Dr. Irving J. Selikoff
Pioneer in Occupational Medicine
January 15, 1915 - May 20, 1992
Today we celebrate the legacy of Irving J. Selikoff, MD, who was born on this day in 1915.

His research and tireless advocacy saved millions of lives. His landmark contributions on asbestos-related illnesses often overshadow his earlier work on the treatment of tuberculosis.  

But it was Dr. Selikoff’s research on asbestos disease and his expert testimony that shaped public policy and, for working men and women around the world, changed their future for the better. His work helped lay the foundation for the 1970 Occupational Safety and Health Act, for workers’ compensation reforms, and for Environmental Protection Agency limitations on the widespread use of asbestos.  
Dr. Selikoff created the first hospital division in the nation of occupational and environmental medicine here at Mount Sinai. Establishing these clinical programs has ensured the care of thousands of workers impacted by occupational diseases. Over the span of a 50-year career until his death in 1992, Dr. Selikoff taught two generations of physicians, published over 380 scientific works, and publicized the health risks associated with toxins found in our everyday work environments.  
Happy Birthday, Dr. Selikoff!
Continuing the Selikoff Legacy
The International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers (IAHFIAW) has awarded a grant to Andrew C. Todd, Professor of Environmental Medicine and Public Health at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. The award will support research efforts to update the mortality data of the original 17,800 insulator cohort studied by Dr. Selikoff that was crucial in establishing the correlation between asbestos exposure and cancer. Professor Todd's work continues Dr. Selikoff's legacy and will yield crucial knowledge about the continuing burden today of asbestos-related disease.
We Are Selikoff
Watch a video about the Mount Sinai Selikoff Centers for Occupational Health to learn how we continue to fulfill the mission of Dr. Selikoff by providing cutting-edge clinical services with a focus on prevention to keep workers healthy and their workplaces safe.
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