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Rehab Loans Are Back / 
Why Your Blinds And Shades Matter More Than You Think -

Your Center City Condo Newsletter- July 2017

Our 2nd Tier Condos Are Selling. Here's Why...

B & C level inventory can be defined by location or by the strength of a particular building.

In a bad market, our "B & C" level inventory suffers the most- they usually are the first to get hit with the downturn in the market and the last to recover.
Since our current Center City condo market can best be defined by a lack of overall inventory, we are seeing the second and third tier condos selling at a fairly rapid pace.
The lack of alternatives shines a bright light on condos that may have previously been overlooked and some real strong deals have materialized.  It's not unusual to find fatigued sellers in this segment either. It may be the right time to steal something in this segment and hold until these units gain in popularity and rid themselves of their 2nd tier status. TIME is every condo building's best friend in terms of value and demand growth, so maybe a bit of a gamble is right for you??

Rehab Loans Are Back, Baby! 

A M ortgage Renovation Mortgage allows home buyers to finance renovations as opposed to have to pay cash out of pocket for upgrading their recent purchase. If   you're looking for a condo that needs a lot of work after closing, this loan program can provide the funds for the renovations and repairs for a primary residence and for investment properties by using the "after improved value" with a  single loan at closing.

This is rare! I haven't seen these loans in YEARS.
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Why Good Blinds/Shades Matter

Personally, I could give a cr*p about your blinds and shades. But if they matter to my buyers, then they matter to me - so listen up!

Buyers don't buy brick and mortar..they buy feelings and emotions. The Center City buyer is NOTORIOUS for being able to sniff out the lack of quality  and they will indeed pay for quality. One of the first things that helps elevate the emotional value of a condo is the window dressings. Shades, curtains, and blinds - the bling that either attacks or repels. 
Though I have never done business with the folks at Allure, I know a number of my clients have and they seem to understand the needs of many condo buyers here in town. And here's their pitch -

Window blinds are a familiar window treatment to many and continue to be a go-to, staple window covering for horizontal and vertical options for several reasons. The adjustable nature of a blind's thin slats to control light and privacy while the shade is lowered or traversed over the window makes it a versatile choice of covering.
Tilting of the slats is essential to maintain views and for refracting light so that a room can receive the exact amount of desired exposure where and when it is needed. In today's market, simple and hassle-free operating options exist that did not in past years which make blinds conveniently functional. Blinds have been known to be pesky in the past because of tangled cords and strings and frustratingly cumbersome due to trying to balance and even-out the things! Blinds in Philadelphia are now able to be constructed with sophisticated motorization systems with remote-controlled operation or integration with Smart Home systems. Manual options are more advanced as well, including cordless lifting mechanisms and advanced-engineered corded mechanisms for flawless operation.
Blinds can be matched to enhance any d├ęcor - elegant to transitional to modern. The material options for blinds are aplenty with distressed and stained genuine hardwoods, affordable faux-woods, and sleek to rustic aluminum. Within the material options are a plethora of striking color and stain choices. An overall beautifully complete look can be achieved by adding a decorative valance, accented cloth tapes, and chic wand attachments to coordinate with a room's interior style. Because the Philadelphia area hosts  buildings with a wealth of diverse architecture, our designers can help you find a blind to perfectly suit any room.


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