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Friday, June 7, 2019
A Message from Centenary

This Week at Centenary

Sunday, June 9, 2019
Pentecost Sunday

8:40 a.m.       Early Service
  10:00 a.m.        Sunday School

            11:00 a.m.       Traditional Worship

Dr. Matthew D. Bates will preach a sermon entitled 
"Never Alone ," and is based on the scripture reading from John 14:8-27.

Bless My Sole Sock Drive:
Our Bless My Sole Foot Washing Ministry is in need of more socks. If you would like to make a donation of socks feel free to drop those off at the office on Sunday or during church office hours, Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Men's long white tube socks are preferred. 

"Announcing the Launch of the 4th Annual Warm Hearts, Toasty Toes Sock Drive!" Icon Credit Union, 5 June 2015, www.iconcreditunion.org/announcing-the-launch-of-the-4th-annual-warm-hearts-toasty-toes-sock-drive/.

Welcome Brunch for Rev. Drew Willson

We invite you to join us for a brunch on Sunday, July 14, at 9:45 a.m. as we welcome Rev. Drew Willson as our Minister to Young Adults. That Sunday will be Drew's first Sunday to preach in both of our services. We look forward to getting acquainted with Drew, his wife Shea Tuttle, and their two children. 

"The Tin Pan Events - Wedding Venue - Event Venue - Reception Venue - Party Venue - Richmond Virginia." The Tin Pan, www.tinpanevents.com/.

Rev. Drew Willson will be playing at The Tin Pan on  Wednesday, June 26, 2019 . The doors open at  6 p.m . and the show begins at  8 p.m.
Advance tickets (bought online) are $12.00 and tickets bought at the door are $15.00. 
"The Old Testament Course Guidebook." Amazon, Amazon, 1 Jan. 2001, www.amazon.com/Old-Testament-Course-Guidebook/dp/B007XMRRZE.

Join us, Sundays this summer, for a study in the fellow ship hall open to all Centenary adults in which we will be studying the book The Old Testament-Course Guidebook , written by Professor Amy-Jill Levine. 

See description below:

The Old Testament - written in ancient Israel by many different authors over the course of a thousand years - has had more meaning to more people than any other book the world has known. Its influence, whether you consider it scripture or literature, is evident everywhere in our culture, from medieval mystery plays to modern novels, art, music, theater, film, and dance. What can this work teach us about those who wrote it? About the people we once were? And can new academic understanding also speak to faith? As Professor Levine observes: "The Old Testament is endlessly fascinating because it offers everything to explore: myth, saga, and history; tragedy, comedy, and farce; economics and politics; literature and poetry of surpassing beauty; court intrigue and prophetic morality; heavenly miracles and sometimes heavenly silence; questions of theodicy; answers that satisfy and answers that may not; destruction and rebuilding; despair and hope."

In a series of 24 lively lectures, she takes you down all of these avenues, exploring selected passages from the texts known as the Old Testament, the Hebrew Bible, and the Tanakh, revealing how fresh research and findings from scholars of archaeology, cross-cultural studies, and comparative religion can deepen your understanding.

And though the focus of her lectures is on historical and literary issues, Professor Levine does not shy away from issues of religious concern, maintaining that the goal of an academic course is not to undermine religious faith, but to use that academic knowledge as a new source of insight into the writings that form a believer's spiritual bedrock.

"The Old Testament Course Guidebook." Amazon, Amazon, 1 Jan. 2001,  www.amazon.com/Old-Testament-Course-Guidebook/dp/B007XMRRZE.  

Our phones will be down briefly and will be off and on for updates on Wednesday, June 5, and 
Wednesday, June 12, between the hours of 10 to 12 p.m. 

Thanks so much for your patience and support.

We are currently working on a newly formatted birthday list. Our birthday list gives individuals' first and last names, their birthday month and day, excluding the year. It is used in-house to mail our monthly Centenary birthday postcards as well as to be given to members who like to mail birthday cards to other members. If you have joined Centenary in the last 5 years and would like to be included in our birthday list, please email or call the church office at cent.umc@verizon.net/804-648-8319. All information is due by Sunday, June 30, 2019.

We are working on an insert for the picture directory for individuals who would like to have changes made to their contact information. If you would like us to make any changes to your information, please call or email the church office at cent.umc@verizon.net/804-648-8319. All information is due by Sunday, June 30, 2019.

Maggie King and her husband Glen. Glen had knee replacement surgery 
Walt Prestwood- uncle of Suzanne Ray
Riley Davin- niece of Vic and Nancy
Rev. Tim Gerde in the recent loss of his uncle Bob in Minnesota 
Bob & Leah Hundley
Shannon Conway requests prayer for Charles Sherman, Peter Oxborrow,           Leon Beale and Family
Jeff Hatch
Nancy Penman- Wendy Smith's mother who has had a stroke and lives in           New Jersey 
Les Dobbs- at Manor Care on Hilliard Road
Gary Motley-recently diagnosed with cancer
A.J. & Phil Crick- at Morningside at Bellgrade
Justin Laman- nephew of Lucy Hottle, a young father who has cancer
Charles Mills- brother of Jimmy Mills, home recovering from heart surgery
Joe Kokoski
Jenny Bush- friend of Leah Hundley, is diagnosed with stage 4                  melanoma
Lila Irby 
R.B. Bennington 
Lucille Hunt- at Morningside at Bellgrade 
Wendy Tisdale- family friend of Agatha and Christina Kidd, diagnosed with staged 4 lung cancer 

Alex Hundley
Rev. Doug Wilson
Susan Somma
Barrett Brown
William Petty
Sue Siddons
David Pippin
Neil Shingleton
Rebecca Enos
Marshall Ballance
Leah Hundley
Anne McCutcheon
Florence Clay Bishop
Warren Hottle
Connie Bennington

Photo of the Week!
Rain or shine, we are thankful for our volunteers each Friday who help to make our lunch program possible! 
Many, many thanks for all you do! 

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