This Week at Centenary

Sunday, February 9, 2020
Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany

8:40 a.m.    Early Service

 10:00 a.m.    Sunday School

     11:00 a.m.    Traditional Worship

Dr. Matthew D. Bates will be preaching this Sunday 
and his sermon is entitled  The Fundamental Option.
Dear Centenary Family,

Awhile back, I posted a picture of Ryland Bailey in our email with him holding his copy of
Les Miserables which he’d just finished reading from cover to cover. I was impressed, not just with Ryland’s perseverance, but what he told me about what he’d learned from the book.  I asked then if any of you might share books you’ve   read   that have made an impact on you.  Gwynn Henderson was kind enough to share her list of important books. In her note she said that these books had a meaning and even had a spiritual effect on her.

One of these books on Gwynn’s list I’ve started and need to get back to. And several of these are books I’ve heard about and now on Gwynn’s recommendation know I need to get to. I’d love to hear from others of you who have books to share! 

The sermon I’m working on this Sunday is from Deuteronomy 30:15-20. It’s about choices. Is there any way to make choosing any simpler or clearer in a world filled with so many options? The title I’m working with is The Fundamental Option.  I look forward to seeing you Sunday! And thank you Gwynn for sharing!



Books That Mattered To Me
From Gwynn Henderson

Understanding those different from ourselves:
            Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe (fiction)
                       An African community (in Africa) in a changing world.
            Best Boy by Eli Gottlieb (fiction)
                       About an autistic adult. (Author's brother is an autistic adult.)
Bringing history alive:
            Dead Wake by Erik Larsen (non-fiction)
                       The last voyage of the Lusitania.
            All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr (fiction)
                       WWII from French and German perspective.
            Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann (non-fiction)
                       Ongoing abuse of Native Americans.  

Overcoming challenges:
            The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls (autobiography)
                       Growing up with incredibly irresponsible parents.
            Wild by Cheryl Strayed (autobiography)
                       Recovering from substance abuse and grief.

Difficult decisions:
            "Barn Burning" by William Faulkner (a short story)
                       A child caught between...

Chilling look at the future:
            The Road by Cormac McCarthy (fiction)
New Sunday School Class Begins February 9
Join Robb Stottlemyer and the Anchor Class as they begin a new study on Sunday, February 9, at 10:00 a.m. Robb will be leading the class in a study of a book by Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan entitled The First Paul: Reclaiming the Radical Visionary Behind the Church’s Conservative Icon.  You can order the book from Amazon or your favorite bookseller. The Anchor Class meets on the second floor in the classroom at the end of the hall. 
New Schedule

Third Fridays - 6:30 - 7:45 p.m.
 Coffee Theology at
Urban Farmhouse in Scott's Addition. 
All ages are welcome to join us for coffee and faith conversation. 

First Sunday Fundays
Stay tuned for more information
about these upcoming events!

New Baby!

Welcome Colin Michael Smith ,
son of Michael and Wendy Smith.
Colin was born on Monday, February 3.
Congratulations and
best wishes to the Smith family!  
This Week

February 11 - Jim Hill
R.B. Bennington
Joanne Crick Berft  - daughter of Phil & AJ Crick, asking for prayer for  
                  recent health issues
Betty Brown  - Bill Glaze, Betty's brother-in-law has been diagnosed with 
            pancreatic cancer
Ka Cheng  - friend of Vicki and Phyllis Stump diagnosed with breast 
Shannon Conway  - requests prayer for the Charles Sherman, Peter 
                 Oxborrow, Leon Beale and family
Riley Davin  - Niece of Vic and Nancy
Serena Durst
Les Dobbs - Memorial Regional Medical Center
Gavin  - friend of Vic and Nancy Grand facing kidney transplant
Jane Grand  - has been moved to a skilled nursing facility and has leveled 
            in her recovery 
Jeff Hatch
Kathy Henn  - surgery January 15 - sister of Maggie King
Leah and Bob Hundley
Clyde Hundley  - recovering after recent hospitalization
Lucille Hunt  - at Morningside at Bellegrade
Justin Laman  - nephew of Lucy Hottle, a young father who has cancer
Vincente Lopez  - nephew of Heidi Kara, U.S. Army Infantry, deploying
              to Egypt
Megan Mattax -   a friend of Miranda Clayton, pregnant and diagnosed  
              with breast cancer
Patti Oman  - health concerns - friend of Beth Hensley
Phyllis Stump - at Lakewood Manor
Wendy Tisdale  - family friend of Agatha and Christina Kidd, diagnosed 
              with stage 4 lung cancer
Bernice Walter - medical issues
Brooke Willson - recovering from knee surgery