The world has never seemed more interconnected than it has this year, and, in some ways, it has never felt so separated. This paradox is one of a million we wrestle with each day at work and at home. In our newsletter this month, come and join us as we explore some of these paradoxes together and find new ways to not feel exhausted by them but to use them as a new source of energy and insight.
On the blog:
  • Rebecca has been exploring the ways that her quest for action has been getting in the way of her life, particularly a life shaped by Multiple Sclerosis. When we explored lying fallow at our all-firm gathering, she discovered the beautiful utility of doing nothing,
  • Jade Yang, a longtime friend of CL, explores the paradoxes she found in her experience translating Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps into Chinese.
Our own Nicolai Tillisch stopped in to introduce Wendy to the seven frenemies that both help and hinder us, tools for goal-setting, and the many ways we oversimplify ambition.

Then coach/consultant Tom Draffen shared his experiences with adoption and identity, exploring what it means to have a both-and family.
June 8 - 11am to 12:30pm US EDT // 5-6:30 pm CET
Ambition is the seed of human accomplishment, and yet it can be a heavy burden in today’s fast-paced and multi-faceted world. Nicolai Tillisch's research shows that 59% of ambitious people struggle to find a balance in life. The traditional way of designing work and organizations has its share of responsibility.

On June 8 Nicolai will lead a conversation exploring the question How might you design work and organizations for ambitious people? You can join without having attended any of the previous conversations with Nicolai.
Have you ever left a conversation and felt uneasy, wondering what the other person is really thinking or feeling, or telling yourself ‘I really messed that up’? Led by John Sautelle and Eleanor Reardon, this program is designed to help you feel less stressed and more confident, transforming 'difficult' conversations into ‘learning’ ones.
25 & 28 June

Exhausted by the past year, Eman Bataineh and Kerim Nutku designed this one-day workshop to help you experience your challenges in a completely new way, connect to the resources you need, and come out of the experience with more spaciousness, hope, vitality and support.

29 June

Harness the developmental potential of your network through a medley of mental models, activities, and practices. Led by Naryan Wong, this session is for anyone looking to become even more effective in their work, community or personal life, that is a coach looking for new tools to offer clients, or is working in networks to improve the world.
7 July - 8 December

Led by Carolyn Coughlin and Judy King, this unique and focused six-month learning workshop designed for women who have experience in managing people, who are now being asked to take on even more -- and want to be the author of their own leadership journey. Our goal for the program is to enable participants to answer: "What kind of leader do I want to be?" and support them in making that a reality.

September 2021 - May 2022

This Growth Circle is an intimate community for women who have successful careers leading organizations, teams, communities or treasured missions. Women like co-leads Sheila Buechler and Carolyn Coughlin, who are now wondering, 'What’s mine to do or be? Where and how can my experience and collected wisdom be put to best use in service of the ongoing transformation of my organization, my community, the world, and me? What’s next?'
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