March 2022

We have important news:
the sad news...
Now the Day is Over
Cellospeak is retiring in 2022
We are very sorry to announce that, after much consideration of alternatives, discussion with faculty and members of our community, and deliberation among the Board, we have reluctantly concluded that Cellospeak cannot continue.

We were hoping to be able to put on a workshop this year, but for a multitude of reasons and despite our best efforts, that turned out not to be feasible. In the post-Covid era, the costs of transitioning to ODU became unaffordable. In any event, as it has grown, Cellospeak has evolved into an increasingly complex organization that requires significant administrative, as well as artistic, resources to operate. Even with the wonderful support of our faculty, members and contributors, we have not been able to find a way to ensure continuous and sustainable leadership. So, with hearts heavy with both nostalgia and gratitude, we have decided that it is best to end Cellospeak's remarkable 20-year run.
the good news...
We plan some special parting gifts!
Despite the sadness, we want to leave on a positive note, and have planned a number of initiatives which hopefully will make our departure less painful. More details will be announced soon, but here is a preview:

For Everyone:

  • We will host a Cellospeakeasy via Zoom for everyone later in the Spring. A date and time will be announced soon. We hope that this provides an opportunity for people not only to reminisce, but also to share information on other programs and opportunities serving adult amateur cellists.

  • We are planning a free in-person Cellospeak Faculty Farewell Concert in Northern Virginia in late July. A specific date and location will be announced soon. The concert will feature our faculty playing some of our most favorite arrangements one last time. We hope to be able to live-stream the concert for those who cannot attend.

  • DVDs and CDs. We have a number of DVDs and CDs from past workshops, and will be happy to make them available for the cost of postage. A list will be published soon.

For Faculty and Members: For our faculty and all who are current members, we will provide free access at least through 2022 to the following documents and videos. If you have not renewed your membership for 2022, please do so now to be able to access these important resources. (Faculty are exempt from dues.)
Cellospeak Arrangements. For the first time, dozens of cello ensemble arrangements specially commissioned by Cellospeak from our esteemed former conductor Gary Fitzgerald as well as others will be posted on a special web page and made available for download. Details on accessing the web page will be provided soon.
Faculty Technique Videos. Our collection includes the 33 faculty technique videos from our 2020 and 2021 Studios. Videos may be streamed and accompanying handouts may be downloaded. Members and faculty can access them HERE.
Dorothy's Cello Chops Videos. We have posted the 5 technique lessons personally presented by our late founder Dorothy Amarandos at our 2012 Summer Workshop, along with her infamous "Cello Chops" technique manual. These videos may be streamed or downloaded. Members and faculty can access them HERE.
Holiday Gifts. We have posted all of the member Holiday Gifts from 2011-2018 so that they are now accessible on our website. Each gift is comprised of a score and separate parts of a special all-cello arrangement or other cello pieces that may be downloaded. Members and faculty can access them HERE.
Thank you to everyone for your support.
We are immensely proud of what we have accomplished, not only over the most recent difficult Covid years, but over the two decades of programs and community building that we have all enjoyed since Cellospeak was founded by Dorothy Amarandos. Although there are ever increasing opportunities for adult amateur cellists to gather and share experiences, nothing will replace Cellospeak. We know that Dorothy would be sad that, for Cellospeak, the day is truly over, but she also would be thrilled with all that we have achieved and shared together, and very satisfied with the singular legacy that she has left behind. She loved you all.
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We thank each and every one of our past and present Board members, faculty, administrative and artistic leaders, members, participants and contributors for your continued support, enthusiasm and mutual regard. You have all helped to make Cellospeak a totally unique space for professionals and adult amateurs to share their love of the cello.
If you have not yet renewed for 2022, please do!
Cellospeak, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.