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Centennial Trail Miracle Mile Medallions to integrate into Don Kardong Bridge Renovation Design

In a show of community pride and support, Spokane area r esidents, businesses and nonprofit organizations rallied together 30 years ago to raise capital funds to build the Spokane River Centennial Trail.  Over 3,700 Miracle Mile Medallions were purchased,
Over 3,700 medallions were placed in the Centennial Trail 30 years ago.
personalized and placed in concrete on the side of the Centennial Trail.  They are unique, highly personal and celebrate lives, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, jobs, class reunions, and more - representations of devoted citizens, proud moments and the kind hearts of our community.

In 2005, Friends of the Centennial Trail found over 400 of these memory-filled medallions had been stolen.  Replacements were made and re-installed back on the Trail. 

Last May, history repeated itself as we learned nearly 400 more medallions had been taken and those responsible were attempting to scrap them at area recycling centers.  Since then, 43 more medallions have been stolen and we have collaborated with our Centennial Trail Coordinating Council partners (Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission, Spokane County Parks; City of Spokane, Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake Parks and Recreation) to study our options on how to best respond.  "I have received dozens of calls and emails from upset citizens and visitors who have cherished medallions that no longer exist on the Centennial Trail," stated Loreen McFaul, Executive Director of Friends of the Centennial Trail.  "The Miracle Mile is our 'donor wall' and we remai
n committed to honoring the memories these medallions represent.  However, it is impossible to properly maintain and secure them in the Centennial Trail; we simply cannot guarantee they will not continue to be vandalized and stolen."  

We are currently exploring the option of including the medallion replacement as part
Medallions would be placed in the horizontal railing panels along the 1,600 foot bridge span.

ofhe Don Kardong Bridge renovation on Miracle Mile 22 between Go
nzaga University and the Riverpoint Campus. Each unique medallion inscription will become a part of the bridge and we will keep you posted as design details are finalized by Spokane Parks and Recreation.  Construction begins in early 2020.  To minimize damage, medallions are being gathered and stored by our Coordinating Council partners   for eventual return to donors.

Artist rendering of the Don Kardong Bridge renovation.

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