A message from Bishop Andrew Cozzens
The past year has elevated the need for students across Minnesota to have real educational choices. Parents and kids need access to all educational options, and one’s zip code or personal financial barriers should not prevent students from receiving the education they deserve. Lawmakers currently have multiple solutions on the table. Contact your legislators and Governor Walz today and tell them kids cannot wait any longer for real school choice!
Thank you Tommy for your service in putting up the flags!
Entering Grades 1st – 6th
Monday–Friday, 9:00AM–2:30 PM

Entering Grades 7th – 12th
Sunday–Thursday, 7:30–9:45 PM

Registration Fee is $25/child
with a $50 family cap
July 25 – July 30, 2021
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St. Charles Lwanga & Companions ~ June 3rd
For those of us who think that the faith and zeal of the early Christians died out as the Church grew more safe and powerful through the centuries, the martyrs of Uganda are a reminder that 
persecution of Christians continues in modern times, even to the present day. The Society of Missionaries of Africa 
(known as the White Fathers) had only been in Uganda for 6 years and yet they had built up a community of converts whose faith would outshine their own. The earliest converts were soon instructing and leading new converts that the White Fathers 
couldn't reach. Many of these converts lived and taught at King Mwanga's court.

Read about what happened to St. Charles for defending Christ HERE