SuzNews Vol. 11.5 | June 3, 2021
Our Suzuki community offers an encouraging atmosphere to 
nurture every child's full potential and love for music.
News from your National Capital Suzuki School of Music
A Message from our Artistic Director
Surely this year was a big challenge for our school. Perhaps a bigger challenge than last year.

Besides all restrictions that were already with us, we had to face the exhaustion, the fatigue. We were already a little skeptical about learning online, separated from each other. However, looking in retrospect we can see that all of our efforts were in the right direction. 

Many of our students progressed faster than before, we learnt more and deeper in our group lessons, and we kept our community together.
You know that I am also a teacher. There is no better indication that our work is doing something right than when our students are sad on the last day of class, and looking forward to the next music school year.

There is nothing more rewarding than to see our students (and not only ours) happy and motivated watching our recitals, concerts and VIVA.

So then, after all, everything is where it should be. And arts, as always in our human history, resides side by side with our soul and our needs... either to express what words don't say, to entertain a very tired mind, to feel old and new experiences, to love, to cry, to develop our body and minds or simply to learn. I guess that is enough, but I could go even further.

But in case you are tired and maybe forgot a little... 

Why Music?????

Because... Music.

Thank you everyone for this amazing and very productive year.
I will see you back in Fall.

your AD,
Keite Gularte

A Message from our Board of Directors
Dr. Suzuki based his teaching method on the idea that Every Child Can, so to honour the 215 Indigenous children whose remains were recently uncovered in BC, we commit to reflect on the horrific legacy of the residential schools system in Canada, to learn more, and, importantly, to acknowledge that Every Child Matters.

In addition to being National Indigenous History Month, June is also Pride Month. Join us in supporting diversity in our communities and in celebrating LGBTQ musicians, those in our SuzukiMusic family and beyond.

As you look cautiously forward to a hopeful summer and to the possibilities that might accompany it, we take this time as a SuzukiMusic family to think back on the challenges and successes of the past year. We pause to think of those in our communities who are struggling with hardship and loss, and we thank those, both on the front lines and in the shadows, who have sacrificed so much. 

We are stronger than ever.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank each of our loyal families for persevering through the uncertain realities of the past year with us. We’ve opened our minds to new possibilities, learned to embrace change, and exhibited true flexibility for the sake of our young musicians and in the name of real art. That is SuzukiMusic.

We are proud of what we are.

Following the examples set by our exceptional faculty, we have demonstrated resilience and creativity beyond anything that could have been expected. Thank you to each one of our incredible teachers and staff who continue to amaze us with both their remarkable adaptability and their bottomless hearts.

We are excited for what’s to come.

One of the lessons of which we’ve been reminded repeatedly over the past year is that we cannot know what the future will bring. Because of this, it is impossible to make concrete plans for the fall or to know exactly what next year will look like, but, under the artistic direction of the incomparable Keite Gularte, we can be sure it will be special. We know it will be memorable. And it is certain to be a celebration. Just imagine the celebration! 

While we wait and dream, drink up your well-earned summer; may it overflow with good health, close family, and exceptional music. And throw a few extra Mississippi Hot Dogs on the grill for your SuzukiMusic friends.

Graydon Miles
President, SuzukiMusic Board
Kiwanis Music Festival 2021
The 2021 Kiwanis Music Festival was different than usual due to Covid restrictions. Unfortunately Groups could not participate this year. Some of our students participated in a modified Kiwanis Music Festival in Solo Classes. These classes took place in a virtual format so each student recorded themselves performing either physically distanced with their Collaborative Pianist or by creating a combined video of soloist and collaboration performed separately. The video was then sent in to the Kiwanis Music Festival organizers who then shared the videos with adjudicators to judge and make comments on. We are proud of all students who participated and represented their music school so beautifully.

