Celebration Happenings 
June 4, 2019
Ditch Clean Up Mission Moment for June: Please join us in cleaning our assigned ditch right after service on June 9. Please dress appropriately and bring gloves if you have them - we do have some extra. This was one of our very first community service projects that was started in 2000. It is only a 2 mile stretch along 258th and goes right past Splitrock Lutheran Church just 3 miles North from the corner of Redwood and Splitrock.
HELP JOEL MOVE We will be loading the pod on Wednesday, June 12 @ 6 PM at the parsonage. We will unload at the townhouse starting @ 6 PM on Thursday, June 13.

Royal Family Kids Camp - July 22 @ 4-9 PM
We are looking for volunteers to help with camp. We will be running 4 games/activities. Please let Stacy know if you are interested and can help!
Vacation Bible School VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! July 8 - 11 from 5:45 to 8:15 PM. We are needing shepherds to guide the kids between the stations. Please text Stacy @ 605-254-8540.
Walk to Remember
It was a WONDERFUL event where new connections were made and you know that you don't have to be alone in your grief! Thank you for supporting this AMAZING cause!
Night Watch was a SUCCESS!!! Thank you to Rick & Patty for all the preparation of the meal and donating potato chips to go with the sloppy joes and green beans. Thank you to Justin/Jana Lovrien, Jamie/Laurie/Erika Dysthe, Doris Brekhus, Marrel Bush, Gail Harris and Trent Fahey for serving! They served approx 60 at Ravens and 120 @ First UMC. They also gave away hygiene kits, snack packs, bread and pancakes that were a huge hit! Thank you for being the hands & feet of Jesus!
ROSEBUD Mission Trip We are looking for donations of refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, small appliances, pots and pans. These need to be clean and in working condition. Please contact Jackie Meisenheimer 201-9498.
GENESIS PROGRAM TRAINING We are extremely excited to bring the Genesis Program through The Community Outreach Center to Brandon. We will be offering a 3 hour training session to get started on Monday, June 24 @ 7 PM. This training session does NOT commit you to volunteering for the program. It is a time to understand exactly what mentor expectations are and to ask questions. For those who are interested in being matched with a local Brandon family, this is a time to make that request. Please call or email the office to let us know you are interested. For additional information about the Genesis mentoring program, you can go to  https://thecommunityoutreach.org/mentor/
SURVIVOR GAMES Join us on June 23 for Survivor Games! This will also be a send off for Pastor Joel! We'll be having a potluck right after church and then play Survivor Games!! There is a sign up sheet in the entry. This will be a very fun event! Participate or just come and watch!
SUNDAY MORNING LIGHTS We will continue our recognition program to go along with our SUNDAY MORNING LIGHTS theme. Your hours will accumulate toward this year. We want everyone to be able to earn their towel and tshirt! For adults and high school students, after serving for 10 hours, you will receive a towel to represent being the hands and feet of Jesus. After serving for 30 hours, you will receive a t-shirt that you can wear proudly, because you have shared God’s love and are one of our Sunday Morning Lights. For confirmation students, serve 7 hours to receive a towel and 15 hours for a t-shirt. For kids, serve 5 hours to receive a towel and 10 hours for a t-shirt. We want EVERYONE to be honored with this program. We are tracking this information through the office, but if we have missed anyone, please contact the office to let us know how you’re serving. This recognition time period will continue throughout the summer of 2019. Please, sign up through our app or the office to be a greeter, work Holy Grounds, be a Sunday school teacher/shepherd, be on the tech team, sing on the praise team or any other way you would like to volunteer. We are ALWAYS looking for people who want to be more connected!! Thank you for sharing your heart and your time with our church family!
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! Each week we will be highlighting our volunteers from the week before. Thank you for being the SUNDAY MORNING LIGHTS!!!

Holy Grounds: Luinea for being in charge of Holy Grounds! Sherrie Muhs, Carter/TanyaEric Robinson for serving.
Greeters: Linda Gallo, Emy/Rachel Reyelts, Heather Bratland
Tech Team: Shane Kluever, Ben Reyelts, Jason Erickson
Band: Kevin Gallo, Keith Maine, Connor Erickson, Kirby Mammenga, Diann Terpstra, Nanacy Kiesow, Danielle Karber, Shauna Jacobson
Outdoor work: Sharon Meile for spraying weeds, Robert Gunnink, Brian/Nate Hoime for mowing, Amanda Rustvold for taking care of all the work for the gardens, including coordinating the plots, pulling weeds and mowing. Your hard work is appreciated!
Finance Team Counters: Pat Dysthe, Doris Brekhus
Office Help: Gloria Howard, Pat Dysthe, Kylie/Brooklyn Rustvold

Thank you, Tim Donovan, for ALWAYS being an AMAZING Environmentalist Engineer!
It truly takes all of our  LIGHTS  to make Sunday morning happen! Thank you EVERYONE for serving!!!
Thursday @ 5:30 PM
"God In A Box" by Blaine Wilson
~ Please pray for Andy Gabbert and his family. His Mom, Helen, passed away from a stroke last week. May God give them comfort during this time.
~ Continue to pray for Gary Rommann and his health concerns.
~ Pray for Ruth Howard as she recovers from foot surgery. She is at Good
Samaritan Village 3901 S Marion Rd in Sioux Falls.
~ Please pray for Norm Pearson and his health problems.
~ Luinea, Linda, Bruce & Pat: Thank you all for serving communion at Harold’s
funeral. We appreciate you taking time out of your day to help us.
Linda, Pat, Julie, Gloria, Gail, Luinea: We appreciate you for serving and
organizing the lunch for Harold’s funeral. It was truly amazing to see everyone
volunteer their time to help our family during this time!
Thank you to all who brought desserts to be served!
Thank you, Brian and Skip, for being ushers for Harold’s funeral.
Thank you, Ben, for handling the tech duties for the funeral.
To show how appreciative we are, we made a donation to the church on your
behalf. ~ Nikki Asmus, Bryce Mack, Brooke, Bradley, Sharon Deutsch, Travis &
Ashley Asmus, Tucker
~ Thank you, Mark Ernster, for donating a BEAUTIFUL shelf to the church!!! It’s
going to be perfect and always needed. So appreciate your generosity.
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Sunday Worship Services 9:45 AM

Celebration Staff: 
Lead Pastor: Joel Higgins
Director of Connectional Ministries/Finance Officer: Jeanne Jensen 
Director of Children, Youth & Family Ministries: Stacy Walters
Environmental Engineer: Tim Donovan