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Your Center City Condo Newsletter
January 2017

7 Reasons Why You May Get P*ssed Off On Your Settlement Day

1) The process of getting a mortgage will drive you up a wall as the reality of mortgage procurement has changed drastically in the past decade. YOU WILL BE TORTURED. Just know you are being tortured equally as everyone gets put through the mill. Plan on this part of the equation sucking badly.

2) The seller has left your new home in a condition you find unacceptable. Rarely will a seller have the home professionally cleaned after they move out. If they do- know that you should thank them. Honest.

3) You find holes left in the walls where the seller's artwork once hung. Yeah- artwork and framed photos don't magically float- It would be illogical to assume that holes will NOT be left. Sorry.

4) You can't move in prior to settlement, nor may you move any of your belongings into the condo prior to settlement. Most buyers get this, but some get p*ssed when they learn they may not do so.

5) You have to coordinate your move in with the management company and you are restricted on the times and dates that the building allows move-ins. W eekends and after 5pm is a no-no.

6) You can't have a BBQ grill on your deck, or the building has rules on visitation, extra fees for parking, etc... because you didn't read your condo docs and you are p*ssed. Not uncommon.

7) Your Realtor didn't mention that the building doesn't allow rentals in the future. Or they forgot to mention that your closing funds have to be in a cashier's / bank check or wired in prior to settlement.

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Need Help Downsizing 
..from that 5 bedroom ranch house in
Havermore, or say Bryn Mont?

Of course you have that collection of brooms and snow shovels in the corner of your garage. And perhaps a hutch from your aunt that you never really wanted in the first place....

If I hear one complaint repeated often from my empty-nester buyers moving into Center City, it would be the problem with downsizing-not only the decisions on what to take and what to sell or donate, but the whole process of getting started. Though I have no idea what it is like to own a ranch house, or to have my own private garage, I do understand the difficulties involved.
And if you think your kids want your old may be wrong.

(most tell me that their kids want nothing of the old
furniture and belongings) 

So this is where "Moves-Made EZ" comes in to help. They offer personalized professional services from moving, decluttering, staging, moving and help to make the nightmare of downsizing and moving as stress free as possible.

They can and will:

*Sort and organize belongings
*Identify items to relocate
*Contact utility companies
*Shred documents
*Oversee minor repairs to help get your house on the market
* Pack
*Oversee estate/craigslist/ebay sales
*Drop off items for donation
*Help find the right movers for you
*Create floorplan for your new condo for furniture placement
*Help shop for items for your new condo
*Manage your move (with the movers)
*Oversee cleaning of your old home
*Hang draperies and photos in your new condo
*Unpack your belongings in your new condo

So you can go sit your butt on a beach somewhere, sip Martinis and this gal will do almost everything else to help you transition into your new condo.
Mischa who owns and operates this service lived in the same house in Chestnut hill for a few decades before she downsized into a condo.

She knows your pain.




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