A special mention goes out to students who advanced to Provincials:

Malcolm Singh

Mathilde Cabasson

Bridget Furey
Julia Afghan
Cristina Duran

Raul Cipcigan
Melanie Kung

Torin Gauld

Delphine Wallace
Callum Gauld

As well, Alli Miles placed 1st in the Grade 10 Concert Group.

Congratulations everyone!
This year's Emily Mahoney
Scholarship Winner
Each year the Emily Mahoney Memorial Scholarship is awarded to one student currently in grade 11 or 12. Students are asked to write an essay with a focus chosen each year. The essay is not marked on writing ability but rather on ideas shared by the student. As well, students are asked to request references of their teachers. In order to qualify students are expected to be participating in all aspects of the SuzukiMusic school.

The winner of the scholarship is chosen by Board Members. Each applicant's essay and references are redacted so as to remove any identifying information. Board members then look at the redacted essays and references and vote for their choice. It is never an easy task as the majority of applicants are exceptionally deserving of the award.

Congratulations to Felix Wooltorton, this year's winner of the Emily Mahoney Memorial Scholarship. Felix is a violin student who has been part of the SuzukiMusic family since his Headstart days 13 years ago.

Felix's references said:

He has always and continues to be most willing to go far beyond the norm for anything that is required of him.

This last year has been most challenging due to issues with provincial restriction guidelines but Felix took it in stride and continued to display maturity, resourcefulness, and willingness to make all activities that he is part of with the Suzuki school work out for the best.

He rarely miss any class, always on top with all information, helps to organize everything, offers help, always prepared, very committed, polite, likes to learn.

Here is Felix's essay:

I have been a member of the SuzukiMusic community since before I can remember, and looking back on all my involvement, all I see are positive experiences. In my eyes, the word ‘community’ can best be described as a group of people with similar interests, each supporting the other community members. This is only a partial definition of the SuzukiMusic community that I have grown to love so much and that has positively affected me in many ways.

The SuzukiMusic community has many chances to get involved. Whether you are volunteering at the snack stand or performing in a grand church, the Suzuki community makes you feel like you are part of something special. Some of my favourite memories from SuzukiMusic are the rush of lunch time pizza sales, or marching our instruments and music stands down to the library to play with the cellos, or playing as a big group at Play Ins and then having snacks and a chance to visit. Seeing everyone so excited to participate and do their part has rubbed off on me tremendously. Being an active member of the SuzukiMusic community has helped me appreciate the concept of community, and I have seen this appreciation wear off on other communities. I am now more welcoming of a challenge, more passionate about learning, and quite frankly, willing to put in more elbow grease than if I hadn’t been a part of SuzukiMusic. This has especially helped during the COVID pandemic. This pandemic has been a massive test for the school, and we have proven that we can endure through these hardships and still make something beautiful at the end! This has been a year to remember.

SuzukiMusic is not just about learning music, it is also social. In my lessons I have become musically competent in intrapersonal and interpersonal ways. My technique gets better each year, but more importantly, so does my ability to play with other musicians. In Senior Ensemble there is the perfect balance of supportiveness and friendly competition that forms my perfect learning environment. I learn just as much from watching my fellow seniors play as I do practicing myself. As soon as I noticed this, my mindset for many communities I am a member of has changed. In Air Cadets I have used this mentality to explore new and innovative ways of teaching. In school I have become a much more perceptive student trying to think of exciting ways to present new information during a task or project. Immersed in the Suzuki Method, I have gained personal merit, but more importantly, the SuzukiMusic program has given me the chance to be able to inspire others to also be their best selves.

In conclusion, my personal definition of the SuzukiMusic is not just a musical community: it is a place to build confidence, make friends, create memories, and change lives. 

Congratulations Felix!

Congratulations and Best Wishes to our High School Grads
We congratulate our upcoming High School graduates and wish you all the best in your new adventures!
Keep in touch!
Congratulations Emilie, a graduate from Carol's studio. We wish you all the best as you move on to your next chapter!
Congratulations Tuuli, a graduate from Margaret's Studio.

