Centenary's Weekly Newsletter Friday, July 6, 2018
A Message from Centenary
This Weekend at Centenary

Sunday, July 8, Seventh Sunday After Pentecost

8:40 a.m.         Early Service
10:00 a.m.        Sunday School  
Officer Robert Jones, our Walk In police officer, will lead a session on the History of Education in Richmond. 

       11:00 a.m.       Traditional Worship
                              12:15 p.m.         Lay Visitation Orientation

This week, Dr. Bates will preach  "Embracing Weakness. "

A Challenge from Bishop Lewis to Read the Bible with her in 2018

July 8         Psalms 119:89-176
July 9         Psalms 120-132
July 10       Psalms 133-139
July 11      Psalms 140-145
July 12      Psalms 146-150
July 13        Proverbs 1-3
July 14        Proverbs 4-6

Upcoming Events

Lay Visitation Orientation:  Join us, in the fellowship hall  THIS Sunday, July 8 , from 12:15 to 12:45 p.m. for an orientation for those who are interested and feel a calling to help minister to our homebound brothers and sisters. 

Ad Hoc Team Members Are Needed:  
Ad Hoc Teams are being organized and we need volunteers who are willing to join. We need your special talents!!! The Teams will have their initial meetings the week of July 16th. Please contact Mary E. Vetrovec (mevetrovec@aol.com) or Joe Speidel (joespeidelva@gmail.com) if you are interested in volunteering for one or both of these teams. 
Team Number 1: Indoor Yard Sale Team: 
Team members are needed to plan and organize a church indoor yard sale. The primary purpose of this yard sale is to clean out the church of items that are no longer needed or usable, need repair or are just taking up space. Additionally, church members may be eligible to bring in non-clothing items to sell. All proceeds will be used for church building enhancement activities.

Team Number 2: Storage Space Team:   Team members are needed to develop and implement a plan for proper storage of items in the church building. Team members will tour the building from the basement to the third floor to learn how space is currently being utilized and will develop a plan for how space can best be utilized.

We Need Your Votes!:  For our Centenary Summer Movie Series, we ask again for your input. September's movie will be selected from three great choices, by means of a drawing, and we want you to vote for your favorite. You may vote as many times as you have enthusiasm to do so. Ballots are available on Sundays on the table outside the chapel and at the July and August presentations. During our August movie session, we will draw one winner 'out of a hat!' If your ballot is drawn, you receive a gift for your efforts and your selection will be shown in September. VOTE EARLY!  VOTE OFTEN!

Move DVD Exchange:  Have a DVD you have watched too often? Bring it to the  Centenary Summer Movie Series showing and exchange it for a different one. Also, if you see a DVD you like on display, take it and leave a donation to RISE AGAINST HUNGER! It's a win, win situation!!!
Centenary Summer Movies: The next Centenary Summer Movie reaches back in time to present Independence Day on Sunday, July 15, at 6:30 p.m. In this 1996 epic sci-fi, block-buster adventure, strange phenomena surface around the globe sparking terror through the world's major cities. Alien forces of incredible magnitude arrive bent on total annihilation of civilization over the Fourth of July weekend. Currently, Independence Day  ranks 69th on the list of highest grossing revenue of films and won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. Join us on the 15th and get ready to sit on the edge of your seat . . . again . . . Welcome to Earth!

UMW Meeting:  The next UMW Meeting will take place on Thursday, July 12, at 11:30 a.m. A.J. Crick will be the hostess and we will be meeting at her house (2956 Hathaway Road, Apt. 806, Hathaway Towers, Richmond, VA 23225). Jaye White will be speaking about Peru and lunch will be provided, but a small donation is requested for those who attend. Be there or be square!  Also, please RSVP to A.J. Crick ( 804-272-8554) or Sharon Steele (804-912-2549) if would like to attend.

Sight and Sound Theatre Trip:   We have 17 Centenarians registered for the trip to the Sight & Sound Theater for Thursday, September 27.  We have openings for 3 more participants.  The trip leaves from Lakeside UMC at 7 a.m. and returns at 11 p.m.  We will enjoy good food, fellowship, a wonderful live play and safe travel on a motor coach.  Sign up today!  If you are interested in going on the trip to see the live production of  JESUS , please pick up a registration form on the bulletin board across from the kitchen and send your check for $160.00 to Bob Almond as soon as possible.  If you have any questions, please call Bob at 804-833-3355 or email at bob.almond@verizon.net.

Canned Goods and Non-perishables Collection:  The Smethie Circle would like you to join us in collecting canned goods and non-perishable items for The Doorways, formerly known as The Hospitality House.  It provides lodging and kitchen facilities for families of children undergoing medical procedures. Dear little Brandon Herman from St. Lucia, lived at The Doorways during his medical treatment by The World Pediatric Project. He and his Mother Sophia attended Centenary and we fell in love with them. We would like for this project to be in his memory.   We will begin our collection in June and continue through the summer. Containers will be placed outside the Ladies' Parlor and in the Social Hall.  Thank you for helping to keep the memory of Brandon alive by continuing to serve other children and their families as they make The Doorways  home while undergoing medical treatment.

Richard Steele (admitted to the hospital earlier this week due to fever, infection, and gallstones; has been released to a rehab facility- The Laurels at Bon Air)
We wish to give our condolences to Rex & Mary Anne Dazey on the loss of their dear friend, Ginny Douglas, this past July 4th 
Jim Knaub (brother of Sandy Armstrong, brother-in-law to Jim Armstrong, uncle to Shelly and Ginger Armstrong) recovering from a cardiac arrest last Thursday
Serena Durst
Rev. Rita Callis
Lee Covington 
Delois McDougal (one of our Friday Helpers- awaiting the results of a biopsy on back May 17)
Marshall Fox (brother of Phyllis Fox Stump, dealing with complications after surgery)
Greg deKramer and family (Leah & Bob Hundley's nephew who had a bone marrow transplant in May)
Leland Lycette (severe back pain)
Ron Davis (friend of Vic & Nancy Grand)
JoAnne Judd (close friend of Sharon Steele's, recovering from a massive brain injury in Boulder, CO)
Carrie Toro's niece Gabby

Celebrating Birthdays in July

David Jarvis
Isabel Junker
William Brock
Les Dobbs
Emmeline Steele
George Little
Matthew Steele
Mary E. Vetrovec
Jacob Armstrong
Bob Hundley, Sr. 
Laurie Cardoza
Dean Simpson
Beth Vetrovec
Susan Thomas
Bill Brock
Mary Dobbs
Kate Hundley
Mary Alice Nesbitt
R.B. Bennington
Sylvia Whaley
Bob Almond
Vikki Brock
Sarah Anzelmo-Steele
Ryland Bailey
Olivia Steele
John Stottlemyer
Photo of the Week!
We hope to see you at the Lay Visitation Orientation this Sunday, July 8, from 12:15 p.m. to 12:45 p.m. 

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