Celebrations of Trees, Harvest, and Programs
It has been a very eventful year at The Mountain! We look forward to hosting you here soon, for you to be nurtured by this special place.

Please check out our upcoming events, including Grateful Gathering (Thanksgiving weekend), 2022-2023 youth CONs, and summer camps

We look forward to seeing you at The Mountain soon. 
Celebration of Gratitude
Saving a space for you!
Grateful Gathering:
Gratitude and Resilience
November 23-27
(Thanksgiving weekend)

This experience acknowledges and celebrates the gratitude in our lives. Even through challenging times, there is much to be grateful for, be it friendships, family, community, opportunities for learning, The Mountain, and many other things.

The program includes workshops, entertainment, hiking, building connections with old and new friends, worship service, and outdoor adventures. We will be joined by a group of Maskoke peoples, leading workshops about Indigenous life and communities.

The youth program includes activities related to gratitude and resilience, as well as nature-based explorations.This is a great opportunity to invite family and friends to The Mountain for enjoying time and Thanksgiving meal together, where no one needs to host. 

Celebration of the Harvest
Throughout our first Adult Farm Camp, participants learned about regenerative agriculture, poultry, mushroom growing and foraging, beekeeping, creating a food forest, as well as growing and harvesting garden produce.

“The farm staff provided a well-rounded program and were a wealth of knowledge. How wonderful that we were treated to garden and foraged food, that was superb and served with love!” -Jo Westbrock

The Mountain's second annual Farm Festival was enjoyed by dozens of people from our local and wider community. The day’s activities included farm and foraging tours, connections with baby chicks and goats, bio-blitz station, games and giant bubbles, face painting, music and food.  

This is a great time to come to The Mountain, to learn and share information with others for Adult Farm Camp and/or the Farm Festival. It is also a wonderful opportunity to plan a retreat at The Mountain. Stay a few or more days to enjoy the cooler mountain air at 4,200 feet, to be nurtured by this special place, and to enjoy local attractions and activities.
Youth CONferences are weekend programs filled with a variety of workshops and activities to enrich lives, build connections, and honor our natural environment. There are also youth leadership training opportunities.

Celebration of Trees
Are there things in your life which you may take for granted? Mountain guests and staff are very fortunate to be surrounded by amazing trees, though sometimes we do take them for granted.

In 2014, The Mountain joined the International Charter for Compassion. Because trees can reduce the impact of climate change, we connected with the Charter’s Compassion Tree Project as part of the Mountain’s 2019 Climate Justice conference.

The intent is to plant 7.7 billion trees, one for each person on earth. Did you know that the very first tree of this international project is planted in our food forest at Many Hands Peace Farm?
The Mountain is honored to be recognized for our environmental work, including the care of trees Our old-growth dwarfed white oak trees, up to 600-years-old, are one of two such stands worldwide. 

They are dwarfed and gnarled because they exist in four inches of topsoil on a granite mountaintop, often exposed to severe weather. These trees reflect determination and perseverance, an important inspiration for all.

As a result of our care for these trees, in the spring of 2021, The Mountain was inducted into the National Old Growth Forest Network as one of two North Carolina forests. 
Message from the Director, Steph Anderson

Fall is one of my favorite times of year and I feel like this one is going to be extra special. First, the leaves are already changing and I am very grateful to be on this beautiful Mountain. 

There is much excitement in the air as staff are developing new and exciting programs for all to enjoy. I am especially excited to experience my first Grateful Gathering this Thanksgiving. I really hope you join us for some amazing workshops that this staff have planned as we celebrate this special season of Gratitude and Resilience.
Thank you for your support!
There is always so much happening at The Mountain.

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