Check Out the Latest News from Cellocator - January 2018
Cellocator Newsletter - January 2018


We are happy to share with you the latest news from Cellocator.
This issue includes some product news and updates, a new case study describing how the CelloTrack container lock is used for cargo monitoring and  a taste of the events we participated in recently.

We would like to use this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year. 
May this year bring you success, prosperity and happiness.

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The Cellocator Team

Cello Platform - gen3

Cellocator has recently issued a beta release to the new Cello HW gen3 platform. K-Line interface was added to the CANBUS interface and now both work in parallel. 

Cello-CANiQ HW variants can now extract the supported (standard) PIDs from the currently connected vehicle, through the Cello-CANiQ device to the programmer via OTA or serial. This functionality enables defining trigger logics via the CAN Editor, using proven existing parameters.

New formula calculating fuel consumption per trip (for Gasoline engine) was added. This formula was added to the existing formulas based on other vehicles' parameters.

This release encapsulates all features that were developed upon customers' requirements.
This HW variant is accompanied with a new FW version (36v - beta).

Some of the new features:
  • Real-time idling based on RPM and speed
  • PointerCept logic
  • Enlarged CAN identifiers
  • Roll over
For more information about this new HW release please contact our sales team
Click here to learn more about the Cello-CANiQ 
New CR-300 FW Version 44d Released for GA

This new FW version contains many new features such as:
  • Offline tracking mechanism
  • Dallas identifier in ignition off
  • Crash detection in ignition off
  • Real- time clock from the cellular network
  • Ability to inherit Real Time Clock (RTC) from the cellular network, when no GPS signal exists

All new features are mention in the CR300 ver. 44d Release notes document (requires access to our knowledge base).


Click here to learn more about the CR-300
Click here to download the CR-300 brochure

CelloTrack Nano Quick Settings

The Cellocator programmer is the unit's Configuration Memory (CM), which is used to store different parameters that can affect the behavior of the unit, as well as communication parameters, which are necessary for proper operation of the Cellocator unit.

In order to simplify the initial setup of the CelloTrack Nano and MultiSense devices, Cellocator has created a unique programmer setup interface for rapid evaluation via a serial port. This way, within a few minutes, the customer can start communicating with the CelloTrack Nano unit and MultiSenses. 

This quick programmer setup leads to the full programmer (an advanced option) for settings additional parameters upon customer requirements.

Click here to learn more about the CelloTrack Nano

Reporting From the Field 

Cellocator at ESS - International Security Fair 2017

Cellocator exhibited at ESS - the international security fair for the 2nd time. The exhibition was held on August 16-18,2017 in Bogota, Colombia. 


Cellocator at Telematics India 2017

Cellocator exhibited at the Telematics India 2017 exhibition, held on August 17-18, 2017. This is the largest and most sought after B2B2C platform to discuss the relevant trends that guide the next wave of automotive industry.

We were very pleased to see public interest in solutions beyond track and trace. Our Cello-CANiQ and CelloTrack Nano were the most talked about products and generated maximum interest among visitors. 

Mr. Mandeep Khangura, Executive Director Pointer India,  was part of panel discussion called "Connected Vehicles and Future Mobility" where he discussed how solutions like the Cello-CANiQ are getting growing acceptance from OEMs across global markets for connected car.


Cellocator at GSMA Mobile Word Congress Americas 2017

Cellocator exhibited at MWC Americas (in partnership with CTIA), which was held in September 12-14, 2017.
This event is the premier mobile industry event for the Americas, with representation from North, Central and South America. Taking place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

We would like to thank all the visitors to the Cellocator booth. 


Cellocator at Telematics Conference SEEurope 

Cellocator exhibited at the 7th Telematics Conference SEEurope, which was held on September 28 in Bratislava, Slovakia. 

It was a pleasure meeting so many industry leaders and to have the opportunity to showcase our products and solutions.


Cellocator at Logistik and Transport 2017

Cellocator exhibited at Logistik & Transport 2017, the leading Nordic fair and conference for the logistic and transport solutions. The exhibition was held in Gothenburg, Sweden, November 7-8, 2017.


Cellocator  at the Telematics ASEAN Summit 2017

Cellocator exhibited at the Telematics ASEAN Summit 2017, December 7-8, 2007 in  Bangkok, Thailand.  In this conference we had the opportunity of meeting industry insiders, policymakers and leading automakers.

Mr. Joshua Rozanski, VP Sales & Marketing at Cellocator had a speaking slot on the second day of the conference in which he presented the connected vehicles market and our cooperating with Nissan India.

Click here to read the press release presenting our cooperation with Nissan India

Over 2000 Vehicles Supported within Cellocator's CANBUS Data Base 

We are happy to announce that thanks to intensive work done by our Field Application Engineering team we have now reached more than 2000 vehicles (including trucks, private vehicles, commercial vehicles and machines) which are supported within Cellocator's CANBUS data base.
The complete vehicle list and their parameters is available in Cellocator's knowledge base.

Click here to view the supported vehicle data base (requires access to our knowledge base).

Case Study

CelloTrack Container Lock for Cargo Monitoring

About our Partner

Satlock ( ) is a Colombian-based company providing services within the logistics, supply chain information, security electronics, surveillance and telematics. Satlock was founded in 2011 and is a joint venture between two companies with over 50 years of experience in electronic security systems development, port security and surveillance services. The company is operating in more than eight countries in South and Central America through Franchises. Satlock combines in-house software platform and application development, tracking and monitoring seals in addition to trained personnel, in order to deliver turnkey container & cargo tracking with monitoring solutions. Among Satlock's customers are Falabella, Damco, Kuehne + Nagel, Panalpina and Nestlé.

The Challenge
When Satlock started offering their cargo monitoring services, they were looking for a reliable portable tracking unit that could withstand the harsh environment and long hours of operation that this business demands.
An electronic portable unit attached to a container, traveling for weeks through very harsh weather, vibration, blows, etc. requires an extremely robust solution.
In addition, Satlock was looking for a device with long battery life, as they needed to guarantee their customers that the devise would keep reporting at a quite high transmission rate throughout the whole trip, even for weeks in international operations, in order to ensure security to enable operational efficiency.
Satlock tested several devises for long periods of time, but most of them simply broke down after some weeks in normal operating conditions.

The Solution

After many failures and lots of resources spent, the CelloTrack Container Lock proved to be the best solution available in the market. CelloTrack's IP67 standard, huge battery capacity and robust specifications made it a unique alternative for our application needs.

The CelloTrack Container Lock is an electronic robust solution based on the CelloTrack Power, offering an agile tracking and cargo monitoring for containers with almost instant installation and removal, eliminating the need to open the container and interfering with logistics operations such as authority inspections, transport, loading and unloading. It provides information on where the goods are at any given point, if there are any bottlenecks along the way and most importantly if the container doors are being opened, thanks to the advanced tampering reporting capabilities of the CelloTrack Container Lock.

The company's personnel install the CelloTrack Container Lock on the container doors and Satlock's specialized 24X7 monitoring station together with their state of the art cloud solution tools enable effective cargo tracking and monitoring to improve risk management KPI´s. The company has motorized personnel along the roads to verify and confirm any detected event. Satlock provides their customers with real-time reports regarding the cargo and gives them access to a web-based software platform where they can access statistical information about their logistics operations. 

For the full case study please  click here

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