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"In Absolute, Ultimate Reality, if you and all others were stripped of all personal concepts of consciousness, everyone would still be conscious, however, the consciousness would be universal consciousness, the mind of God, or God consciousness.

Therefore, in an Absolute or Ultimate Reality, you and everyone else, although most would not have the least awareness of it, are God. As Christ put it, "The Father and I are One."  And this is what is referred to metaphysically as Christ Consciousness, which is the same mentality or awareness that was in Christ, who recognized that ultimately all of life is an expression of the one universal life of God, or love."

                    - Dr. Masters, Theocentric Way of Life 

"Celebrating the Mysteries  
of Christ, the Resurrection  
and You"  
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Two Christianities-the Known and  
the Unknown
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For more than 2,000 years, there have been two Christianities: the exoteric, or generally accepted one that most people who identify themselves as Christians believe in; and the other one, the one that the Christ Mind in Jesus taught only to the disciples. The teaching that was taught to the disciples, or the esoteric teaching, was the mystical teaching.

In the Infinite Wisdom of the Christ Mind or Universal Consciousness was the recognition that the broad masses of people who incarnate onto this physical earth plane are young souls with a limited capacity of spiritual awareness. Such souls can only assimilate what is said or experienced up to a certain level of spiritual awareness. As everyone lives in Eternity, these souls will, through many incarnations, grow in awareness until they awaken to a higher Universal Consciousness of Reality and Universal Selfhood. Until that time, they have the exoteric or outer Christianity to give them a belief in God and the continuance of life beyond the physical.


Text taken from Dr. Paul Leon Masters' Book:   Mystical Insights, Knowing the Unknown - Pgs. 177-179. 

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"Christ Consciousness" Series 
"Christ Consciousness exists dormant in the unconscious of all men and women...
In this state of Awareness there are no seeming dualities: conflict is dissolved in the Clear Light of One State of Beingness where all is One, where Absolute Oneness is not thought about, but experienced as Absolute Love."

                       - Dr. Paul Leon Masters  

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The Voice of Meditation
This meditation resurrects Universal Presence from the innermost center of one's consciousness and brings it to the surface of one's awareness.    

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Timeless Wisdom Series

Dr. Paul Leon Masters'
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Living That is Truly Timeless

Since 1959, Dr. Masters had conducted full time research and teaching into the exploration of consciousness, synthesizing results from research experience with science, psychology and the mystical teachings of Christ and others. This is the basis and foundation of the life improvement instruction and consciousness exploration practice that he shared with those seeking a more enlightened spirituality with which to live their lives. We are now in the privileged process of releasing hundreds of these "Timeless Wisdom" lectures that haven't been available since they were first recorded, dating all the way back to the early 1970's.

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