing your pictures for our YouTube Services. Send pictures of YOUR life with YOU in it!
  • You in Your Garden or with your Garden's Abundance
  • You and Your KIds/Grandkids
  • You and Your Pets
  • You Enjoying God's World
Tuesdays with the Pastor
In Pursuit of Jesus
Through the lens of global cultures.
This series with the host of the Our Daily Bread Ministries film series In Pursuit of Jesus, Rasool Berry, examines the many times that questions were posed either to Jesus, or by Jesus in the Gospels.
Jesus is one of the most talked about figures in history. Some love Him. Some hate Him. Many are simply indifferent. no matter where you stand on that spectrum, He's notable enough that it's worth finding out more about Him and His impact on this world.
Pick up your passport. It's time to pursue Jesus! Books are now available in the Church Office.
If you'd like to join this group, and have not done so already, contact the church office to get set up!
October - November - December
Copies of the October to December Devotional Guides are now
available in the Church Office
Women's Fellowship and Monday Bible Study
will NOT meet at church during September.
Supplies Still Needed
We got a wonderful response from our membership for most of the items on our list.
Thank you so very much for your dedication!
However, we are still looking for a couple of thing!
Still in Need of
Lysol Disinfecting Spray
and Anti-bacterial Pump Hand Soap
Please pick up one or two
for the church WHEN you see them.
If you call us and say you found it,
they will be out of this product
when we get there!

Do Not Buy if what you find
is more than $8 a can
It's just ridiculous to pay excessive amounts for this item, or any other!

Members Speak!
Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.” Proverbs 31:8-9 (NIV)
Our members are incredible thinkers and doers. We want to hear from you! We are starting a new page on our website to share members’ thoughts. You can submit a video, an essay, or just a note. Submittals may be sent to the Church Office. We want you to share your stories, thoughts, feelings and opinions. We reserve the right not to publish any offensive material. 
Speak up -
Our differences make us stronger!

2020 Summer/Fall
Reading Challenge
July 1-October 31, 2020
  • Using the link below, record each book you have read (your name, book title and author)
  • 1 Point for each book you complete
  • 2 Points for books of a religious nature
  • Prizes will be awarded at the end of the challenge for the Most Books Read
  • Adult Category
  • Children/Youth Category
brought to you by the Ministry of Christian Education
If you have any questions, contact Connie Wodziak
using the blue button
link below to her email
Get Involved! (link)
It's Not Too Late!
It's not too late to support the
Outdoor Ministries.
This worthy effort was earmarked
for our May 5th Sunday,
and was recently added for
August 30th.

Thank you all who came forward to meet the challenge. There's still time!
Equal Exchange
When you own the land you farm, you decide what to plant, when to harvest, and which maintenance methods to use. More importantly, you’re the one who controls your own livelihood. For Black farmers in the United States, land ownership is tied to freedom
But systematic racial discrimination has pushed many out of agriculture. Equal Exchange’s partners at New Communities, who supply our fair trade pecans, know the power of land -- and these challenges -- firsthand. They farm in southwest Georgia, in one of the poorest parts of the state. Over the organization’s fifty year history, these tenacious farmers have experienced more than their share of hardship and prejudice. Yet today, they are still farming and looking to the future. I had the honor of "meeting" Shirley Sherrod, Vice President for Development at New Communities Inc. and former USDA Georgia State, at this summer's
3-day Zoom meeting of Equal Exchange.
Nancy Kneip
Ms. Sherrod shared these undated pictures
from New Communities' past.
To purchase pecans,
contact Nancy Kneip.
Our sales continue through the pandemic.
You can pick up
your order
at your convenience at the church.
I've also
delivered a few!
Financial donations
can be made directly to
ALITH Interfaith Food Pantry
or by sending them to the church along with your pledge donations.

You may also drop off
food donations in the
cart next to our elevator
on the main floor.
Recommended Donations Are:
  • Personal Hygiene Items
  • Shelf Staple Items
such as canned pasta, fruits & veggies, soup, oatmeal
mens white socks
protein bars
peanut butter sandwich crackers
cheese sandwich crackers
You may always opt
to send a financial contribution.
Make your check payable to "CCA".
Note in memo section
"For PADS"

Donations can be placed in the Coat Room area marked for them.

All your donations are checked in by Wynn Ann who is waiting for PADS to identify
where they are to go! Thank you for your ongoing support.
Non perishable food supplies can also be
dropped off for TLS Veterans.
Wynn Ann is running things to them
as they are dropped off! Thank you!!!
Month Ending August 31, 2020
  • MTD $15,748.8
  • YTD $191,331.66
  • MTD $16,933.03
  • YTD $172,962.00
  • MTD ($1,184.23)
  • YTD $18,369.66

Mortgage Balance $126,552.97
Questions about this report should be directed to Steve Guenther, Treasurer
Sandy...if the August financial become available, I will edit this portion
Maxx Carpenter
Jordan Guenther
Ian Wilson
Marian Wilson
The Ministry of Finance
reviewed the applications for this year's scholarships, and issued awards to four students continuing in their college studies this fall.
There were no graduating high school seniors from our congregation this year!
The Congregational Church
of Algonquin
109 Washington Street
Algonquin, IL 60102