Tuuli tells us that she will be attending the University of Toronto this upcoming fall to pursue a Bachelor of Music Degree in Performance.
Congratulations Isabella, a graduate from Keite's studio and former Emily Mahoney Scholarship winner.

Isabella says: My growth as a person can be attributed to the philosophy and culture provided by the Suzuki method. I am so thankful for all that I have learned as a Suzuki student. It has helped me recognize the importance of community, the arts, discipline, character, work ethic, and many other valuable life skills. It has helped me gain confidence, see my worth, shape my values and help me grow as a musician and as a leader.

After graduation from Canterbury high school, I look forward to spending my summer on a lake as a camp counselor. I can’t wait to spend my days outside in a canoe and my evenings outdoors, under the stars. This coming year I am taking a Gap year and I will be attending university in the Fall of 2022.

I want to say a big thank you to my Mom and my teachers, you have helped me so very much and I couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you so much,
Isabella Linson-Hudson
Congratulations Delphine, a graduate from Margaret's studio and former Emily Mahoney Scholarship winner.

Delphine says: After 14 wonderful years at Suzuki, next year I will begin my undergraduate studies in international development or political science at university — still haven't decided which one. While doing so, I hope to join an orchestra and/or ensemble and continue my individual cello studies.

I'd like to sincerely thank the Suzuki faculty, administration, and students who have supported me these past few years, and created such a supportive and friendly environment for me to grow up in.
Congratulations to our Book Graduates!
Normally students who graduate Suzuki Books have a special mention by their teachers during their Spring Recital. Normally we also have a special Book Four Graduation and up Senior Solo Recital. However this has not been a normal year!

Because our recitals were a bit different this year, we thought instead that it would be special to list all our Book Grads here in our final SuzNews of the school year.

Congratulations to everyone who has completed a Book. For those of you who have completed Book Four or Book Eight, you will be receiving a special Medal from the school. Stay tuned!

Keep up the good work everyone whether starting, finishing or mid Book.

We are proud of each of you and your efforts.
Carol Deaville's Studio

Book 1
William Fry
Sam Hofstra
Elliot Milgram
Ella Tofinetti

Book 2
Mikey Hendry
Shaharazad Singh-Sharpe

Book 4
Aryana Omidi

Book 5 
Anna Afghan
Emilie Fry
Skyler Gruner
Isabella Froeschl     

Chela Escudero's Studio

Book 2
Molly Furey
Emilia Plante

Daniel Srugo's Studio

Book 3
Cara Li

Book 4
Cameron Singh
Tristan Valencia
Safal Bhullar

Book 5
Malcolm Singh
Mark Niu

Book 6
Mathilde Cabasson

Book 7
Bridget Furey
Julia Afghan
Breen O’Connor Nugent
Eric LeDain

Book 8
Raul Cipcigan
Melanie Kung

Emma Grant-Zypchen's Studio

Book 1
Sarah Holmesdale

Book 2
Julia Green
Cort van Gulik

Book 3
Sharon Won
Book 5
Noah Lindson- Hudson
Lucy Wooltorton
Judy Olmstead-O'Regan's Studio

Book 1
Claire Green
Edward Green

Book 3
Liam Dezort
Joel Levecque
Andrew Yu

Book 4
Freyja Dezort

Book 7
Meera Karith-Noel

Keite Gularte's Studio

Book 1
Anne Ashford

Book 2
Steven Hough
Allison Lee

Book 3
Neil Ashford

Book 4
Samantha Lee

Book 5
Ian Hough

Book 6
Isabella Linson-Hudson

Margaret Tobolowska's Studio

Book 1
Margaret McCabe

Leila Roberton completed her Grade 8 RCM playing exam with First Class Honours
Virtual Viva Suzuki 2.0
Thank you to all who participated in our Virtual Viva Suzuki 2.0 last month. We've had over 650 views of this fun and inspiring concert so far. The surprise international guests at the end were a special touch and a symbol of the fact that Covid and distance cannot keep people apart.

