Your Celebration Ticket is Enclosed!

Summer is my favorite time of year.

I love summer because I enjoy the weather and being outside. I love the serendipity of summer plans that naturally gravitate onto my calendar and transcend my life. Summer is relaxed, with warmth that is not only permeating the air but our spirits as well! Truth be known, summer is my celebration time. It is my personal season to reason with myself. To recharge, rethink, reset, and recalibrate my successes.

Success is a personal thing. Yet you can manage your success. Mindfully you can make it what you want it to be. Use it to guide you and to impact your legacy.

This begins with your own awareness around your everyday achievements.

Ready to celebrate with me?


Your ticket is enclosed!!!

Start now!

We can do this together!

Here is how to redeem your celebration ticket…

Focus on Your Favorite Part: For years I have been asking my kids the question, “What did you like best about that program, your trip, that class, lunch, being a teenager…? ” The reason that I return over and over to this question is that it brings appreciation and gratitude into our experiences and opens up conversation in a positive and celebratory manner. Reflective with a dash of happiness, focusing on the best part of each day allows you to acknowledge your successes and turns even the blandest day into a cause for celebration!

At the end of the day ask yourself the following:

·       What was my favorite part of today?
·       What made me smile?
·       What am I most proud of?
·       How can I do more of that?

At the end of the week review your daily answers. Where can gratitude for the small wins weave together into greater success tomorrow? Celebrating your successes is celebrating your growth. Even the most epic fail has a silver lining.

Activate your ticket to celebrate by rewarding your daily wins.

Bring Your Vision To Life: Take your goals and business plans and ask yourself one simple question.



If you removed the end result…the mountain that you need to climb to get to that goal or plan…what CAN you do now?

If you find yourself not getting started because you are waiting for something or someone else (and who has not found themselves there at some point) then your ticket to celebrate success is waiting to get activated. Ask yourself the following…

How can I activate my ticket to happiness, to success NOW? What can I do and by extension, what can I celebrate?

This quick mind shift will allow you the space and place to get started so that you can bring your vision to life…one step at a time and one celebration at a time.

Position Your Legacy : Legacy is a powerful thing. You have the option to do nothing and let your legacy reveal your story at the end of your life OR you can live your legacy today and create and curate that story with purpose and celebration!

See the difference?

Legacy is your power ticket to celebrate your life. Now.

It is in today that you have the ability to make choices, to decide. To choose happy, to drive balance, to check in with what you can celebrate, to check in on your own growth and to drive that growth and success forward.

What is the story you want your life to tell? How do you want to feel? How do you want others to feel around you?

Answer and then act on this question: If you believed that your life was happening for you and not to you what would be different?

Your life is your party. 

You can live it from a place of scarcity or from a world of abundance.

Make an abundance mindset your permission slip, your ticket, for celebrating yourself this summer!

Over the course of the season, log in your daily wins into a notebook and use them as a stepping-stone for reclaiming joy and celebration in the beauty that is YOU.

These little wins are your ticket to aligning all aspects of your life in a meaningful and impactful way!
Celebration deserves a conversation, let's talk .

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