May 2018 Newsletter

Cell Hacker

What do you need to know about Dr. Duc Dong of Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute?

He says, "I love finding answers to fundamental questions that people don't think to ask and to test approaches that they don't think to try. Our science impacts how we understand biology and treat disease."

Have Install, Will Travel

The Aquaneering Installation Team has extensive experience in the installation and maintenance of aquatic housing and filtration systems, as well as biology, aquaculture, and water chemistry.

(l-r:  Gianni Marano, Chris Tullio, Michael Jones, Andrew Carstens, Rob Cowan, Calvin Javier, Tim Choi, 
Sam Waldman, Colin Rosier)

Led by Installation Supervisor Calvin Javier and Lead Installer Gianni Marano, the Aquaneering installation team spends approximately half of their working time manufacturing and testing your custom aquatic systems here in San Diego, while the other half they work across the world installing and maintaining them. Willing to jump on a flight at a moment's notice or stay through the weekend to conquer any obstacle, our installation team embodies our company value of offering the best service to our customers. 

Lead Installer Michael Jones will be departing us this summer after three years with Aquaneering to pursue an education in medicine. We are proud to announce that he will enroll at Wake Forest School of Medicine, a school he was able to visit while on an install in the area. We want to thank him for his hard work over the last three years, and wish him the best as he begins the first step in his medical career.

May and June Trade Shows

May 23 - 25
4th Zebrafish Husbandry Education Short Course
University of Alabama
Birmingham, Alabama

June 1
Toronto Zebrafish Health & Husbandry Symposium
University of Toronto
Ontario, Canada

June 7 - 9
2018 Nothobranchius Symposium
Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing
Cologne, Germany

June 11 - 12
Tropicana Resort
Atlantic City, New Jersey

June 13 - 15
Reims, France

June 20 - 24
2018 International Zebrafish Conference (IZFC)
University of Wisconsin Campus
Madison, Wisconsin