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In-person/ Live Streaming Worship Service

September 17, 2023 at 10:15 AM

16th Sunday after Pentecost

*Scripture Lesson

Matthew 18:21-35


"The Power of Forgiveness"

by Rev. Sooah Na

*Worship Assistant:

Ali Woodfield

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I am writing to invite you to our upcoming Fall Bible Study. The topic of study is the book of Ruth.


The study will span four sessions, with each session dedicated to a chapter and specific discussion topic. In these meetings, we will read one chapter, learn its background and context, and engage in discussions together. Additionally, from time to time, we will have our study with creative activities and watch a few video clips related to our discussion topic. 

The first session commences at 7 pm on September 25 (Monday) and concludes on October 16. Please note that this is an online Bible study, and further details will be provided to those who register.


If you're interested in joining this Bible study group, kindly let me know by September 18 (Monday).

Pastor Sooah

We are excited to announce our first youth group meeting on September 17th!

After the service, we invite all youth to come join us in room 20 for an afternoon filled with music, prayer, and a fun game to get to know each other. And of course, we will also be having another ice cream social!

This is a great opportunity to meet new friends and have a great time, so don't miss out! We hope to see you there!

Pastor Sooah & Grace

September - October Lamplighter

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Sandwich Thursday

A big shout-out goes to the incredible volunteers who turned our recent Sandwich Making Night into a resounding success.

Together, we can bring real change in the lives of those who need it most!

We are excited to invite you to our upcoming family-friendly karaoke night on September 23rd at 6:30 pm!

This is a great opportunity to showcase your singing talent or just come and enjoy the show as a spectator. People of all ages are welcome to participate in the event, so bring your family and friends and make it a fun night out.

Light refreshments will be available for all attendees, so you can sing and snack to your heart's content. We hope to see you there!

Support Our Sandwich Making Ministry



One of the exciting new local mission programs that was born during the Covid pandemic is the Sandwich Bag Ministry. This program, which helps people in the area with food insecurity issues, has grown significantly since it was established by New Dover United Methodist Church of Edison in 2020. The number of sandwiches distributed this year to hungry people in Elizabeth, Rahway, and Plainfield increased to 34,000, according to New Dover's Pastor Chuck Coblentz.  

   Centenary is pleased to partner with New Dover and Wesley United Methodist Church of South Plainfield, as well as other local faith groups and community organizations, in this collaborative ministry.  Every Friday morning at 8 a.m., some 15 volunteers meet at New Dover to fill hundreds of sandwich bags with two beverages, fruit cup, a granola bar, cookies, snacks, and two sandwiches. These bags are then delivered to food pantries in Elizabeth, Plainfield, and Rahway for distribution to the hungry.  

   In addition to participating in this Friday morning activity, Centenary also holds a sandwich-making night at the church on the second Thursday of each month. The goal each month is 250 sandwiches.

   Since its inception, the Sandwich Bag Ministry has been supported entirely by donations from our members and friends. The cost of this ministry has been driven up by inflation, and is now approximately $2400 annually or about $200 per month. This covers the cost of 21 loaves of bread each month, various luncheon meats including ham, turkey, bologna, and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, sandwich bags, and other miscellaneous items.  

   We thank all of the donors who have generously supported this ministry in the past. During the month of September, our mission barrel offerings will be designated for the Sandwich Bag Ministry. If you would like to help sponsor a sandwich-making night during the coming months, please put a check in the mission barrel during September, or mail it to the church office at 200 Hillside Avenue, Metuchen, NJ 08840. Write "Sandwich Bag Ministry" on the memo line so your gift will be properly credited.  

    Besides providing financial support, there are several other ways you can participate in the Sandwich Bag Ministry:  

* You can help make sandwiches at one of our sandwich-making nights on the second Thursday of each month, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. in Room 20. We need a minimum of six volunteers each month to make the sandwiches. We now have a pool of more than a dozen volunteers who have helped out at sandwich-making nights. The dates for upcoming sandwich-making nights the rest of this year are September 14, October 12, November 9, and December 14. 

* If you can't make it to the church for sandwich-making night, you are welcome to prepare sandwiches at home and drop them off at the church on any second Thursday of the month.  

* Finally, volunteers are always welcome at New Dover UMC on Friday mornings at 8 a.m. to help assemble the sandwich bags for delivery to the food pantries.  

   If you would like to help in any of these ways, please contact me for more information (call 612-289-9102 or email rjcarls75@gmail.com).

Bob Carlson

Missions Chairman

Every Wednesday & Sunday

  • Celebration of Found Cans (nonperishable item collection ministry from 9:30 am to 12 pm)

September 17th (Thursday)

  • Youth Group Meeting (after the service at room 20)

September 18th (Monday)

  • Church Council Meeting at 7 pm (online)

September 23rd (Saturday)

  • Karaoke Night at 6:30 pm (Room 20)

September 25th (Monday)

  • Fall Bible Study Group at 7 pm (online)

September 27th (Wednesday)

  • Finance Committee Meeting at 7 pm (online)

October 1st (Sunday)

  • World Communion Sunday
  • International snack fellowship (bring snacks that you grew up and share them with each other!)

October 2nd (Monday)

  • Fall Bible Study Group at 7 pm (online)

October 3rd (Tuesday)

  • ELC Liaison Meeting at 10 am (online)

October 8th (Sunday)

  • Church Conference at 1:30 pm (Christ UMC 485 Hoes Ln, Piscataway, NJ 08854)

October 15th (Sunday)

  • Laity Sunday
  • Youth Group Meeting (after the service at room 20)

October 29th (Sunday)

  • Harvest Festival (following the service)
  • Potluck Luncheon Fellowship

We pray for...

Remember in your prayers: Jessica Elil (Peggy's co-worker's daughter), Kenny Fischer (a cousin of Charles Giordano), Young Oh( Se Oh's father); John Ringler; Carole McCann (friend of Ruth Lechelt); Linda Serentino, John Lashley ; family of Celeste Ramsey (mother in law of Isabel Pichardo); family of Ed (friend of Mojomick family); family of Sylvia Woodfield; family of Heather Vail (friend of Ruth Lechelt); Noah (family of the Dingles); Amelia (student at Edgar MS- Metuchen); countries of Turkey/Syria/Ukraine; Mary Ellen Heim; family of Sandy Baks; family of Rev. Dr. Hoo Sug Lee; family of Mala Roberts; family of Anne Beattie; parents of Lester Gesteland; mother of Asher Irfan; family of Mary Kari (aunt of Shirley Kanchi); family of Rowena Principe (sister of Odessa Delos Santos); family of Monika Korte; family of Rev. Gary Frieze; family of Samantha Nu Nguyen Hogan (friend of the Tiernos); Shirley & Steve Mosteller; family of Lewis Hause; Monika Van Houten; Carolee Szajko; Patricia Thompson; family of Matthew Ferry (former teacher of Lily Tierno); Pvt. Brian Reppert (serving overseas and family friend of Ruth Lechelt); Miriam Dingle; Poonam Chauhan (sister-in-law of Mala Roberts); Arthur Manjourides (father of Paul Manjourides); Terri Sgambati (aunt of Nicole Tierno); Lori Loza; Reshma Rahi; Debra Martin (daughter of Mary Ellen Heim); Fran Koppell (friend of Bruce & Ellen Clarke); Melanie Spanko (daughter of Janet Spanko); Lee Lehman; Lester Heim, Jr.; Howie Reenberg (friend of Tom Moyer); Laura Vasile (daughter of Rita Vasile); Portia Lashley

*Bold indicates new to the list.

Prayer Request:

If you have a request for prayer, or a joy you would like to lift up, please let pastor Sooah Know or send your requests to: 


The requests will be passed along to Pastor Sooah. Please keep us updated on your requests.

Celebration of Found Cans


Centenary continues its weekly collections of non-perishable food items to help “REPLENISH” (formerly the Middlesex County Food Network) make a dent in food insecurity!

Food collection at Centenary takes place on WEDNESDAYS and SUNDAYS from 9:30 a.m. – noon. On Wednesdays, the green REPLENISH collection bin is located at Centenary’s front door; just drop off an item or two or more (follow your GPS to 200 Hillside Avenue in Metuchen)!

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