February 2023 Issue
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In this issue: Seeing Change - Podcast-
Dennis & Debbie's Story - Prayer and Praise
Seeing Change!

Morgan and her mom Kathy

From Morgan's Mom: I recently attended the graduation of my daughter, Morgan, from BFF. Throughout the year I had watched her become less fearful & hesitant- and so much more open, confident, and outgoing.
I was touched by the sincere and loving support and acknowledgement given to each participant. I am sure the positive impact of this program is changing lives & families.
Gratefully, Kathy 

From Morgan's friend Lauren: I have seen a transformation of peace on my friend Morgan's face. My initial thought walking into the room at BFF was, “These women really love others and Jesus.” Witnessing the love that is truly evident there shows that Jesus is working and moving in each one of their lives.
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But God... What Is My Purpose?!
Have you ever said to God “I just don’t know what my purpose is? Maybe ask yourself first ... What am I passionate about? Join Debbie G and Vanessa as they discuss last week’s graduation your God given passion on our LIVE recap!
Dennis & Debbie's Love Story
Dennis and I will be celebrating our 27th Wedding Anniversary on Friday February 10th. Neither one of us thought it would las that long! But Praise the Lord, here we are! Now most of you have either met Dennis or have heard of him. I share about my husband often. I use his and my story to let others know that our God is good, even though our circumstances may not be.
That God has always and still has good plans for us wither we see them or not. That God can turn the worst of situations and use them to bring hope and healing and great joy.

It was 12 years ago this month that Dennis had his first stroke. It was a devastating stroke where Dennis fought for his life for 3 days and then when he came to didn't know anything any longer.
He had to relearn the simplest things, even to nod his head. We celebrated our 15th and 23rd wedding anniversary in the hospital. Dennis spent over 3 months in a stroke rehab center before coming home to a life and marriage that would be forever changes. All our hopes and dreams as a couple. all our plans for our future came to a crashing halt. Life was forever changed. And beloved, it has been very challenging. From learning acceptance of our 'new normal" to a suicide attempt to opioid addiction and recovery to a 12-year stent of physical therapy, hospital stays, near death experiences over and over again to a beautiful and joy filled life and contentment in our Precious Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. This is where marriage commitments become truly real. Through good and bad, in sickness and in health. Forever! Every moment of every day. It is our life, and we would not change what God has done in and through us for anything. Dennis would agree, in fact he is nodding his head! I LOVE HIM.

Anyway! Through the years, Dennis' mind and body have taken an incredible toll. We recently were told by our orthopedic surgeon that if we don't do a surgery regarding Dennis' spine, neck and base of his skull, his brain will cease to function. And he would eventually not know how to breath. We are scheduled for this surgery March 27th. Dennis may or may not come out of that surgery. So, as we have many doctor appointments weekly, we are dealing with this reality. His recovery would 6 - 8 months and we have been told is the most excruciation neck surgery and rehab ever.
We don't want anyone to feel sorry for either one of us. We are simply standing on the goodness of our God. And trusting. That is what we have done each step of this journey.

What I would like for you to do, is to pray for us. To pray boldly on our behalf and then, whatever the outcome, God's will be done.

I would also like for you to send cards or texts to Dennis. He doesn't do too well on the phone.
Allow him to feel the love he has given to so many. He is the most courageous man I have ever met.
And I don't want God to take him home, not yet, but you see beloved, I too am in need of prayer as I spend these moments with my sweet husband.

Dennis and I live by Romans 8:28 and know it will all work out for our good. God is faithful!

Now, please join us in celebrating our 27th Wedding Anniversary on February 10th.
If all goes well, Dennis will be joining us one last time at BFF until God willing his recovery is over.

Here is our address if you would like to send him a card:
Dennis Gribauskas 12810 N. 40th Dr, Phx AZ 85029

May our story encourage you to love like Jesus and trust the Lord even more.
For Family, He is good and deserves the Praise due Him and His Promises are true, even in the storms of life. He is the same. Good, and loves you like crazy!

BFF Needs:

Childcare workers
(even once a month)

Transporation Ministry
Security Team

Bottled Water

Help with set up and
break down.

Prayer and Praises!
Please pray for Dennis, to be trusting in the Lord with all that is in Him.

Please pray for Misty as she goes in for cancer surgery Feb 10th.

Please pray that God would bring Jake home and that he will get the help he needs and for his parents during these times of uncertainty.

Please pray for BFF as I make time to spend with Dennis.
(We have a great team!)


Join me in thanking and congratulating Kathy Roper as the new leader of our Meal Ministry!
She already serves in this area, but now she will lead!

And the greatest of these is LOVE!

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8

Love one another as I have loved you.