Contemplating hip replacement surgery?
You'll be in good company!

They don't always talk about their private pain, but these public faces belong to hip replacement patients! Becker's ACS Review offered this snapshot of 14 celebrities who have undergone hip replacement surgery. We have pictured 12 of them below. 

1. Actor Alec Baldwin spent some time in the hospital after undergoing THR in 2018.
2. Actor and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger had his hip replaced in 2002. 55 at the time of his replacement, he filmed the third Terminator movie shortly thereafter.
3. Former first lady Barbara Bush also had hip replacement surgery. She was 72 when her operation took place in 1997 at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.
4. Former President George H.W. Bush received hip surgery in 2000. He was 76 at the time of the operation. He also had a partial knee replacement in 2014.
5. American singer-songwriter Billy Joel had both of his hips replaced in 2010, telling Howard Stern, "I got a double hip replacement, and now I'm twice as hip as I used to be." He cites years of bouncing around the stage as the cause of his hip problems. His hip pain sidelined him for 3 years until his replacement had him back in the spotlight.
6. Hollywood star Katharine Hepburn acted alongside John Wayne on horseback less than a year after having a secret hip replacement in 1974. She was 67 years old.
7. After canceling shows due to severe hip pain, singer Ray Charles underwent hip surgery in 2003 at 73 years old.
8. Actress Jane Fonda, who now stars in Netflix show "Grace and Frankie," had a total hip replacement in 2005, just a few months after her outpatient total knee replacement.
9. Since having a hip replacement in 2011, at age 61, singer Lionel Ritchie has sung the procedure's praises.
10. Icon Elizabeth Taylor had three total hip replacement surgeries, the first being on her left hip in 1994. She had her right hip replaced in 1995 and later underwent corrective surgery.
11. "The Office" star Steve Carell reportedly had a hip replacement at age 51 to relieve pain from an old hockey injury.
12. Talk show host Regis Philbin underwent hip surgery in 2009 at age 78.

Not pictured:
Eddie Van Halen, who's better known as the frontman of Van Halen, had his hip replaced in 1999 after living with chronic pain and reduced mobility for a few years. Clocking in at age 61 today, Van Halen underwent the procedure at just 44 years young. The surgery was to nip his avascular necrosis (a condition causing bone death and decay) in the bud. By all accounts, Van Halen's 17-year-old replacement is still kicking it.

With complications from a hiking accident and the diagnoses of a degenerative bone condition in 1996, Journey frontman Steve Perry was on the fast-track to hip replacementville. Initially, Perry was unwilling to undergo the procedure and therefore could not tour. Given an ultimatum: get a replacement or let us hire a new lead singer, Perry quit Journey for good. Perry eventually had a hip replacement in 1998.
Outpatient Hip & Knee Replacements expected to double

Pioneered in Southwest Florida right here at Seaside Surgery Center in the fall of 2015, outpatient hip replacement is one of the t otal joint replacement surgeries projected to grow rapidly in the coming years, and there will be a significant migration of these cases from the inpatient to the outpatient setting. 

According to Beckers Hospital Review

* The number of hip and knee joint replacement surgeries performed in an outpatient setting is expected to grow 73% from approximately 1.1 million today to approximately 1.9 million by 2026.

* Approximately 51%, or 969,000, of primary hip and knee joint replacement surgeries will be performed in an outpatient setting by 2026-up from just 15% in 2016, or 165,000, according to Sg2 Research.This is an increase of 487%.

* The number of ASCs offering outpatient joint replacements increased from 25 in 2014 to more than 200 in 2017.

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"My husband had a partial knee replacement today at Seaside Surgery Center. ALL the staff and doctors and nurses were EXCELLENT. I wish I could give it more stars than five. We have never had care like we received there. I would love to thank everyone, especially Audrey who kept me so content I didn't have time to be nervous as I waited for my husband. Thank you everyone. So so much."

-Mrs. Leo Deustsch

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