Car of the Week: Celeste's Honda Civic

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One Good-Lookin' Honda Civic 

This week's featured car comes from Celeste Reinholtz, who stopped by our shop about a year ago and had Rob install some cool striping all over the car. She's got a 2017 Honda Civic sedan, and it was outfitted with some 6017 Reflective Red Rimstripes.

Notice how the spokes of the wheels come up through the rim - Rob installed a solid 1/8" wide stripe over the whole rim, then trimmed away the excess over those breaks in the rim. Looks great! Because there are now a bunch of little strips with sharp corners, snaggy wash rags just LOVE to get caught on them.  As a result, extra care is needed when washing and waxing the wheels. 

And yes, those are Rimstripes on the body of the car, too! The Stripe-It-All Tool is designed to work off any straight edge you have for referencing.  It worked pretty well for the side skirts but, we found the front and rear bumper skirts required extra manipulation and ended up doing them the old fashioned way ... with a steady hand and a good eye. The result may trick some people into thinking it is the Type R Civic.  In fact, Celeste says, "I get comments all the time.  Whenever I take it to the dealer all the sales guys gather around it with looks of awe on their faces."

Those are 1/8" stripes on the wheels, and special, extra long length 3/8" wide stripes along the aero skirting of the car - if you're interested in doing something like this, give us a call!

Celeste also has a car rental biz and you can actually rent this car, and many others, at

Thank you, Celeste!

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