I wanted to share an exciting opportunity from our partner, Cell-Ed. Cell-Ed’s mobile workforce readiness platform makes it easy to upskill your learners in job readiness, digital literacy, reading, English, numeracy, and so much more. 

This opportunity is something we know you’ll love and it’s only available until the end of 2019.

When you buy 100 Cell-Ed seats, Cell-Ed will give you the gift of literacy and workforce readiness for an additional 50 learners. Through December 2019, with a minimum purchase of 100 seats, Cell-Ed will give you 1 additional learner license for free for every 2 seats you buy.

You can even partner up with other organizations you’re officially affiliated with by ordering together to reach the minimum 100 seats. Don't forget to forward them this email, too!

Feel free to mix and match courses, all of which include fully integrated foundational skills such as critical digital literacy and workforce readiness training for your learners. Y ou can see a partial list of courses and programs here .

Here’s how you can take advantage of this special end of 2019 offer:

Or you can contact Ann@cell-ed.com .

Let’s start 2020 out right! Together we can do so much to help all learners get the skills they need to thrive.