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We live in a Turn-Key Marketplace in town

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So Who Owns This Town Anyway??

Get your magnifying glass out. This is good stuff.

Whatta' to these parts?

Our condo market in town can best be 
described as Turn-Key

  Fixer-Uppers cater to a very slim market in Center City as most buyers are not equipped with the tools, knowledge, time nor the know-how to rehab a condo. Turn-key condos (those that are ready to occupy with little or no work) appeal to the majority of buyers in Center City Philadelphia.

 Most buyers who come to town do not own a band saw, a miter saw, or any kind of saw for that matter. Nor do they possess the expertise in using such instruments and probably couldn't identify a band saw if their life depended on it. Our marketplace is one of professional white collar buyers who have money and a sharp eye...but fall short of having the time, inclination or ability to make repairs to any new possible purchase. That fact should come as no surprise to any of my readers.
  So when you hear that condition is king...right up there with location- you needn't look or act surprise. The visual appeal of any given condo here in town is going to play a heavy hand in determining value. See the photos below to see what I mean...

Visual appeal with some heavy decorating...
Turn key is KEY in our marketplace
when looking to garner maximum
resale value for your condo.

25 Years of happily schlepping buyers around town to find their perfect condo. And a boatload of parking tickets to prove it :-)


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I have sold more $1M + condos in town this year than
any other of my 25 years in the business.  And that trend
continues...even into December.


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