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October 2020
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Thanks for your understanding and patience while we navigate these difficult times!
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October Staff Picks
Once and Future Witches by Alix E. Harrow (on sale 10/13): The Crone, the Maiden, and the Mother are just myths, fairy tales like the rumors and stories that fill children's rhymes and songs... or are they? Self-preservation drove the two eldest Eastwood sisters away from home and their younger sister years ago, but little Juniper is all grown up now, and her anger seeds a revolution of women tired of oppression. This is a story of painful choices, a story of what we are willing to pay for our freedom and the freedom of those we love; it is about guilt and forgiveness. But mostly it is about strength and the misty places from which it comes. This book, a pinch of cinnamon, and fresh twig of basil will make all the strong women on your holiday list quite content! - Linda
Black Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse (on sale 10/13): Roanhorse has gifted us with an epic fantasy inspired by the sometimes beautiful, sometimes terrifying pre-Colombian cultures of the Americas. Here there be islands ruled by women whose Mother is the sea and whose shapes and Song some call monstrous (until they need them). There is a god-man, scarred and blinded as a child, destined to loneliness and revenge by the generational trauma suffered by his people. There are priests, rulers, poverty, and class alongside Crows that carry riders they choose and Water Bugs large enough to pull barges. Some have said this belongs next to George R.R. Martin; I say Roanhorse, Marlon James, and N.K. Jemisin are the pages of his nightmares. - Linda
Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia: Classic Gothic horror meets the vivid imagery of Moreno-Garcia's chilling writing in this twisted tale. Noemi Taboada is from a rich Mexico City family, used to forging her own path and getting her way, but when she rushes to remote High Place after an alarming letter from her cousin, Noemi finds the creepy old house is the complete opposite of what she's used to in the city -- mold grows on the walls and hides in the library's books, and there's oddly strict rules about her behavior. Moreno-Garcia excels at nightmarish language, descending slowly into the uncomfortable, before diving headfirst into grotesque horror. This is an original and arresting novel about identity and persisting even in the face of the worst evil. - Karen
Banned Books Week
Sept. 23 - Oct. 3

As we near the end of Banned Books Week, the annual event celebrating the freedom to read, we want to highlight a way for you to get involved and speak out for banned books in the fight against censorship.

Dear Banned Author is a letter-writing campaign that encourages readers to write, tweet, or email banned or challenged authors, sharing what their stories mean to them.

Ways to Participate

  • Write a letter or email to a banned and challenged author
  • Host a letter writing program at your library or school
  • Reach out to a favorite banned or challenged author by tagging them on Twitter including #DearBannedAuthor
  • Find resources and printables at the American Library Association's website:
Introducing: Cellar Select Gift Box

Friendly reminder: shop early for the holiday season this year. We know it still feels pretty early (Halloween is only barely on the horizon). But we're excited to announce a new gift box we're offering that we think will help you brainstorm your gift lists!

Get a one-time box of personalized books hand-selected by our staff. The selection is based on your individual reading preferences -- perfect for you or as a gift for someone else.

The Cellar Select Gift Box will become available to order on our website soon!
Now is Our Moment
Feel like you need to be doing something beyond writhing in despair over our current political and physical climate? Join us for a lunchtime meeting every Tuesday at 12 pm PST to “stand together,” via the internet, to write letters and share strategic actions and goals for the upcoming election and beyond. Register each week at linktr.ee/cellardoorbookstore. CA Ballot Propositions are on the agenda. Join us!
Book Club Schedule
Book clubs will continue online; you should be receiving information about them the week before your scheduled book club. As there are no fees to join any of our book clubs, we ask that you please order book club selections from us! We've included links in all of our event listings so that you can easily order online.
Book Clubs for Adults
Cellar Door Book Club
Meets the second Sun at 2 pm
Oct 11: The Disappearing Earth
Nov 8: Women of the Copper Country

Mystery Book Club
Meets the third Thurs at 6 pm
Oct 15: The Devil's Half Mile
Nov19: The Silence of the White City

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Book Club
Meets the third Sat at 5 pm
Oct 17: Kindred
Nov 21: A Memory Called Empire

Historical Fiction Book Club
Meets the fourth Sat at 5 pm
Oct 24: She Would Be King
Nov 28: Dissolution

Agatha Christie Book Club
Meets the third Tues at 6:30 pm
Oct 20: An Autobiography (Part IV-End)
Nov 17: The Seven Dials Mystery

Philosophical Horror
Meets the third Mon at 6 pm
Oct 19: The Hunger
Nov 16: Mouthful of Birds

Black Lit Book Club
Meets the final Fri at 6 pm
Oct 23: Lot
Nov 27: The Wedding Date

History Book Club
Meets the first Wed at 6 pm
Oct. 7: The Silk Roads: A New History of the World
Nov 4: Vanguard
Speculative Fiction Book Club
Meets the second Sat at 4 pm
Oct 10: Gideon the Ninth
Nov 14: Autonomous

LGBTQ Book Club
Meets the fourth Thurs at 6 pm
Oct 22: Broken People
*Monday, Nov 23: You Exist Too Much

Bucket List Book Club 
Meets the third Sun at 3 pm
Oct 18: Uncle Tom's Cabin
Nov 15: The Periodic Table

Phy-Sci Book Club
Meets the fourth Wed at 6 pm
October 28: The Rise of Wolf 8
Nov 25: Calling Bullshit

Current Affairs Book Club
Meets the second Sun at 4 pm
Oct 11: The Economists' Hour
Nov 8: War On Peace

Feminist Book Club
Meets the first Tues at 6 pm
Oct 6: Housekeeping
Nov 3: Hood Feminism

Outdoor Lit 
Meets every other month, first Sun at 2 pm
Nov 1: Home Place
Jan 3: Miracle Country
Book Clubs for Kids & Youth

Early Readers Book Club Meets the second Sat at 1 pm
October 10: Balto and the Race Against Time
November 14: Magnificent Makers: How to Test a Friendship

Kids' Book Club Meets the second Thurs at 6 pm
*October 6 at 4:30pm: Small Spaces
November 12: The Clean Getaway

Young Adult Book Club Contact David at (951) 787-7807 for meeting info
Sharks in the Time of Saviors
*Starred meetings are not held at their usual date and/or time
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