Centenary's Weekly Newsletter Friday, October 13, 2018
A Message from Centenary

We express our appreciation to Bob Almond and the Reaching Team for all the work they have done to update our website.  It is leaner and more user-friendly.  Special thanks to Anne Kraft, Rachel Bates, and Reid Ashe for the many hours of hard work re-designing and re-writing the web site, and special to the assistance from folks at Addison-Clark Online.
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This Week at Centenary

Sunday, September 30, The Twentieth Sunday After Pentecost

8:40 a.m.       Early Service
 10:00 a.m.        Sunday School
      11:00 a.m.       Traditional Worship
Join us for a reception  following the 11:00 a.m. service! 

This week, Dr. Matt Bates will preach.  This week's sermon is based from Hebrews 4:12-16, Completely Known, Completely Loved 


Be sure to join us for our next meal packaging event with Rise Against Hunger on Saturday, October 20, 8:45 a.m. in the Social Hall.  We will pack 10,000 (or more) meals for hungry people around the world.  This is a simple way to make a great impact in a short time.  Invite a friend and come and join us!

Join us in worship, either at 8:40 a.m or 11:00 a.m. as we celebrate Laity Sunday.  On this Sunday, we remember that clergy are set apart to equip laity for the essential ministry of the church--sharing the good news, working for justice, nurturing people spiritually, and serving others.  Phyllis Stump, our Lay Leader is working with our laity to prepare this service.  Several of our laity will be sharing with us about the many opportunities for all of us to use God's gifts in ministry as we seek together to change the world through love!
Open House Set for Sunday, October 21, 9:30a.m.-12:30 p.m. 

We are pleased to welcome Change the World RVA, a non-profit that works to provide support for housing insecure young people.  Change the World RVA is renting space in our third floor and moved in this past week.  Their executive director, Dr. Natalie May extends this invitation:

Change the World RVA, your new 3rd-floor neighbor, cordially invites you to pop upstairs this morning for a casual meet-and-greet!  Please stop upstairs between 9:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.   to meet students and volunteers, learn about our mission to support high school and college students who face homelessness, and enjoy  light refreshments. We thank you for your church hospitality, and we are looking forward to meeting each of you!



Fall Pansy Sale to Benefit Shalom Farms
The UMUMR (United Methodist Urban Ministries of Richmond)  Auxiliary is again offering pansies to brighten your fall and winter garden. The pansies come in multicolored flats of 32 plants and sell for $20.00 per flat. You can order by signing up on the bulletin board outside the kitchen or by contacting Pat Shipley plsrevdoc@aol.com or 804-353-1387. no later than Sunday October 14, 2018. All payments should be given to Pat Shipley no later than October 14. Checks should be made out to UMUMR. Pansies will be at church in the afternoon on Friday, October 19 for pick up on Friday or the following Sunday.


A Called Church Conference was  held on Monday, October 8 at 6:30 p.m., led by our District Superintendent, Rev. Dr. Peter Moon.  The purpose of this meeting was to consider releasing money from our Capital Campaign fund to pay for a new cooling tower and the completion of the new floor project in the social hall, as well as the purchase of some additional kitchen furnishings.
As a result of the generosity of our congregation, $80,579.66 remains in the fund from money raised for the kitchen renovation and elevator installation.  Thank you, Centenary!  At the church conference held in February of 2016, where the plans for the kitchen renovation and elevator installation were approved,  we voted that in the (at the time seemingly very unlikely) event that we raised more money than needed, we would decide at a church conference how to use those funds.   
At the church conference on October 8, those present unanimously voted to spend up to $45,000 for the installation of a much needed new cooling tower.  The group also voted to spend up to $8,000 to complete the replacement of the floor in the social hall.  $22,400 has been raised in the previous two Easter offerings and this $8,000 amount will help us complete this project.  The group also authorized spending up to $2,000 for some items for the kitchen--new floor mats that do not pose a trip hazard and a new stainless steel work table.  The remaining money will be used by the Trustees for other improvements to our facilities and/or purchases of equipment as the Trustees deem appropriate.  Thank you Centenary for all your hard work and your commitment to providing the needed tools for mission here in downtown Richmond.
At the close of the Church Conference, our District Superintendent, Peter Moon, offered an overview of the Commission on the Way Forward process and the options that will be offered at the called General Conference in February 2019.  Centenary members present asked informed questions, especially about how any future action might impact Virginia's first Reconciling Congregation.  This was an informative and helpful conversation as we continue to live into our identity as a Reconciling Congregation.    

Join us in October as we continue to deepen our understanding of God's reconciling love--and seek ways to put it into practice.  Rev. Dr. Pat Shipley will lead us in study and conversation around the theme Understanding and Combating Racism.  
If you were not able to join us this past Wednesday, we'd love to have you join us on October  17, 24, and 31 as we continue probing the meaning of racism and how we might be part of addressing this ongoing reality.
We begin with a light supper at 5:45 p.m. and begin our study and conversation at 6:15 p.m.  (If you would be interested in assisting in preparing a light meal, please let the pastor know).  Here is a description of this opportunity for continued growth:

Racism is intimately entwined with the American story and impacts every aspect of our lives in community.  In this class we will look at the legacy of racism and the state of racism in our nation and community.  We will examine the personal and cultural complexity of racism by looking at racism versus prejudice; individual racism versus cultural and institutional racism; implicit bias; and white privilege.  Finally we will explore ways in which we as individuals and as a congregation can combat racism.

