Friday, February 10, 2017

Fellow Marine parents,

We are pleased to announce that Saturday, January 21, 2017, marked the 14th anniversary of the founding of, Inc. In honor of our anniversary, we asked for donations of $14 from all 52,000 of our readers. We are pleased to announce that with your help, we raised just over $2,500 for our outreach programs. If you missed our last newsletter and would like to donate as well, you can do so by clicking here.

In this newsletter, you can read about one of our outreach programs, The Warrior Support Team, learn about the Montford Point Marines in honor of Black History Month this February, and find other useful information about life in the Marine Corps.

God bless and Semper Fi!
The Warrior Support Team™
Along with celebrating the 14th anniversary, we are celebrating another anniversary for our outreach program, the Warrior Support Team (WST).

Two years ago, we made a change to our WST program on the East coast. We transitioned from serving meals twice a month to wounded warriors and family members at the Walter Reed hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, to serving recovering warriors, caregivers, dependents, medical personnel, and other active duty military at the USO Warrior and Family Center on base. This change in our program reflects the changing patient population and a transformation in our mission as we moved from a focus on the newly wounded to attention to the needs of those gradually recovering from visible and invisible wounds. We continue to serve meals to inpatients on the Behavioral Health and Traumatic Brain Injury wards of the hospital. Over the course of the last two years the number of meals we are serving has doubled. WST- East is led by by manager Susan Kristol and assistant managers Mary Ann Schilling and Peggy Densford with a group of approximately 15 dedicated volunteers.
Also two years ago, our WST program on the West coast saw a change in leadership. Volunteers Dale and Lori Larson have been managing the meals at the  Naval Medical Center San Diego (Balboa) for two years and have since doubled the number of people in attendance. With a group of approximately 13 volunteers, they serve meals once a week to the residents of the wounded warrior barracks, upwards of 70 patients at a time, every Thursday afternoon for dinner. The Larson family works closely with the staff at both corporate office and Balboa to arrange meal delivery from local area restaurants. The patients are happy to grab dinner and spend time visiting with one another in the Liberty Center.

Black History Month: Learn about the Montford Point Marines
The history of thousands of brave men who served our country through numerous wars and battles has been virtually unknown to most Americans for many years. Though we know about the Tuskegee Airmen and Buffalo Soldiers, most civilians, and even many in the military, do not know the struggles and successes of the Montford Point Marines. 
Health Insurance in the Corps
Health insurance is just one of the many benefits offered in the Marine Corps. The health insurance offered to Marines has many complexities and at times can be confusing, and with that comes a lot of questions from parents. When to take your recruit/Marine off your insurance? When does your recruit/Marines' insurance take effect? What if your recruit/Marine is a reservist? Not only should Marines be aware of the benefits that are available to them, their families should be educated on them as well.  
Structure of a Regiment

The United States Marine Corps is a unique branch of the US military and is organized as part of the Department of the Navy. With over 241 years of war fighting experience and distinct prestige, the Marine Corps has mastered the art of military structure.

The makeup of a Marine Corps regiment can vary based on the needs and manpower of the unit.
Featured Volunteer:
Kristie Jones-Pirkel

Kristie has been a Marine Parents Facebook volunteer since November of 2015. Kristie answers questions and provides support to all members of the November Company family. Kristie lives in Michigan with her husband of 20 years, Ted. She has two sons and is a stay at home mom five days a week while running her family business with her husband. 

After the Corps™

The mission of After the Corps (ATC) is to provide support, information, and services to post-9/11 Marines and their family members during transition into IRR, reintegration upon discharge, and as veterans.

This site is a great resource for you and your Marine to learn more about what to expect as he or she transitions out of active-service and rejoins the civilian world., Inc.
14 Years of Service