Centenary's Weekly Newsletter June 16, 2017
A Message from Centenary
Ryland Bailey, Sr. passed away Thursday evening, June 15. A Memorial Service will be held for Ryland here at Centenary on Tuesday, June 20, at 11 am. A reception will follow.
This Weekend at Centenary

Sunday, June 18
8:40 am - Informal Worship Service
10:00 am - Sunday School for all ages 
11:00 am - Traditional Worship Service 
Rev. Brooke Willson will preach "The War is Over (But Nobody Knows)."

Sunday, June 18 at 6 pm:  Summer Movie Night
Centenary's Fellowship Hall is being turned into a movie theatre (yes, with popcorn!) one Sunday night each summer month. The featured movie in June is Hidden Figures, about a team of brilliant African-American women who provided NASA with important mathematical data needed to launch the program's first successful space missions. Rated PG.

Important Notice about Sunday Parking on 4th Street
Please remember that on Sunday mornings if you park on 4th Street in one of the handicapped parking places (right hand side of the street as you head north - see photo below), you must  display a handicapped parking tag or risk being ticketed. 

A Challenge from Bishop Lewis to Read the Bible with Her in 2017
This week's readings:
June 16:   Psalms 17-20
June 17:   Psalms 21-25
June 18:   Psalms 26-31
June 19:  P salms 32-35
June 20:   Psalms 36-39
June 21:   Psalms 40-45
June 22:   Psalms 46-50
June 23:   Psalms 51-57

You can now register if you are joining Bishop Lewis in her challenge to the Virginia Conference to read the Bible in entirety in 2017. The short poll allows you to add your name as well as district (Richmond) and your home church (Centenary). Register here. 
Upcoming Events

Update on School Kits
Thank you to everyone who donated supplies and/or helped to assemble the school kits last Sunday. We have sent 96 school kits to Annual Conference for the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) to send to children in need around the world.

C D's Available
CD's are available from the worship service on April 30th that featured special harp and trumpet music by Mary Walter Bircher and Craig Bircher, with Pastor Matt's sermon  Walking the Way. Please call Sharon Steele at 912-2549 if you would like one!

Help Needed
Even though we have successfully helped with the purchase of a van for our Afghan family, the mother and children of the family are still in need of assistance running errands and getting to medical appointments. We are in need of someone from Centenary to help with transportation during the month of June, since the regular "car helper" is going on vacation. In order to qualify as a volunteer, you must submit a background check and $45.00. If you would like a sponsor for this fee, see Vic and Nancy Grand, who will be able to provide assistance. You may also contact Vic and Nancy Grand, vicgrand@verizon.net , for further information. Thanks to all who help. 

Sunday, June 25 at 12 noon:  Reception 

A Centenary Love Story
Ginny came to Centenary as a child.
Dave came as a Youth Pastor 1955 - 59.
They met during Methodist Youth Fellowship.
Ginny entered college. Dave entered Divinity School.
THEN romance ensued. They graduated and married.
The Methodist Church issued marching orders and they
marched around Virginia (including Assistant Pastor and Senior Pastor
at Centenary and area District Superintendent).
Years passed with 2 sons, 6 grandchildren and retirement to Richmond.
Now they plan their next to last move to the Village at Orchard Ridge
in Winchester, Virginia.
Please join us on Sunday, June 25 for a reception following the 11:00 am Worship Service and share our love for Ginny and Dave Jarvis.
And give thanks for their combined 73 years of love for Centenary.

Thursday, June 29:  Centenary Travels - Trip to Staunton, VA
If you are interested in joining the Centenary group traveling to Staunton to visit Sunspot (glassblowing demo), Woodrow Wilson Museum, Library, gift shop and birthplace, country buffet lunch at Mrs. Rowe's, and the P. Buckley Moss Art Gallery in downtown Waynesboro, contact Bob Almond. The deadline has passed, but there still might be space available. Y ou can reach Bob at (804) 833-3355 or by email at bob.almond@verizon.net

Thursday, July 6 at 7:30 pm:  Theatre Outing to Shakespeare's Macbeth
A group from Centenary will be attending this Quill Theatre production at historic Agecroft Hall. In Shakespeare's darkest work, the great Scottish warrior Macbeth receives a prophecy from three mysterious hags that he will become Thane of Cawdor and then King of Scotland. But the Scottish king still lives... Macbeth's ambition wrestles with his honor, and his wife, Lady Macbeth, enlists the power of the supernatural to fulfill the witches' promise of greatness. In ancient Scotland, can nobility be bought with blood? Tickets will be between $0 and $20, depending on the size of our group. Please sign up on the bulletin board across from the kitchen.
Please Remember in Prayer

Joe Ciucci Jr.
Bobby Davis (now a patient at Hanover Health and Rehab)
Rebecca Enos, her church and her friend, Marlys Johnson  
Kim Golden
Mary Hazelgrove
Jack Hill (back at home)
Grace Hinchman 
Jack & Lois Hinerman
Judy Holland
Leah Hundley (recovering from wrist surgery)          
Lila Irby
Ginny Jarvis
Joe Kokoszki 
Theresa Mason (friend of Agatha Kidd)
Nikita McCormick, our weekly parking lot attendant (in the loss of her mother, Robin McCormick)
Troy Nelson (recovering from heart surgery)
John Seyfarth
Neil Shingleton and family (in the loss of his brother, Will Shingleton)
P.C. and Carol Yerby (parents of Mary Mismas)
Celebrating Birthdays in June

Mike Darlington
Alex Hundley
Doug K. Wilson
Amelia Davis
Susan Somma
Lynn Martin
Clint Jones
Tara Swinford
Barrett Brown
Travis Levasseur
Will Petty
T.J. Speidel
Sue Siddons
David Pippin
Neil Shingleton
Rebecca Enos
Matthew Parks
Christie Siddons 
Marshall Balance
Christian Brock
Rachel DeVader
Bennett English
Karen Willis
Leah Hundley
Scott Cooke
Eleanor Brock
Albert Nuckols
Sandy Shaw
Anne McCutcheon
Florence Clay Bishop
Ken White
Warren Hottle
Wirt Brock
Connie Bennington
Charlotte Smith

Photos of the Week
Nutzy from the Flying Squirrels was spotted across from the church on Franklin Street!
Photo Credit:  Mandy Porter
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