Order of Worship: Sunday November 5th



Candle Lighting

Call to Worship

Opening Songs:

"Wonderful Words of Life"

"His Name is Wonderful"

Scripture Readings

Deuteronomy 30:11-20

1 Corinthians 3:1-9,21-23

John 5:24-30

Unison Prayer

The Word in Song:

"There's Something About That Name"

Message: "Celebrations of Life"

Offering/Doxology/Offertory Prayer

Communion Song: "One Bread, One Body"

Communion Celebration

Prayers of the People/The Lord's Prayer

Closing Hymn--"Soon and Very Soon"



This Week at Grace:

Tuesday-- Bible Study


Bells practice 1030am

Discipleship Team 6pm

Wednesday--Youth Group 6pm

If you are planning to meet at Grace UMC, you need to call ahead or email the office to reserve space and to get your meeting on the church calendar.

Church Office Phone:


Grace Office Hours

Monday - Thursday

9 a.m. to noon


Online--available to view on our website at


any time after 10:15am

Sunday morning.

In-Person Worship Sunday--9am

We will be celebrating Communion this Sunday.

All are welcome at the table!

Unison Prayer

In the presence of the Holy, whose word has called the universe into being, we stand in awe.

In the presence of the Spirit's wind that stirs within us

And causes our hearts to thirst for love, we stand in need.

In your presence, Giver of life, we come to worship,

Open to truth and love and wholeness.


Call to Worship

L: By this I have known the presence of the Lord:

P: in the rising of the sun,

in the smile of another’s face,

L: in the touch of a hand

or the sound of a laugh,

P: in the scent of the wet forest floor,

holding the truth of change.

L: By this I have known the power of the Lord:

P: in the healing of hurts,

in the forgiveness of sin,

L: in the giving of gifts beyond all expectation,

P: in the shower of love

that comes from God’s Son.

L: Let us give thanks to the Lord with all of our heart!

ALL: Let us worship our God, whose presence and power endures forever! Amen.


Don't forget to set your clocks back one hour this Sunday morning (or before bed on Saturday night).

The Scriptures for next week are:

Deuteronomy 8:11b-20

Psalm 24

Matthew 25:14-30

Mission Giving for November

Our missional giving for November will go to the Lakes Area Food Shelf to help keep the shelves stocked for the holiday season.

Please make a note on your gift if you want it designated to LAFS, thank you!

November--Pre-Advent, 738 Prayer, for a season of generosity.

Please join with other Grace UMC members in praying these words together at 7:38am and 7:38pm.

There will be a bookmark size handout of this available on Sunday to tuck in your Bible for devotion times.

Lord, teach our hearts to give freely without counting the cost. Let nothing in this world keep us from reflecting your generosity. Let us trust that when we are generous, you will ensure that our needs are taken care of, for you are our good shepherd. Amen.

There are so many ways to get involved and volunteer within the church!

We are in need of help in the tech booth, this is NOT as difficult or technical as you might think! The camera moves with a joystick, and slides advance with the touch of a button. Huge thank-you to Marsha and Gary for their continued work with this critical ministry. Thank you also to Lauris for learning to run the cameras.

We need someone willing to take over as communion steward. This job involves getting bread each month in collaboration with the pastor to match our needs, and filling the individual cups used for service monthly. Thank you to Barb Wallace for filling this role so faithfully for so long.

While we do have two people who help with youth group, we are very open to having other adults that want to hang out and eat pizza with us! Speak with Pastor Jen if you are interested (a "Safe Gatherings" sign-off is required to regularly help with this group).

We are always looking for people willing to help serve communion, usher, and read scripture. If you have other gifts that don't seem to match with the needs mentioned here, take some time to meet with Pastor Jen to find your niche.


Christmas will be here before you know it!

If you are interested in helping with this year's "Children's Shop Day", mark your calendars to help on December 2nd.

 Now we need stuff! Gifts of all kinds for men, women, and children--new or slightly used. Bring to the church during open hours and place in the first classroom on the right. This is a big effort of love for our community, and it takes many hands to make it work!

Sharing a few pics from our "Trunk or Treat" event. Thanks to everyone who brought candy and/or participated in this fun day!

We will share more here next week, and all of them on screen this Sunday during worship.

How do I watch the Grace UMC livestream for worship?

1-go to our website at www.graceumcpequotlakes.org

2-Along the top of the page, you will see a tab of options.

--on the right is a tab that says "Sundays"

--choose the "Grace Church Livestream" option

--this will take you to a collection of our services by date, where you can choose the most recent service, or others that you may have missed; when you have clicked the one that you want to view, you should see an arrow to click to make it play. It may be necessary to adjust your volume, based on your own computer system.

Youth Group has begun. We meet every other Wednesday evening at 6pm. We begin with dinner, followed by games. Next Youth Group is November 8th.

The Staff-Parish Relations Committee has developed 2 new job descriptions for a Media Technician and a Music Leader. We are seeking people to fill these roles and need to do so as soon as possible.

 The Media Technician will be responsible for all the technology needs and will recruit, train, equip and oversee volunteers to assist with Tech Room duties during services and events.  

The Music Leader will plan, coordinate and implement music for all worship services throughout the year, as well as recruit, train, and equip volunteers/musicians within this ministry for both choir and Praise Team.


If you know of anyone who might be looking for such a part-time position, please let us know.

Thank you for your continued “grace” as we navigate these changes.

Grace SPRC Team.


The church office is open Monday through Thursday, 9am until noon. The building and office are closed on Fridays and Saturdays.

Church office phone: 218-568-5755

· Church office (for all general inquiries and administrative/clerical duties)


·      Pastor Jen Matthees – jenmatt20@gmail.com

·      Ann Hutchings-Congregational Care Assistant- graceumccare@gmail.com

The weather is changing, and some of you are already heading south!

If you will be leaving, we would love to be able to stay in touch with you over the winter months. As you make your final arrangements to be gone, please drop Ann a note at graceumccare@gmail.com or call the office so we can make a note of how best to stay in touch.

Safe Travels!

If you have something that should be added to this newsletter from your group or mission, please speak with Pastor Jen or email the details to her at jenmatt20@gmail.com. The E-Grace is generally completed by noon on Thursdays, so articles need to be received by Thursday 10am at the very latest.

If you wish to connect with me directly and it is not an emergency, please know that I will respond as needed during pretty regular office hours. I am generally in the church on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from at least 10-1, call the office to be sure, as my weeks may vary. I check my emails frequently throughout the day, and this is the best way to contact me. Friday is my day off as needs allow.

-Pastor Jen

Contact us concept with wood block and symbols at_ e-mail address and phone

Important note

If you are mailing something to the church, you must use our P.O. Box for the address. We do not receive mail at the church, and if you use the physical church address it will get returned and could delay your notices to us or offerings.

P.O. Box 276

Pequot Lakes, MN 56472

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