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Integration Training and EFC Newsletter, January 2016

Celebrations and same old nonsense?
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mark walsh
Collated and distributed 
by Mark Walsh

Some things I ' m proud of from last year:

-   Getting engaged obviously :-) 
Without love, what ' s the point? Daria seems to be getting credit for any positive change in me last year which is a little unfair ...  but I love her so will just nod and smile ;-) Hopefully she ' ll be with me in Brighton soon ...

-   The first EFC getting off the ground in Russia (much cultural learning!) and another good one in the UK. Very happy to be contributing and following my calling through EFC and grateful to the team as ever. Get your arse on 2016 ' s if you want a major step-up personally and professionally!

-   Embodied Yoga Principles is becoming a thing! My best hope for getting embodiment to people on a large scale

-   Supporting a few good causes like trauma work in Ukraine, gay rights empowerment in Russia and working with environmental activists in the UK. Hopefully helping in Calais in 2016

-   Life Gym  - a unique peer-led personal growth group - becoming established and happening without me which is the point. See below if curious

- Doing this without compromising my values or style. Yes, I upset some people in 2015, yes I took it too far and was a prick a few times but I didn't water myself down either  :-)
So that ' s the cheering which is what most newsletters are about, but this is maybe the most depressing week of the year and I ' m still me, so read here for  some things that have kicked my arse and did my nut in 2015 too.
All the best from Brighton,
Upcoming Workshops
                   Coaches with Embodied Yoga Principles
29th Jan -  Basel, Switzerland - Intro to the body for trainers and                            coaches, details to follow
6/7th Feb - Istanbul, please ask for details
8th April -  EFCUK16 starts!

The Body for Trainer and Coaches:
Embodied Facilitator Course 2016 Early Bird Ending!

The early-bird rate for EFC ends 1st Feb, so contact us and start the application process if you ' re interested. It ' s currently about 2/3 full. 

Adam Barley Courses
This is a movement teacher I really like and trust - workshops in London, Oxford and around the world coming up:  

Life Gym

Life Gym is a peer-to-peer (meaning cheap and no gurus) personal growth format involving meditation, movement, empathy, gratitude practice and more. Groups starting up all over the place. Join the FB group to find out more.

Facebook banned me

facebook For a bit ... but I'm still gonna promote our page there as it ' s just shy of 10,000 likes! You can also follow me personally but I don ' t recommend that if you ' re easily offended.

Trauma Training
It is essential for facilitators to understand trauma if they are not to unwittingly cause harm. Here ' s a workshop to help: 
There ' s also a nice article here: 

Freedom of Movement

A nice micro-blog on how restricting movement restricts freedom:

Ways to Stop War

Because enough is enough!

Read the micro-blog here.
Confessions of a personal growth trainer

A cynical and amusing moment ...

Read about it  here.

Why People are Disconnected from their Body

Getting back in touch with yourself

Top ten ways to reconnect to your body:

I was asked the coolest thing about embodiment: 

How to Motivate Yourself

How to Change

How to make change stick:

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Mark Walsh
07762 541 855