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"Let Food Be Thy Medicine"

July 2019

Jean Varney
Jeannie Varney
 Nutrition Consultant


Welcome to the Eat Right Be Fit Live Well monthly link roundup.
Each week I read many interesting articles relating to nutrition, fitness and wellness. Here are some of my favorites from the past month. While every article may not be relevant to your personal circumstance, I hope at least one will spark your interest and provide you with a healthy tip you can incorporate into your daily routine.  



Marijuana Damages Young Brains:   "Numerous studies show that marijuana can have a deleterious impact on cognitive development in adolescents, impairing executive function, processing speed, memory, attention span and concentration. The damage is measurable with an I.Q. test." Yikes, this makes me nervous. It doesn't sound like weed is as innocuous as we're led to believe. (NY Times)

Most of What You Know About Protein Is Wrong:  Take this protein quiz. Did you pass or are you too misinformed about the types and the amount of protein we need each day? (The medium)

Risk for Dementia May Increase With Long-Term Use of Certain Medicines:  Are the medications you're taking for depression, insomnia, incontinence, nausea or muscle soreness increasing your risk of dementia? Here's what the latest research has to say. (NY Times)

Healthy Diet Linked to Healthy Cellular Aging in Women:  I'm not sure why this is still news but regardless, it's a message worth repeating. To age well and live longer, eat these foods! (Science Daily) 

Eating Well to Help Manage Anxiety: Your Questions Answered:  Anxiety affects so many of us. And while medication may be needed to control it, I encourage you to first change your diet and lifestyle. Reducing stress, exercising, and eating well can be effective treatments. Here are some great suggestions on what to eat to help manage your anxiety. (Harvard School of Public Health)

Celery Juice - Pros and Cons:  One more fad you can disregard. The internet's health claims of celery juice are completely unsubstantiated. If you like celery, eat it. Like all veggies, it's good for you. But a miraculous cure for skin and digestive issues? Hogwash! (Fooducate)

Processed Meats and Cancer: It's Not Just Nitrates:  Still consuming ham, roast turkey, bacon, hot dogs, pepperoni, sausage or the likes? If so, I encourage you to cut back, if not eliminate these foods from your diet altogether. "No nitrate" varieties that contain celery juice are no safer and potentially even worse than products that contain chemically added sodium nitrate. (Tufts Nutrition Newsletter)

Impossible Burger Poses as Environmentally Responsible:  Are you eating the plant-based Impossible Burger thinking it's better for you and the environment than a grass-fed beef patty? Think again. The impossible burger contains pesticide-laden, GMO soybean that is ultra processed and detrimental to the earth. (Cornucopia)

Cutting About 300 Calories a Day Might Benefit Your Heart, Study Finds:   Cutting 300 calories from your diet each day is hardly "calorie restriction" but it can still be hugely beneficial for your heart. (CNN)

Avoid That Glass of Pesticides, Antibiotics, and Synthetic Hormones:   To consume or not to consume. That is the question! Dairy remains one of the most controversial foods - if you choose to enjoy it, choose organic  varieties  to avoid pesticides, added hormones and antibiotics. (Cornucopia)

Brain Health Rests on Heart Health: Guidelines for lifestyle changes:  What's good for the heart is good for the brain. Here are the diet and lifestyle habits that best protect you against cardiovascular disease and dementia. (Harvard Health)

What Almost Dying Taught Me About Living:  I highly recommend finding 17 minutes to listen to this Ted talk. It's full of wisdom, humor and great insight on how to move forward after one's life is interrupted by death or illness or some other unplanned event. (Ted Talks)

A Diet for Fatty Liver Disease:   Whether you're looking to reverse fatty liver disease or simply eat more healthfully, here's the diet for you! (Fooducate)

About Jean Varney 
Jean Varney is the founder and president of Eat Right, Be Fit, Live Well LLC, a health and nutrition consulting firm committed to empowering men and women to improve their health through sustainable changes to their diet and lifestyle.  Based in the Washington DC metropolitan area, Jean coaches clients nationwide by phone and in person.  She focuses on helping individuals make smart choices about the foods they eat in order to maintain high energy levels, avoid unwanted weight gain and decrease their risk of heart disease, cancer, type II diabetes and other chronic illnesses.  Jean received her training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City.  To learn more about her practice, please visit her website at: