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Friday, August 9, 2019
A Message from Centenary

This Week at Centenary

Sunday, August 11, 2019
Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

8:40 a.m.       Early Service

  10:00 a.m.       Sunday School

        11:00 a.m.       Traditional Worship

Dr. Matthew D. Bates will be preaching this Sunday and his sermon is entitled "How Far Can You See? "

Did you miss a service? Would you like to listen to a sermon again or share it with a friend? You can now listen to the sermon or the entire 11 a.m. service.  The services are posted on our church website,  (Click on this link to go to the church website.). Each sermon  is normally available Sunday or Monday afternoon and remains available for later listening. Please tell anyone who might enjoy listening.

Save the Date for our Annual Church Picnic on Sunday, September 8,  when we will close Grace Street and have a picnic in front of the church after the 11:00 a.m. worship service! 

Bowling League News:
The Centenary Bowling League will embark on its 82nd season this year. Tuesday, September 3, 2019, interested bowlers will meet at Shrader Lanes at 7 p.m. to organize teams, discuss fees, etc.  There will also be free practice bowling that evening.  The season will begin on Tuesday, September 10, 2019.  It is a handicapped league which means you do not have to be a great bowler to be competitive. And, we are really there for the fellowship! If interested or have questions, please contact Mary Dobbs at  mftdobbs@aol.com  or text Les Dobbs at 804-928-8840.

Annual Shoe Drive
Children in the Richmond Metro area are gearing up to go back to school. It's a very exciting time for many children! However, many families are not able to afford comfortable, solid footwear for their children. When shoes are worn out, too tight, or otherwise uncomfortable, children have difficulty focusing on their studies. At Centenary, we have the opportunity to do something about this problem! One way you can help is by donating new shoes for these children. All sizes are needed! Children from kindergarten to high school need to start the new school year on the "right foot." There is a table in the sanctuary for donations to the Richmond Partnership of Churches Annual Shoe Drive. Shoes must be new, and sneakers are preferred (please no high heels, sandals, or bedroom slippers). If you would like to make a monetary donation, feel free to leave that in the piggy bank on the table. You can also include a check in the offering. Please note on your pledge envelope "For Annual Shoe Drive" as well as the bi-line of your check. There is also a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board across from the kitchen if you would like to volunteer at one of the two distribution sites. Thank you in advance for helping our children start their school year with a comfortable, solid foundation!

School Supplies:
Because of your generosity, our youth were able to assemble 48 school supply kits in June!  They will assemble more during the year to take to next year's conference.  We still have enough of many of the required items but do need:
  • One-subject spiral-bound notebooks (each kit requires 3 notebooks)
  • Loose leaf paper

Annual Golf Tournament:
Join us at the Hollows Golf Course on  Wednesday, September 25, for the 5th Annual Earl Siddons Open. Registration will begin at 11:00 a.m. with a putting contest at 11:30 a.m., lunch at 11:45 a.m., and a Golf Tee-Off at 1:00 p.m. The cost is $75.00/ person, $15.00 for lunch only (firm reservations needed for catered lunch). The proceeds benefit RISE Against Hunger Now. Hole sponsors are also available at $50.00 per sponsor and $10.00 or more for patrons. Gift certificates can also be donated to be given as prizes. Be sure to mark this date on your calendar and don't forget to practice your swing!

MOVIE NIGHT IS BACK!!! Starting Friday, August 16, 2019!
No need to go to the movies . . . Centenary is bringing back movie night with a twist. We are proud to announce, "Theatre on the Mount presents Dinner and Movie." Theater on the Mount has put together a list of "Must See" films for all movie lovers. Your hosts, Ben and Carri Toro, will introduce each movie with some fun and interesting facts about the feature. Grab a plate when you come to enjoy a meal or treat related to the presentation. Our first screening will be Who Framed Roger Rabbit? This classic film from 1988 was nominated for 7 Academy Awards and won four! The movie will be paired with an ice cream sundae bar for your enjoyment! Centenary will provide the ice cream and our moviegoers can bring their favorite toppings to share with the crowd. There will be a sign-up sheet for both attendance . . . and what you want to bring as your favorite topping. We hope you can join us for food and movie fun for the whole family!!!
"Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)." Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) Directed by Robert Zemeckis * Reviews, Film Cast * Letterboxd, letterboxd.com/film/who-framed-roger-rabbit/.

The Centenary Buddy System:
The Centenary Buddy System is looking for individuals who would like to reach out to new members, provide updates for upcoming events, and be a resource to explain the ins-and-outs of the church. Those interested should sign up on the bulletin board by the fellowship hall or talk to Mann Brown/Nathan Grubb.

Lay Visitors Meeting:
There will be a Lay Visitors meeting here at Centenary on  Sunday, September 15,  at 12:15 p.m.

Fellowship Lunch:
The Bob Evans Lunch Group will now be meeting on
Tuesdays at 11:30 a.m.

Hymn Festival 2019: In Memoriam Richard Steele:    Mark your calendars for Sunday, October 20. Keith Benniston will return and there will be a guest choir from the University of Mary Washington under the direction of Chris Ryder.

"The Old Testament Course Guidebook." Amazon, Amazon, 1 Jan. 2001, www.amazon.com/Old-Testament-Course-Guidebook/dp/B007XMRRZE.

Sunday School Summer Study:
Join us, Sundays this summer, for a study in the fellowship hall open to all Centenary adults in which we will be studying the book  The Old Testament-Course Guidebook written by Professor Amy-Jill Levine. 

See description below:

The Old Testament - written in ancient Israel by many different authors over the course of a thousand years - has had more meaning to more people than any other book the world has known. Its influence, whether you consider it scripture or literature, is evident everywhere in our culture, from medieval mystery plays to modern novels, art, music, theater, film, and dance. What can this work teach us about those who wrote it? About the people we once were? And can new academic understanding also speak to faith? As Professor Levine observes: "The Old Testament is endlessly fascinating because it offers everything to explore: myth, saga, and history; tragedy, comedy, and farce; economics and politics; literature and poetry of surpassing beauty; court intrigue and prophetic morality; heavenly miracles and sometimes heavenly silence; questions of theodicy; answers that satisfy and answers that may not; destruction and rebuilding; despair and hope."

In a series of 24 lively lectures, she takes you down all of these avenues, exploring selected passages from the texts known as the Old Testament, the Hebrew Bible, and the Tanakh, revealing how fresh research and findings from scholars of archaeology, cross-cultural studies, and comparative religion can deepen your understanding.

And though the focus of her lectures is on historical and literary issues, Professor Levine does not shy away from issues of religious concern, maintaining that the goal of an academic course is not to undermine religious faith, but to use that academic knowledge as a new source of insight into the writings that form a believer's spiritual bedrock.

"The Old Testament Course Guidebook." Amazon, Amazon, 1 Jan. 2001,  www.amazon.com/Old-Testament-Course-Guidebook/dp/B007XMRRZE.  

Serena Durst- back problems and much pain
Andrew Rathbone- son of Heidi Kara, currently in the Marine Corps. and is deployed over the Indian Ocean 
Carly Smythe
Rev. Kathy Talley- recovering at home after shoulder surgery
Mary Alice Nesbitt
Lucille Hunt- at Morningside at Bellgrade 
Jane Grand- in  Peoria Hospital  in Illinois after a recent fall and stroke. 
Walt Prestwood- uncle of Suzanne Ray
Riley Davin- niece of Vic and Nancy
Bob & Leah Hundley
Shannon Conway requests prayer for Charles Sherman, Peter Oxborrow,           Leon Beale and Family
Jeff Hatch
Nancy Penman- Wendy Smith's mother who has had a stroke and lives in           New Jersey 
Les Dobbs- is at home now. 
Gary Motley-recently diagnosed with cancer and will be having surgery on       July 25
A.J. & Phil Crick- at Morningside at Bellgrade
Justin Laman- nephew of Lucy Hottle, a young father who has cancer
Charles Mills- brother of Jimmy Mills, home recovering from heart surgery
Joe Kokoski
Jenny Bush- friend of Leah Hundley, is diagnosed with stage 4                  melanoma
Lila Irby 
R.B. Bennington 
Wendy Tisdale- family friend of Agatha and Christina Kidd, diagnose with staged 4 lung cancer 

Gregory Lewis
Betty Wright
Serena Durst
Kathleen Gregory
George Vetrovec
John Seyfarth
Nancy Hundley
Goldie Craig
Lorna Leake
Katie Shingleton
Mirian Wickham
Joseph Ciucci
Matt Bates
Rev. Kathy Talley
Meredith Thrower
Bob Hundley, Jr.
Sharon Steele

Photo of the Week!
To all the kiddos who headed back to school this week, we wish you a happy, safe, and successful school year. For all those who head back to school on Tuesday, September 3, we hope you have a blessed and happy rest of your summer before school begins in September. 

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