Celebration of Life: Robert Gonzales
Memorial Service on 22-January-2022
Dear Supporter of Living Compassion,

You are warmly invited to gather with us on 22-January-2022 (23rd in Asia and Australia) for a Celebration of Life of our dear husband, father, grandfather, brother, teacher, and friend, Robert Gonzales (1949-2021). 

There will be inspirations, photos, music, and sharing from some of his family and close friends. Together, we will celebrate and mourn our beloved Robert’s life and death.
In place of a Guest Book, we are asking everyone to register by filling out this form. Once you submit the form, you will receive instructions for how to join the event.

We will gather for 60-90 minutes on Saturday, 22-Jan-2022 (North America / Europe), which is Sunday, 23-Jan-2022 (Asia / Australia). Find the start time in your location.

Here are a few examples of the start time:
  • 12:00 pm Los Angeles (Sat, 22-Jan-2022)
  • 3:00 pm New York (Sat, 22-Jan)
  • 8:00 pm London (Sat, 22-Jan) - UTC
  • 9:00 pm Paris (Sat, 22-Jan)
  • 5:00 am Tokyo (Sun, 23-Jan)
  • 7:00 am Sydney (Sun, 23-Jan)
  • 9:00 am Auckland (Sun, 23-Jan)
~ Please arrive 10 minutes early so you can settle in and make sure the technology works well.

~ During this event there will be a simultaneous translation into German, French, and Japanese.

~ With care for the families wishes, the Memorial will be recorded and made available to them only.

~ During the official Service, the public chat and the unmute option will be disabled for participants (you may still chat with one of the hosts if you need technical support).

~ We anticipate there will be many people attending the Memorial and some will wish to also share and connect with others present. To support this, once the formal portion of the Memorial is complete, the room will remain open and breakout rooms available. You are welcome to stay and share memories, celebrations, and mournings with others.

It feels precious to gather in memory of Robert at this time of tenderness, loss, grief, and transition for us all. Please feel very warmly invited to join us in honor of Robert’s life, his presence, and his teachings that continue to live on in each of us.
If you have questions about the Celebration of Life service, email the facilitator, Simone Anliker

Another Community Event to experience Robert's work

In addition to the Celebration of Life memorial service (see above), if you would like to experience Robert's teachings in Living Compassion with others in community, we invite you to join us for this event organized by NVC Rising:

Cultivating Inner Strength when External Events are Challenging

Date: Saturday, 29-January-2022

Time: 9 am Los Angeles / 12 pm New York / 5 pm London / 6 pm Paris

Cost: Free (participants will be invited to contribute to the fundraiser to help cover outstanding medical bills for Robert's care)

Register: Sign up here

NVC Rising will be screening Robert’s session “Cultivating Inner Strength when External Events are Challenging” (given on the first NVC Rising Global Festival, a title he chose in addressing the Covid pandemic in 2020) 

We are planning to do the group exercise of the session live in breakout rooms and there will be time to express our gratitude and share.

This message was sent by Jeff Brown, Robert's Assistant and Operations Manager of the Center for Living Compassion.