Help Protect Medicaid Expansion in Virginia 
At our September Council meeting, we voted to become a partner congregation with the Interfaith Center for Public Policy.  VICPP's offices were housed here at Centenary for a number of years and they do excellent work in bringing people of different faiths together to advocate for justice for all people--a common theme in virtually every religious tradition.  Rev. Dr. Pat Shipley and Warren Hottle are active board members of VICPP.
VICPP has been instrumental in the recent bipartisan effort in Virginia to expand Medicaid to all Virginians.  However, some obstacles still remain and there is work yet to be done.  A recent publication from VICPP carried this information and invitation: 
There are only 17 days left to submit comments to oppose the Medicaid waiver that could reduce coverage for thousands of Virginians if approved. Please make your voice heard!

VICPP wants to submit 1000 comments in opposition to the work rules and cost sharing provisions in the proposed waiver.  Will you please help us? 

This is extremely important in terms of protecting Medicaid expansion. Your comments will be used not only in the design of the program but if a lawsuit is filed, the comments will help support expansion efforts. DMAS (Department of Medical Assistance Services) is overseeing the process and they have to review and respond to every comment.

New Sunday School Classes will begin on Sunday, September 9, at 10:00 a.m.  Our children's class led by Melissa Martinez will resume then along with two adult classes.
Dr. Dean Simpson, Professor of Classical Studies at the University of Richmond will lead a class on the Theology of Karl Barth, arguably the greatest theologian of the 20th century.  The class will review a chapter about Barth in The Great Theologians and  then move to a study of some of Barth's sermons delivered to prisoners entitled Deliverance to the Captives. Here is the information you need if you would like to order that book:Publisher, Wiph & Stock Publishers; Reprint edition, ISBN-10:1608999521.   

Robb Stottlemyer will lead a class in an in depth study of the parables of Jesus, following up the survey we did this summer.  If you would like to order the book for this class it is titled Short Stories by Jesus by Amy-Jill Levine.  ISBN 978-0-06-156103-0. 



 From the Trustees: Cemetery Lots for Sale  
As a member or friend of Centenary UMC, you are no doubt aware of our real estate holdings in the 400-block of East Grace Street in Downtown Richmond. Fewer people are aware of the church's additional assets in three area cemeteries. For many years now, the Trustees have held title to a number of burial plots and mausoleum crypts that were donated to the church, some as long ago as 1860.
The Trustees are offering these assets for sale this fall, in order that these gifts to the church may more actively support Centenary's mission and ministry. We would like to give our members and friends first consideration for purchase in September/October and then to offer them more widely, if necessary, in November/December. We will consider all earnest offers, with an eye to realizing the fairest benefit to the church.
The plots and crypts are described below, along with an approximate range of fair market value.
Hollywood Cemetery--Burial plots (10)
412 South Cherry Street in Oregon Hill
  • Section I, Lot 72, 4 spaces
  • Section I, Lot 73, 6 spaces
Estimated value:      $4,000-6,000 per plot (Hollywood cemetery website)
Forest Lawn Cemetery--Burial plots (6)
4000 Pilots Lane, near Chamberlayne and Laburnum Avenues
  • Section 3, Lot 931, Spaces 1-6
Estimated value: $2,500-3,000 (Craigslist, LetGo)
Greenwood Memorial Gardens--Mausoleum crypts (4)
12609 Patterson Avenue, just past Lauderdale
  • Section 2, Tier 2, 4 spaces (Nos. 173, 174, 187, 188)
Estimated value:      $2,600 (1990 value)-$4,900 (Craigslist)
Please e-mail me or write me in care of the church if you have any questions or would like to submit an offer. I have a map and walking directions to the Hollywood locations.
Humbly yours,
Jim Hill, Chair of Trustees



A Challenge from Bishop Lewis to Read the Bible with her in 2018

October 14         Matthew 27-28  
October 15         Mark 1-3  
October 16         Mark 4-5        
October 17         Mark 6-7        
October 18         Mark 8-9     
October 19         Mark 10-11     
October 20         Mark 12-13
Upcoming Events

Pecan Orders:
Our annual pecan sale is here! To order, a sign-up sheet will be posted on the bulletin board across from the kitchen. You may choose from:
  • Whole halves of pecans
  • Large or medium pecan pieces
  • Chocolate covered pecans
  • Dark chocolate covered pecans
  • Cinnamon covered pecans
Please note- we have to order cases of 24 and if we have multiple orders for over 24 bags, we will only be able to fill the first 24 orders. Extra bags of pecans will not be ordered this year so be sure to get in your order.


The family of Rev. Rita Callis who passed away Friday, October 5
Lucille Hunt--recent hospitalization
Jim Boice (Recovering from a recent fall)
Mark C. Inge  
Greg deKramer and family (Leah & Bob Hundley's nephew who had a bone marrow transplant in May; transplant seems to be successful and Greg is back at work; please continue to keep him in prayer- especially in the next few months)  
Ron Davis (friend of Vic & Nancy Grand)
JoAnne Judd (close friend of Sharon Steele's, recovering from a massive brain injury in Boulder, CO)
Charles Davis--heart surgery
Zand Durand--heart surgery

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