Volume 1 | June 12, 2020
NM Native Census Coalition l Bulletin No. 5
U.S. Census Bureau starts Update Leave
In consultation with tribal leaders, the U.S. Census Bureau has started update Update Leave, the process of updating addresses and leaving a Census form, in the Pueblo of Santa Clara, Kewa Pueblo and on the Navajo Nation.

During a meeting on June 5, the NMNCC suggested that Coalition members continue to ask tribal residents who have already completed the Census without the unique 12-digit ID number to complete the Census again when they receive the paper form with the 12-digit number in order to help offset confusion in the process.

In preparation for field operations resuming, the NMNCC has created social media templates and other materials to aid Tribal CCCs with outreach. The editable materials may be downloaded from the NMNCC Resource page . The NMNCC will also begin hosting weekly meetings at 10:30 am on Fridays. Please view our calendar for information.

Additionally, the NMNCC has developed two videos, one from U.S. Rep. Deb Haaland and one created for the Tewa-speaking villages about Update Leave. The videos below can be shared from our website and social media channels, including YouTube , Facebook and Twitter . More videos in the various Indigenous languages spoken in the state will be posted as the Census Bureau resumes operations and tribes open their borders.
NM Indian Affairs funding spending deadline approaches
The New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) has set June 30 as the deadline for all expenditures for the first round of funding from the New Mexico Indian Affairs Department. If efforts by DFA to extend the deadline for these funds during the upcoming special legislative session are not successful, unspent funds will expire and must be returned to the state coffers.

The NMNCC has created a web page to give Tribal CCCs ideas on how to spend this funding from T-shirts to yard signs to bandanas. Please click here to view the page. All transactions must be completed by June 20 , although the items can arrive at a later date. Form W-9, Identification Number and Certification, for all vendors are available.
NAVAEP continues to seek tribes & tribal organizations for WiFi Hotspot Program
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NAVA Education Project in partnership with the Santa Fe Indian School has provided five tribes with mobile wifi hotspots through the inaugural New Mexico Tribal Hotspot Program.

The hotspots, which are connected to existing tribal broadband networks, will provide internet service in preparation of the Census Bureau resuming field operations this month as tribes permit during the first phase of this new program.

NAVAEP is continuing to seek tribal broadband partners. The organization has also expanded the program to Native-lead nonprofit organizations within the Albuquerque area. NAVAEP will provide hotspots to the Navajo Nation in the second phase of the program.

For more information, to fill out an application or download a flyer, click here .
Please take our media survey to aid in supporting your outreach efforts
To help further support Tribal CCC outreach activities, we have created a media survey to capture your local communication circles and media consumption in your communities.

Please take this five-minute survey to help us identify those outlets that you and your community utilize as we continue to get the word out about the 2020 Census. Click here to complete the survey.

Thank you in advance!
Urban Native CCC: Let's work together to make sure we all get counted!
The urban population has had a “head start” with the 2020 Census since self-response has been available since mid-March. Though we’re a few months into this, the Albuquerque Urban Native CCC’s goal remains the same: get our Urban Native community to respond. We have until the end of July before Census takers will go to homes in August, according to the updated Census schedule .

And we’re continuing to drive the point to our community: Please complete the Census as this not only affects our count in the city but also our count with our tribes.  

To give you an idea of how we’re doing, here’s a snapshot of the response rates in the U.S. and locally as of June 11: 

We’re asking you to continue supporting Census efforts in easy ways that do not take significant time. Read more .
The NM Native Census Coalition is a product of the NAVA Education Project.