We are grateful to our creative and fearless Artistic Director, Keite Gularte, for having the vision and the skill to put this video together and we thank Janice Mah for taking on the role of MC. The story line and social media filters were so much fun. We thank our teachers for their dedication to their students and the school and most of all we thank our students for showing up, for learning, for continuing to be engaged with the school community in this virtual world and for keeping the heart of our school beating!
Registration for the coming school year
We are in the process of finalizing details for registration 2021-2022 and will be in touch with you through our weekly email when registration is ready to begin.

A reminder that we have a referral program. When families refer a student who registers with our school for music lessons both the referring family and the new family receive a 50$ discount on registration fees.
Studio Spotlight
Please enjoy this collaboration between Emma and the mother of one of her students.

They are performing Duo des fleurs (The Flower Duet) for Haegeum & Cello. The haegeum is a traditional Korean string instrument, resembling a vertical fiddle with two strings.
Parent Education Corner
Summer Practice Ideas

Summer is a time for changes in routine. School is out, lessons and group classes are paused, its time for rest, relaxation and fun activities. However without regular practice during the summer, skills and techniques will slip and review pieces will get rusty. So how can we make music practice a regular part of our children's summer?

In no particular order here are some practice ideas and motivators:

  1. Much like during the school year, setting a time that is reliably available for practice within the family schedule helps make it happen. Although summer often allows for a more relaxed schedule, many families continue to have work and day camp routines limiting the time at home.
  2. Keep your child's instrument and practice supplies out and handy (but in a safe spot for families with young children and pets) Reducing the barrier of needing to set up makes practice more likely.
  3. Tie practice to a fun activity - for example: X number of minutes of practice = X number of minutes of a show or video game, or X number of minutes shooting hoops. Or instead of counting minutes, each practice = time for a board game or playing catch.
  4. Make a set of practice cards relevant to your child's level - include all their review pieces and bow/hand/musicianships etc technique games/drills that they have worked on with their teachers. Shuffle the cards and have the child choose a predetermined number of cards from the pile. That will be their practice for that day. Create a pile of completed cards. Next day shuffle the remaining cards and use those for practice. Keep going until all the cards have been used and the whole pile can be re-used another time.
  5. These same cards can be used for simple Board Game practice. Take a peek at SuzNews 11.4 for homemade board game ideas.
  6. These same cards can be used for Practice Bingo. (see below for templates). You can choose a 3 by 3 grid or a 5 by 5 grid. Middle square is "free". For example with a 9 square board, pick 9 cards from your deck, write them each into your bingo card, shuffle the cards and have the child choose one at a time with a small prize (i.e a lollipop or a freezie once they get a bingo. Depending on your child's level you may need to stick with the 3X3 grid or double up some of the elements/add a couple extra free squares or non-music activities (ie do 5 jumping jacks) in order to fill the 5X5 grid.
  7. Music practice snakes and ladders. Each roll of the dice = that number of moves on the game board and that many repetitions of a music practice element. For example, roll a 6. Move your character six spaces and do six pinky pushups. Snakes and Ladders board games rules apply.
  8. Use fancy dice for determining number of times a repetition should be done in a practice.
  9. Create a practice chart, where the child can put a sticker for each day of practice. Ten practices = a treat like going out for ice-cream or a special movie night.
  10. Use monopoly or homemade money, one buck for every practice session. Once 50 bucks have been collected, the child can choose a predetermined prize - maybe a new toy or game, favourite meal etc. whatever works for your family.
  11. Practice outside.
  12. Put on a porch performance for neighbours or zoom performance for family and friends.

Keep in mind that short focused practice that happens regularly is more effective than long unfocused or long but infrequent practices.

And finally:

Take a holiday! A week or two of vacation from practice is healthy. Just like we adults need a holiday from work to recharge, our children need a holiday from practice to recharge and renewed energy for practice upon return from holiday.
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