Dear Friends,

June, the first month of summer, celebrates diversity and inclusivity. June is commemorated as Pride Month and marks the start of huge change within the LGBTQ+ community, as well as the wider societal implications.

June 19th, known as Emancipation Day and "Juneteenth", is significant as it commemorates June 19th,1865, the day when all enslaved African Americans were finally declared free. The date has been recognized for years in many states but just became a national holiday in 2021. We have made progress since the Civil War and the riots of 1969, but so many tragic and vengeful events over the past month raise awareness of how much work needs to be done to reduce the divisions in this country and frequent acts of violence. 

Pride Month and Juneteenth are marked by many observances which should remind us of the significance of these events. Take time this month to reflect - reflect on the values of inclusivity and diversity and what each of us can do to reduce hatred and divisiveness. 

Happy summer!